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  1. colour "Wine". It has been unpacked from its box to allow me to store in the caravan yet IT HAVE NEVER BEEN ERECTED OR ATTACHED TO A CARAVAN. There may be pieces of dried grass on it where I laid it out to photograph it. When I unpacked it, I did not find erection details, however I did get Bradcot to e-mail them to me. Quite frankly they are useless. The photographs attached give you some idea of the colour, but not what it looks like erected. Bradcot does advertise an "Active" awning but I have no idea if it's the same. I could not find any size details, however it was bought to be used with a Bailey Pageant Normandie (External Length: 21'3") I measured the length of the bit that slides along the guttering, it's approximately 26ft long. As I am offering it as collection only, you are welcome to contact me for a viewing. If it's wet outside I will not be willing to open it up outside.
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