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  1. Wozzer Im glad you finally have a resolve. At the end of the day big end failure is normally only caused by dirt, oil starvation ( even momentary ) and engine knock caused by possible defective injector and severe engine loading, to high a gear at too low an engine speed. Having been in the trade for over 40 years I'm not a fan of aftermarket oil filters and have attended court cases with engine failures where aftermarket filters have been used.( I have taken many apart and measured the amount of surface area of paper filtration and investigated the quality of internal relief valves ) at the end of the day they are built to a price ! There are many vehicles out there now that have gone back to using paper filter elements in a canister but when these are removed dirt is often disturbed and some have an oil pressure relief valve in the base that gets dislodged cause drop in oil pressure but not enough to bring on an oil light and causes bearing failure, even if its only for 20-30 seconds on initial start up. Bearing failure can follow 1800-3000 miles later. Main dealers have the technical bulletins and access to this information whereas the aftermarket don't. When its rebuilt I don't advise towing for at least 1000 miles. If it were mine I would be checking the injector correction values to ensure they are all within tolerance when its back up and running. I wish you well and a happy return to towing.
  2. Just to. Clear up points Travelling at 82-83kph. About 52-53 mph. Can't get into lane one until the rear has cleared the vehicle I'm passing. The vans were in lane 3 and travelling at 60-70 minimum The time frame top right shows how far ahead the van had travelled in about 4 seconds. I was not in a freelander.
  3. Just today i have seen two caravans being towed in the outside lane of the M5 south. Audi driver ( explains first problem ) No number plates ( makes them exempt2nd caravan outside lane. bmpcaravan outside lane M5. 2 . bmp2nd caravan outside lane. bmpbmp] caravan outside lane M5. bmp
  4. The more worrying trend is the number of people using BBC 1 player on an I-pad whilst driving !. I see more and more of these on Motorways whilst doing my daily travels and sitting high up I see plenty ! Don't get me started on mobile phones. Girls with phones on Thighs or between legs hoping to disguise texting whilst driving is almost epidemic level now ! £500 quid fine and 6 points minimum might just make them think !
  5. Had my fill of Hybrid cars. First one broke down at 3 months old. Breakdown turned up but couldn't touch as he wasn't trained for Hybrid. waited for 2 nd tech to arrive but he couldn't do anything with it ! Third recovery guy turned up with spec lift but realized it needed a flat bed. wait yet again. 4th guy turns up with flat bed 4+ hours later and recovers to Dealer. Dealer cant fix because Hybrid trained tech off sick. Then its recovered to another dealer 40 miles further away. 6 weeks later they still couldn't fix Car then recovered to specialist center and finally returned fixed about 2 months later ! I would never ever tow with one as i wouldn't want all the hassle of what to do when it breaks down. For me the range is too limiting and not worth the fuel saving. cant beat fuel burning engine
  6. Well that's odd. When I bought my Freelander 2 new from TH Whites it also had incorrect registration plates fitted ( one letter out ) which for some reason I actually noticed on collection. We had to wait whilst new plates were made and fitted. Obviously a common occurence.
  7. Easy solution, go find a dealer that wants to sell a caravan and welcome you back as a returning customer.
  8. I use a Freelander 2 for towing and don't use extended mirrors as I can adaquatley see down the sides and the rear corners of the van no problem at all ! never used extended mirrors even abroad. I do also have blind spot mirrors in the corner of the mirrors which enhance the vision. I have been stopped and checked but apparently vision was fine and was complemented on my outfit and driving position and the blind spot mirrors. The FR2 suffers very little spray from following vehicles due to the design at the front and the lower spray guards. I get very frustrated at the number of righteous people who have no lane discipline and will sit in the middle lane at 60 or the nearside lane at 50 MPH. There is now a law where people can be find for holding up vehicles in the lanes if they don't use their lanes correctly. I travel 400-400 miles per day every day mostly on motorways and driving standards are appalling in the UK compared with Europe. Talking to many folk over the years in motorway services its unbelievable how many think lane 1 for lorries, lane 2 for 60mph and lane 3 70 ! I really do have to bit my tongue. Bring back the old Tufty road safety adverts and educate some very ignorant drivers out there. 3 years ago returning from the tunnel I was held up by a fiesta in lane 2 travelling at 55mph for 16 miles and he would not move over even after 10 mins of flashing & tooting and tried tailgating, so in the end I had no choice but to overtake in lane one as i was towing. It was all on video so i could justify my actions. Does it make me a bad or dangerous driver because im in a green oval ! NO. The dork in the Fiesta was the danger.
  9. the Chinese do indeed make a landrover Defender copy called the Santana ! 88 & PS 10, there is also a distributor in the UK.( actually Scotland if I remember correctly ) I have also seen poor customers on more than one occasion buy one thinking they were a defender bought at a bargain price ! They are also powered by a very noisy Iveco engine. https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Santana_Motor
  10. Interested to know if your running 13 pin electrics or using a 13 pin to 12n12s sockets. The fact that the ATC powered up would suggest a problem with wiring in the caravan connector plug. Have you left the towing plug in the socket of the A frame to connect the two pins together for a mover ?
  11. Well, very interesting. I wasn't aware that in car cameras are not permitted ! Interesting as certain makes of cars have in car camera fitted from the factory and are embedded in a headlamp. Thank you for your input. The quirk about having a contents list is from advice about touring abroad in Portugal on the caravan talk web site !
  12. according to caravan talk "Portugal Equipment needed Reflective vest and nationality sticker. A warning triangle, fire extinguisher and spare bulbs are also recommended. Caravan quirks All towing vehicles should display a yellow triangle with blue background sign and your caravan contents should be available as a list for the police to inspect if requested." So making a huge list of everything in the van was useful, but should it be in Portuguese ? Looking at google translate I'm not sure that everything on the list translates correctly and if the list is in English what use will it be to a Portuguese Traffic cop unless he can read English
  13. I always take a camping gaz 901 cylinder. you can exchange them in any supermarkets and it saves loads of weight and space touring.
  14. I have used Chipping Sodbury Caravans for 17 years & purchased 8 new vans from them over the years. always had exceptional service. I have found its always better to build up a good relationship with a fairly local dealer .
  15. I agree with BAjillet I have also had S types, reliability was poor but well tried and tested X-types both the 2. 0d and 2. 2d saloon and used for towing. The 2. 2d was superb and both Jags covered from zero to 120k faultless with the exception of Headlamp bulbs and one boot solonoid. Brilliant cars, loved them to bits, wanted an auto but reliability of the auto was not their strong point and the auto could not be matched to a 2. 2d as the engine produced too much tourque ! 400NM @ 1900rpm. Used to pull my twin axle like a train even up hill. 44-53mpg driving like a nun with the 2. 2 and about 26 towing. I would also have another one now if they were still made. Performance very different to the Mondeo as the engine mapping was reworked by Riccardos for jaguar. Much more refined
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