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    Touring in France. Not allowed to keep a caravan in Guernsey so it's stored in Brittany about 45 minutes from St Malo
  1. I just came across this website http://www. coolmycamper. com/ and wondered if anyone has any experience of these units. We have a very small van so wouldn't want the expense of a fitted in unit and we also couldn't take the weight. Does anyone,know how good they are please?
  2. Calomax

    Roomster 3

    Comfortable, responsive
  3. Comfortable, responsive Click here to view the towcar review
  4. Calomax

    Pitching Rules

    Crikey, I'm glad we only caravan in France where you can set up any way you like. I had never realised these rules existed.
  5. I wonder why a rack bolted to the towbar affects the nose weight while one mounted on the back of the car doesn't. there's still the same weight on the rear of the car.
  6. Calomax


    I've tried this with plastic ramps but my handbrake won't hold it on the ramps, although if I try to drive with it on it holds as well as a car handbrake does. does anyone know if the ramps you can get with a chock are any good? I have a wind up leveller but it's an absolute pain to use.
  7. I always thought it got it's name because artics couple to the trailer by what looks like a 5th wheel!
  8. Calomax


    Can't help with the 13 pin, but I bought an awning kit from Towsure that has a gadget to slide through the rail, and a tube of silicone lubricant. It made a huge difference when erecting the awning.
  9. Our 12 year old Esterel is very small and has a small thermostatic convector which works fine as we always have a hookup. We don't have an oven and don't miss it. Our 3 burner hob is more than adequate. We don't have hot water. We boil a kettle for light washing up and use the Camp site facilities for heavier stuff. We don't have an aquaroll, just a plastic water can with a submersible pump under the sink. It's a bit heavy but I have an old luggage trolly for when the tap is a long way away. We just empty the can when we put the van away. There are online shops, Towsure for one, but I don't know it they're cheaper. We usually buy our toilet chemicals etc in the camping section ot the larger supermarkets. Don't worry about having an old van, it'll give you as much, or more, pleasure than a new all bells and whistles one.
  10. Off topic, but I gave up on the iPhone after perservering for a year. I got fed up with constantly having to corrwect spelling due to that awful keyboard. Now using my old Nokia and it's so much better.
  11. Google for the manufacturer's website. You can often download the instructions from there.
  12. It's also worth checking the noseweight limits. We have an Esterel Top Profil with a MAM of 800kg. I tow it with a Skoda Roomster with a max towing limit of 1000kg. But it's quite hard to get the nose weight down to the limit of 450kg.
  13. My TomTom 720 is great in France and Fastest Route sticks mostly to main roads. I understand there is a Tomtom called "Work" or similar which is designed for lorries and can be programmed to avoid norrow roads, low bridges etc, which might suit you. Google "Pocket GPS World" where you can get lots of help and advice.
  14. My Skoda Roomster has an optional extra aftermarket towbar fitted and the trailer warning light on the dash doesn't work. the dealer checked with Skoda UK who said it only works with the factory fitted option, and that the car's loom is such that it's impossible make it work or to fit an audible warning. They also said it's not a legal requirement :huh: We always have checked all the lights before moving off, but now we also do so after every stop on the road.
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