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    Touring in France. Not allowed to keep a caravan in Guernsey so it's stored in Brittany about 45 minutes from St Malo
  1. I just came across this website http://www. coolmycamper. com/ and wondered if anyone has any experience of these units. We have a very small van so wouldn't want the expense of a fitted in unit and we also couldn't take the weight. Does anyone,know how good they are please?
  2. Calomax

    Roomster 3

    Comfortable, responsive
  3. Comfortable, responsive Click here to view the towcar review
  4. Calomax

    Pitching Rules

    Crikey, I'm glad we only caravan in France where you can set up any way you like. I had never realised these rules existed.
  5. I wonder why a rack bolted to the towbar affects the nose weight while one mounted on the back of the car doesn't. there's still the same weight on the rear of the car.
  6. My TomTom 720 is great in France and Fastest Route sticks mostly to main roads. I understand there is a Tomtom called "Work" or similar which is designed for lorries and can be programmed to avoid norrow roads, low bridges etc, which might suit you. Google "Pocket GPS World" where you can get lots of help and advice.
  7. We've been caravaning in France now for about 15 years and have never even heard of reverse polarity before. We carry an adaptor for sites with the small black french domestic type sockets but they are now very rare. They're nearly all the standard european blue ones now.
  8. People who pitch alongside you when there are plenty of other empty pitches available
  9. Slightly off topic but apparently in France fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to the car and thee caravan while it is being towed. When I tried to insure my van in France because it is stored there, I could get cover for damage caused on site,or in the store, but not when towing it. I had to get insurance over here at an inflated price because of it living in France. But I have heard the NFU will cover the van while being towed for an extra £50 on the premium. But I would then need separate cover for when it's unhitched. Something to investigate when renewal time comes round.
  10. Ventura because you get Isabella quality without having to pay Isabella prices
  11. The answer is to do like us and always avoid the big "holiday camp" sites. Most french 2 & 3 star sites are really good and many of the 4 stars without rental tents, holiday reps etc are fine.
  12. Having read this topic, I'm really confused. I have always thought that, although we still refer to AC as having live & neutral, in reality they each become live and neutral 50 times per second. If I was right, the polarity wouldn't matter. If I am wrong, our caravan is french so we should be ok anyway. Actually we have no switches. Just european unswitched mains sockets and 12 volt lighting. But I would never consider doing any work on the electrical system without pulling the plug out anyway. We have been caravanning in France now for about 12 years. We carry an adaptor lead but hardly ever need it as almost all decent campsites now use the standard blue european pluge & sockets which, I believe, are also now standard in the UK.
  13. Calomax


    Wurmis are great, they can be scrrewed in and out of the hardest ground with a rechargeable drill
  14. We bought a used porch awning this year and couldn't work out how to use the skirt. There is no information in the instructions, so we didn't bother with it. We tried threading it through the low awning rail but it crosses the door. We noticed that the caravan has what appears to be the male half of 2 press studs in the door opening. Does anyone know if we are supposed to fit the other half of the press studs to the skirt please? If so, does anyone know where we can get them and how to fit them please?
  15. Most makers have downloadable instructions on their websites. Try googling the maker's name together with "instructions", "manual" or "user guide". I got the manual for mine that way.
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