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  1. Although it's definitely a one off, I have a secret!! The first time we took our caravan away, as we had a long journey home in potentially terrible weather we needed to leave the site as early as possible (ie as soon as the gate opened at 7am) so packed up everything we could the night before, and emptied the loo and the aquaroll and stowed them in the shower, etc, so all we needed to do was creep to the tap and fill the kettle, creep to the loos and then finally hitch up and go. All went well, in almost perfect silence, and then my husband put the caravan keys in his pocket and crouched down to do the steadies at about 6. 40am. . As he crouched, the fob on the key got squashed in his pocket and set off the caravan alarm!! We had absolutely no idea that the alarm was even activated, or if it wasn't activated that it could have been activated by the fob. Bit of a panic as we weren't sure how to switch it off as we'd never used it. It seemed like minutes although it must only have been seconds, and we weren't aware of any major stirrings of our neighbours (most of whom were in tents) as they had plenty of time to peek out at us before we'd wound up the steadies, hitched up and left.
  2. That's excellent news, steamdrivenandy, just what I wanted to hear!!
  3. We've never claimed, so can't comment fully, and you've probably sorted yourselves out now, but we have used Columbus Travel Insurance for years. The cover is excellent, and they offer different levels which is good if you have to watch the pennies.
  4. That's a relief to read. We've just bought one too, and our caravan is much the same weight as yours. We've not towed with it yet (only had it a week) it looked perfect on paper and we're very pleased with it driving-wise. It's the newest poshest car we've ever owned by a long shot (it's almost 4 years old) and as the previous owners put a few scratches and dings in it, it was an absolute bargain
  5. Thank you both for your replies. Our local tow bar place were a bit head-scratchy about it too (but less so than the Citroen dealer). We may well try the Mitsubishi dealer, but to be honest, we don't see many Outlanders or C Crossers around so they may be equally nervous. I've just discovered a great irony, however - my husband drove 10 miles to the Citroen dealer who have several branches across the county dealing with different makes of car, and I've just looked up our local Mitsubishi dealer and it turns out it's the same company, but two miles away!! They've obviously only just taken on the dealership because it used to be just Peugeot. Anyway we'll get the existing 7 pin swopped to a 13 pin on the car and get an adapter for the caravan as this certainly seems to be the most straightforward (and cheapest) way to go, as we will still be able to tow the caravan with our van if we need to. Thanks for that. How are you finding your C Crosser, Murraymint? We haven't towed our caravan anywhere with it yet (only had the car a week) and it's heavier than your caravan, but would be interested in your experience. Wisp Man - we do need to charge and run the fridge while travelling (well, charging, absolutely definitely - fridge depending on how far we're travelling). Honest!!
  6. We've just bought a new (to us) tow car, a Citroen C Crosser, and it has just the one socket, for the road lighting of the caravan or trailer. I'm not at all techie minded, so forgive me if my question is not worded correctly. We currently have the two plugs on the caravan and the two sockets on the "old" tow car (which we are keeping). My husband has been enquiring at our local Citroen dealer about having a second socket for the charging / fridge fitted and has pretty much drawn a blank regarding wiring looms, etc. We could of course fit a 13 pin socket but would have to change the plugs on the caravan accordingly (and it doesn't help that we have another vehicle which could tow which has the two sockets on it which would then need to be changed if we towed the caravan, or changed back if we hired a trailer with the two plugs). Have any of you had this problem, and what was the simplest, cheapest option. Your thoughts, please.
  7. My husband is pondering one of the Vango Airbeam awnings, and we were just wondering about size. Obviously, when you buy a full awning, you do it by awning rail size (in our case 950). Does size matter when buying an awning of this type? I suppose what we want to avoid is having an awning which stops/starts half way across a window. I imagine they will all meet the ground without a problem?
  8. Tony Jover - we have a Cadac Safari Chef and not only do we use it when caravanning, we take it to the beach, we use it in the garden, we take it on our friend's boat, we'll be taking it to the Cubs Sausage Sizzle in July as an extra cooking surface, we take it camping etc. We've got a high pressure adapter for it so it's truly portable. If there's a group of you, you can all sit round a Cadac (or any other type of barbecue) and chat. If you are cooking in the caravan, the cook tends to be left out a bit. I'd rather cook over a fire, but there aren't very many campsites that allow fires these days!
  9. If you look on the C&CC website, amongst the options on the left is "family friendly". Bear in mind, however, that some of the 5-van sites are too small for a child to ride their bike without being too close to caravans or do you mean in an area where there is plenty of cycling. Might be better contacting the relevant tourist information centres for a bit of guidance on which general location ticks the boxes, and then start your search based on that information. I'd also second the advice on the C&CC Temporary Holiday Sites if you're looking for cheap. If you can spare an additional fiver, join the British Caravanners Club (BCC) section of the C&CC. Their rally/THS book is quite thick and worth the extra £5 if you only take advantage of just one THS or five-day meet.
  10. There are quite a few round here, and have also seen a few on sites. Most of them are made by a company called Howling Moon (www. howlingmoon. co. za). They are a South African design to keep you safe from things that want to eat you. I'd love one (and I'd also love a Land Rover to put it on) but meanwhile I'm quite happy with the roof tent on my Mazda Bongo, though (especially as I don't go anywhere where I am likely to get eaten!!)
  11. See if your sat nav has different options for co-ordinates in the settings. As co-ordinates are not standardised worldwide (we normally use grid references in the UK or degrees, minutes and seconds. That doesn't look like the usual format, but I'll put money on it that your sat nav will have a setting for it.
  12. To be honest, if we're going away for a couple of days and it's likely to be wet, we don't bother with an awning at all. Longer than that, there's a chance that it will get wet, if we can dry it out before we leave, and there's more rain on the way, we take it down when it's dry even if it's not the day before we go home.
  13. As it was just the one caravan and its residents causing the problem, why on earth didn't you speak to them and explain that you prefer to caravan in a peaceful environment. It would have saved five pages of grief on here. As for the suggestion that you lower your standards, the little winking "smiley" was added to show that it was a lighthearted remark and not to be taken seriously. Although they are well over-used, smilies exist to put the facial expression into the blank canvas that is the typed word.
  14. Heavens above! I've just looked at the prices of them. I can certainly see why you'd be feeling dissatisfied. I've had my £15 Tesco Recliner for about six years and it's still going strong.
  15. Thank you, David in Cheshire. Didn't think there were many in Britain!! It will be a long time before we're able to benefit from long stays abroad during ACSI time.
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