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  1. Some people seem to be missing the point. I said quite clearly that we are first-time caravanners and we wanted advice - comments about being mean, wanting to save a few "measly" euros etc are not helpful. I said we were happy to go off the autoroute to a campsite as long as the access was not difficult. Thanks to Keith2357 who posted a link to campsites near the autoroutes.
  2. We are in France travelling south on Saturday pm (Bastille day) using the A20 (joining at Limoges). We want to park overnight somewhere between Brive and Montauban before carrying on the next day. Has anyone stayed overnight at any aire de repos or service station on the motorway? Or is there anywhere easy to access just off the motorway - the further south is preferable. We just want somehwhere fairly quiet and safe. We are first time caravan towers so do not want difficult sites (yet!) Any and all advice gratefully received, thanks
  3. Thanks for all the advice and info. We will be staying on the southern coast of Spain (anywhere from Almeira to Cadiz) so it is clearly going to be almost impossible to get BBC 1/2. OK but we are serious news watchers so could we get the BBC World News channel, even CNN perhaps with the right size dish and other bits?
  4. Hello, we are new to caravanning and are starting to look at the equipment needed to allow us to view UK free to view channels when we are in the south of Spain for a month next winter. Could anyone who has done this tell me what size dish we will need and other information that will be of use? We would prefer to have a free standing dish, not one fitted to the roof. Thanks
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