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  1. Thanks both, Yes i have tried both your recommendations, unfortunately without success. Regarding the site concerned, well at the moment i am still lumbered with staying there, i'm not in a position to remove my double axle for winter storage elsewhere. I believe, as do others that the timing of the new contracts were deliberately delayed being delivered to us, leaving us with little wriggle room to make other arrangements, and finding an alternative seasonal caravan site. Our winter storage fee will also include a £200 deposit for next season, so we are stuck unless i find a more sensible campsite that will cater for our particular needs. As you have guessed, i cannot name the campsite at the moment, but if i can make alternative arrangements before the beginning of next season, i will do everything i can to make sure future customers of that site are fully aware of what they get for their money. ...its not always clear in the first season you are there.
  2. Long shot i know, but anyone got any info for the above. We are now in a position that our current seasonal site owners have had what can only be described as a nervous breakdown. .... new seasonal contract states we can only use the caravan for 50% of the season, that makes our current 7 month season 3. 5 months, my daughter whilst we are not using the van can only stay for a maximum of 7 days during the said season, winter storage payment increased by 90%, although caravan never leaves its pitch. Anyway, these are just some of the changes that makes us want to try something a little different.
  3. Hi everyone, We have become friendly with our next door neighbours at our campsite, we kind of help them a little, as they both in their eighties but still very fit. Anyway to cut a long story short. ... i'm looking for an handbook for the above model. ... I'm sorry I have no year for the van, but I think it was the last year the explorer group made them. A link to a websites ok, or any other info would also be a good start.
  4. Agreed, that may still be the case. I would say in my opinion the carbonx or fibreglass frames seem to have a better chance with high winds. I did state in my original reply that in really heavy winds any awning can suffer damage irrelevant of frame. I have on a few occasions seen many steel frame buckle in heavy winds and the 2 others mentioned have little problem apart from bending. What I would say is just insure your awning, and remind your insurer that it is being used on a permmenant pitch.
  5. We have just purchased an Isabella ambassador 1075, will pitch from April (erected last weekend), until early september. In heavy winds, and I mean heavy winds, most awnings will suffer damage, but I don't see having a steel frame will render the awning any better off than having fibreglass or carbonx. Its been my opinion over the years that frames that can give with the wind generally suffer less damage than steel based frames. ... I have witnessed this this many times in my years of caravanning, once a steel frame is bent, bent it stays. ..
  6. As the title suggests, looking for wicker furniture that can be dismantled at the end of the season. Saw a few promising one's at B and Q, (we love the look of their ratten range), but unfortunately once built, always built, we really need something we can store in the van at the end of the season, once dismantled. Thanks for looking.
  7. Ok. ..sorry, It doesn't rally matter if it's 12 or 240 volts. I was really looking for ideas to illuminate a rather large awning (1075), size 18 I think. ... Really looking for good ideas, anything that works, as long as it looks suitable for an awning.
  8. Just took delivery of our new Isabella ambassador awning. Not so keen on the light being thrown by caravan for awning use, so was looking to hang some kind of lighting from one of the roof cross members. We were looking for led lighting, (i,m sure led lighting stays cool in use, unlike standard lighting, although i could be wrong). Look, this request comes from my wife, i just need a quiet life. .... can do without this, we need this, we need that, led lighting, underfloor soft matting for groundsheet, what the hell woman. Anyway to get back on track, one must make an effort, but after working for the aerospace industry for many many years making precision tooling, i know faff all about lighting, led or anything electrical at all. So any good ideas from you good people will be gratefully received, and if you can put a link in for certain products, that would be great as well. Anyway, thanks for looking.
  9. Who's advertising?...are you not advertising markets and car boot sales
  10. Yes, my price range seems to run from £17. 50 to £23. 50 both with pegs, it would be nice to know Isabella's RRP. I need a further 2, guess were i'm going, forgot there are 5 legs on my new awning, thanks anyway.
  11. Well got a shock today, Went to my local caravan accessories shop, (Newport Caravans) and went on the Isabella stand for a nose, price of Isabella storm strap kit, a touch over £17. ... I didn't think for some reason Newport stocked such a vast range of Isabella accessories, hence I purchased 3 Isabella storm straps from Highbridge Caravans £23. 50 each. Now I know they have overheads to pay for, so have Newport, but cmon your having a laugh. So lesson learnt, highbridge you suck, your prices on the items I checked are way above, at least Newports and over what I think is a premium for overheads.
  12. TedNewman, Can you give a little insight into what was wrong with is setup. I've always followed the conventional path regarding car and caravan. .... What impression was he giving you?
  13. If you pm me, I will give you the site name. Although I feel its irrelevant to the point I was making, my point was in my opinion the CC doesn't seem to be a caring organisation any longer, others will feel different.
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