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  1. Ah. .. That very well could have been the case. . we managed to get back over to England without being hauled over the coals so thats a good sign. . It is a little disconcerting though - thanks everyone for responding Mand
  2. Ah, I can see I didn't double check my settings when I changed them. . No towing, just a ducato based motorhome, it's low profile, just a touch under 6m long so hopefully it is just a flash for a check, we kept an eye on the variable speed limits and if we were unsure chose the slower so hopefully that was the right thing. . If the camera caught a driver going the other way they may have just gotten away with it being blocked my a big white 'van' Thanks for all the help and advice Mand
  3. Thanks for the replies. . The 80/130 is mph/kph we only do 110kph or 70mph even if we can do more as we're having a lovely chilled drive and can't get to the site before 3 anyway Everything we saw said upto 3. 5 tonnes then over 3. 5 tonnes. . Can't see how a camera can tell the difference unless you get flashed and they look at the pictures. . Tis very disconcerting - we've towed caravans more than driven the motorhome so are used to going slower anyway Mand
  4. We have just got to France and are driving to Granville and twice now we've been flashed by the cameras doing 70/110 in an 80/130 zone which is quite perplexing to say the least. . We double checked the limits for our motorhome (3. 5 tons) and that speed is fine. . Anyone else had this at all. .? We fear a string of unfounded speeding tickets will be following us round northern France. . Mand
  5. I've found it to be a Motorhome thing but never encountered it when we had our caravan at all. . I absolutely love it though! We always wave at the ones we can. . it's like the motorbikers nod. . I hope this is a caravanners thing now as it's fairly obvious that you share a common interest at that point. . Hope it made you smile (after checking everything was OK of course. .) Mand
  6. We are excitedly counting down the days before we head over to France for the first time in our motorhome for the Grand Depart of the Tour De France, each time we do there is something on the news that makes us wonder if we are doing the right thing. . We are crossing on the Tunnel. Has anyone travelled back through Calais recently? I know lots of football fans are on their way back at the moment - the story say that Desperate Migrants are breaking into lorries and Calais has been closed and the waiting migrants are stoning all the queuing cars. If it's not striking ports and fuel stations it's the migrant situation or what will happen with the EU referendum. . Excitement battling with trepidation at the moment. . Hope people are still getting back safely. . Mand
  7. +1 here. . We had a dealer special of the same van - was the second best we've had (of about 8) we've tried all sorts of layouts over the years and really liked this one. . front seats still roomy enough to seat 4 adults without that annoying bit of wood on the end to catch your ankles on while chilling at night bed is big enough with loads of storage, oven good, kitchen counter and cupboard space perfect. . Loved the swivelly telly mount so you can watch in bed or in the lounge without moving it, usual access door under front bench for muddy boots, slide out occasional table at the front for when you need it. . We had a mover fitted as it on the heavy side to be pushing around but loved it. . Our BEST van was the Challenger 580. . I was fed up of having the cut off side of the bed Hope you find the perfect van for you but I think you can;t go wrong with all of your chosen van's - good luck Mand
  8. Just over a month before we go to watch the Grand Depart and stop in Granville - Hubby has worked out if we fill up in blighty before crossing we should be OK for all we need to do before heading home as our MH "Benny" is super economical with the ole diesel. However still would like to tour a little while we are over there. .. Has anyone heard how long this is expected to last. .? I hear the Gendarmes have been out with the water cannons today to move the burning tires that the French love to use. . hopefully it won't be that long, it's not easy for the locals to get from A to B without cars I bet. .. Wonder if the TDF will be a cut off to make sure all this is sorted. .? Bet it would cost the French economy a fair bit if people couldn't go. . Hope anyone stuck over there finds a way back soon (if you want to of course ) Mand
  9. Hello Everyone. . I'm being a little cheeky now, with swapping the 'Van for a Motorhome and still posting on here - not a lot of people seem to have made it onto Motorhome Chat just yet. . We are taking Benny off for his inaugural European Trip to see the Grand Depart by Mont Saint Michel, Granville and Omaha Beach and we can't wait. We have booked a site for the lead up to the start and the whole she-bang is going to fly right past the gates on day 1 - it's after that we are a little unsure of. . Is there any unknown etiquette to go by when you are stopping at the side or the road? Can you sleep there or cook there. .? (although we'll probably be living on Fresh bread and not so fresh cheese the entire time). Has anyone done it before and has any hints and tips or anything to share? I have the camperstops book that has Aires and suchlike which I hope will help a little. Any help from you lovely lot is always appreciated Thanks Mandy
  10. We just made the leap from Caravan to MH. . We've been Caravanning for about 20 years and have always wanted to stop in more places during our trips out but the fuss of packing up always stopped us doing that so we found ourselves driving for miles and miles each day from our 'van which we'd pitched somewhere nice in the middle. . we barely saw the inside of it as we had so much we wanted to see. . We also had to have it in storage which made it that little more difficult to get away on a Friday after work as it added an hour to the set off time. . Move to the motorhome, a "compact" one all the same, 6m long, 2 berth with some tie downs installed for the Dog's seatbelt - our first trip was to north Wales and we had to stop at a Poundstretcher and a Tesco for a bit of food and some clever storage and just parked up and walked in, 6m easily fit into the car parks there. . we had fish and chips in it on the sea front at Rhos-on Sea then moved to West Beach, Llandudno for a beautiful sunset - all this with room to walk around, "facilities", the ability to wash hands, put the kettle and sit on comfy seats instead of trying to find somewhere dog friendly and keeping the poor blighter under the table. . We went to a lighthouse and made soup and freshly baked rolls in the car park there and sat with the most gorgeous views. . Yes, we had to pack up fully each time we wanted to move on but the cool storage from Poundstretcher made that easy peasy - we went back to a cheap as chips site to plug in to catch the 10 o'clock news. . Far better than being out in the car all day leaving everything behind - I also never have to worry about forgetting to put things in the car for the day as we take everything with us. .! As already said and as we've found, the type of holiday you want to have will help you decide for the best but for us the MH is king for now so we can see more of this lovely country we live in, in far greater comfort than we would in the 'van. . Good luck though. . I don't think you can go wrong whichever way you decide to go Mandy
  11. We have just taken the plunge into choosing a Motorhome instead of our Caravan - we've been caravanning for about 17 years off and on and while this has been fine for us so far we've come to the conclusion that although we do like to stay for a week on the same site sometimes, we've also been out and about and noticed other sites nearer different beaches/attractions that we would have loved to move to but after setting up the awning/water/getting level/pulling out all the usual comforts etc we feel less likely to want to move again. Last trip out to Glastonbury (Old Oaks camping and caravan park - adults only, brilliant site) we would have loved to stay there a couple of nights then move down to Bude or up to Cheddar to see a little more of each rather than just take a day out. We also think the added option of being able to spin your chair around, unclip the dog so he can stretch his legs and get the kettle on while it's raining instead of having to don the waterproofs to at least un-hitch the van and get the car out of the way is well worth the change. Maybe it won't be our forever change and we may go back to the caravan, but my hubby seems to be a nomad in disguise and he can't wait to have the MH instead - his idea of driving to the seafront at Rhos on sea and sitting at the table eating fish and chips with an amazing view while the dog can walk around and have a drink seems too appealing. .. We chose a 6ft, low profile, 3500kg Motor Home so it will be nice and easy to get most places and we won't be taking over car parks etc if we decide to pitch up there for the day. . As has been said - it's all to do with the type of holidays and breaks you intend to have, we've done the weeks in one place for long enough. . time to try something different I don't think you can make a bad choice though. . MH or Caravan - both are just brilliant! Mand
  12. We have stayed at the Great Malvern CC site (although my dad visited and was waiting at the C&CC club entrance as they really are opposite each other) I think DeeTee suggesting a "try before you buy" is a great idea. . We have tried both but stick with CC as we like the website for searching, the CL's and not having to put a deposit down when we are looking as sometimes we have to change plans and adjust days due to Hubby being self employed. . Must admit the rows of van's does lack a bit of privacy and each site we have stayed at has the wardens doing a great job of emptying bins and keeping an eye on things - the fact they do it on a Quad bike at 7 in the morning and leave the engine running is something else. . Always lovely clean sites though. . Good luck, I don't think you can choose a "bad" one - it's all based on your own wants and needs Mand
  13. hehe - thanks for that Sunshinetours I had seen something similar but wasn't sure if the legs being so short would scorch the table somehow - with ithe hope to use it when we go out with a brand new table I didn't want to risk it. . And Timster. . I don't know what goes on in your caravan but absolutely no ironing of any kind happens in mine I'll keep using the lack of storage space as the main reason. .
  14. Hi all, We are lovers of Charcoal BBQ's but have a massive one at the house already so don't want to double up and definitely can't fit our home BBQ into the 'van. . We have used the disposable BBQ's before which are ideal for the 2 of us for a couple of burgers, sausages and a bit of chicken but finding something half decent to put them in so you are not cooking off bricks or the legs that come with some of them (give about 2 inches ground clearance) seems to be impossible. . Has anyone found anything that is high enough to use while standing or anything else that does the job? Something not massive as we are a bit tight on storage room (not weight though. .) Thanks for any help anyone can give Mand
  15. My hubby does it and he absolutely hates it - he was one of those no poopy nappies with kids guys too, after he made more mess than he was cleaning up I was glad to keep it that way. . I wouldn't mind doing it but (like the bins. .) he says it's a blokes job so I'm more than happy to run round with the brush while he does that job! We tend to sit and watch the world go by when it's raining and we can't do much else, we do have a light hearted chuckle when you get to see the habits and methods of others who enjoy the same past times as we do too - no offence to anyone just as OP intended. . it does take all sorts after all and i'm sure we must give others cause to chuckle at our methods too. . especially the look on hubbys face as the wheeled toilet cassette literally chases him to the Elsan point - I join in with them on that one but make sure he gets a nice beer for when he gets back. . after he's washed his hands of course Mand
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