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  1. This is why the use of social media to warn of crimes and citizens taking the law in to their own hands is on the increase.
  2. My post above yours was referring to a situation where I would remove the jockey wheel just before getting on a ferry until just after disembarkation so no high speed road travel involved - just a case of preventing damage to the jockey wheel caused by the ferry ramps.
  3. Where away at present. Our Jockey wheel got damaged coming off the Brittany Ferry at St Malo due to too steep a ramp. The wheel's axle buckled and the plastic around it broke to the point that the wheel would not spin. I had to order a replacement online to be delivered on site (thanks to the very helpful reception staff who phoned the supplier) but it cost me €41. For our return to Poole it is tempting to remove the wheel between embarkation and disembarkation just in case this happens again. The wife hates the thought of stopping and holding people behind us up where there i
  4. We will certainly ask the site when we arrive. The wife may get jittery about the small roads with the van. Open to all ideas. Keep 'em coming.
  5. Due to this Summer's changes to Brittany Ferry times we're having to take a late overnight Ferry from Cherbourg as opposed to the evening Ferry (and Poole Docks sleepover). This means that we've got some time to kill between campsite chucking out time in Dol de Bretagne and the 10pm ferry embarkation in Cherbourg. Can anybody recommend any pleasant and safe stop offs on the Peninsula where we can kill 3 or so hours with caravan attached? For example do any nice off the autoroute Aires have plenty of greenery and also washing up facilities as well as picnic tables? I may
  6. OK so, having piled up the caravan with Tassimo pods, I can now confirm that it was completely unnecessary to do so. Our first trip to the local Super U todayrevealed a full array of Tassimo pod refill varieties, with 8 Kenko Cappuccinos costing €3.75 - about the same as £10 for three boxes in the UK. You may have to do a bit of translating for some varieties but they're most definitely there. It seems that the French do indeed appreciate not having to clean filter machines so will use pod machines instead (and Tassimo is proper coffee for the uninitiated)
  7. Hi Folks Am off to the Vendée then back to Brittany from next week and am just trying to cut down on things we take. Does anyone know if Super U sell Bosch Tassimo coffee refill discs?
  8. You're analysis is spot on. This is a real adventure for us. Some great information there. Many thanks : )
  9. We're taking the ferry from Portsmouth to St. Malo in a couple of weeks and heading straight down to the Vendee. Are there any good stopping points for sandwiches, snacks, drinks and toilets that you good people could recommend at about the half way point? Probably between Rennes and Nantes is ideal, probably closer to Nantes. All ideas welcome but we don't want to spend too much or go too far off track as a family of five.
  10. I've bought an XCody truck satnav for £35 from eBay for our forthcoming France trip. It seems pretty good for the money and I can program in an articulated unit to match our overall length, height and weight. It doesn't do postcodes that well so I'm using google maps before we go to pre-program our destinations. This and a good old fashioned atlas (2018 versions now cheap on Amazon) and a more detailed local region fold out for £2 will do me just fine I reckon.
  11. Thanks that's great. Somebody above asked where I got my APRR tag from. The answer is APRR.
  12. We're going to La Littoral in few weeks. How did you get on? Any tips?
  13. We're in Britannia Rescue (associated with Liverpool Victoria). We've just topped up from the equivalent of home start and relay that we have all the time to European breakdown cover which includes caravans. We'll revert back to what we were on before when we get back. They're ore than happy for customers to temporarily add an extra layer of cover.
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