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  1. Difficult to lock down, won't stay open, and the blind has lost it's tension (and can't be serviced) and now it might fall off, not much to recommend the stargazer over its will it, won't it shut when it rains predecessor. .. Anyone had any problems with the "tumble home" front roof light? Mines hanging off!! And apparently it takes longer than a month to work out who's going to pay to screw it back up.
  2. Thought about the Alko but from other threads BPW do not recommend any cables bar their own. So I must use the cable on the van and the lug on the towbar but they don't fit one another! Gonna have to crank up the head torch and look a bit deeper. ..
  3. Anyone had any experience of these? Finally have a lug on my detachable Westfailia but its too small to loop the clip through but a carabiner type break away might work but its not what the van came with. .. Looping around the swan neck which is the only alternative only covers hitch detachment not ball.
  4. A lot quieter than a Dometic but given the weather the last few years you need to be heading for Spain to get much use of the cold settings. It can be used for heating but why? Still ours looks good on the roof sucking up load capacity. ..
  5. Please note if selecting the excellent (we've had three) Touareg as a tow car (3. 5t towing limit, 2. 2t car weight, 140kg nose weight) to choose the air suspension (optional) but avoid the electrically deployed tow hitch. The hitch is stored where most of the world's crud seems to accumilate causing the ball to rust and pit badly (despite wire brushing and emery tape). This in turn causes the hitch pads to wear excessivley (pad replacement is a diy task but not without its own difficulties). The only cure, as the ball cannot be greased and is not a servicable part, is complete tow bar replac
  6. Thanks yet again I had heard the main unit is fairly reliable but the regulators can go so maybe as lights are on there's no one home!
  7. Thanks I thought it should too our last one did but two visits to our seasonal pitch and a flat battery both times has left me flumexed. There were no lights on the charger until I connected the 240v. ..
  8. Does the standard fit Truma solar panel charge the leisure battery when the main 12v switch is off?
  9. A real shame and a pain,this is supposed to be fun! If your hotel room was damp you'd be banging on reception demanding a refund, whether you'd get one is another matter but when all's said and done you'd be having fun elsewhere on your next holiday. Changing dealers in five years time doesn't have the same satisfaction or impact. I do wonder if you had the van on credit whether you'd automatically get everything you wanted, when you wanted it. ..
  10. We cherished ours but it didn't stop the wooden paper peeling in the "drying" cupboard in the bathroom from the heat of the central heating header - stuck it back down with PritstiK!! Classy.
  11. I'm with GB on this one (especially as the Schooner leaves few options) going to give it a go changing sides - quite looking forward to it if truth be known, Oh! Matron. ..
  12. Yeah thanks for that, we've also got a new mover going on and hope to get a meticulous pdi so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed. ..
  13. Life long ambition to own a Bucaneer and managed it 4 years ago. Not short on faults and Elddis a long way from a shinning light but these factors have not stopped us ordering another. Roll on wide berth and bye bye cranking corner steadies. .. Just hope that they don't do a slide out version next year!
  14. Glad to hear van is everything you were expecting. Our Schooner arrives in a couple of weeks can't wait. .. Can I ask how long you had it on order and how you got information out of Elddis? Our dates are getting tight for what we want to achieve and our current Schooner was late being delivered. ..
  15. Up will feed the taps but the correct position for external supply is middle where I suspect it won't top up the inboard tank - why it's so complicated is not known to man. ..
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