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  1. That could be construed as a childish post. As in I said it first so there. Is that your advice ?
  2. To quote Tom Jones, its not unusual.
  3. I never had any bother with my hilux surf.
  4. Alexbee

    Low oil

    Eh? Engine oil sump and ATF sump are separate systems.
  5. Alexbee

    Low oil

    The reason could be, you never put in enough after you serviced it, or you created a leak during the service, either at the filter or maybe the sump plug. If all was ok before,and not consuming daft amounts of oil, these are the most likely causes as its not suddenly going to start burning oil. Ive assumed based on your post that you did the servicing yourself. so as a first step, id check for leaks, signs of oil on thedrive etc and fix any. Then top up to the proper level, run the car as normal, and check level regularly to see if its dropping.
  6. If its a pre 97 Bongo, it doesnt need to be type approved, and many of the bongos on british roads are pre 97.
  7. It will have a Vin plate, but as Its a japanese domestic market vehicle, ( grey import ) it has no weight details. It will have a chassis no, some details about colour codes, maybe diff ratios, but thats about it. Im basing this on the Vin from my 1996 Hilux, maybe newer japanese domestic stuff has more data.
  8. might be something helpful here.
  9. Its not strange, its ridiculous.
  10. Alexbee


    What are you on about ? Of course thats how you find out if a car is taxed or tested, and why would it surprise you if people checked up on a car that for some reason annoys them.
  11. Alexbee


    What harm is it doing you?
  12. And a helmet. Capsizing in a shallow bit and smacking your skull on a rock, will donyou no good at all.
  13. I did, its been banned by those pesky Europeans, still only a few more days and we can get it back and give some more people cancer.
  14. Not the same. Creocote is not Creosote.
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