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  1. Check your van to make sure it has awning openings on both sides. Our 2016 Pastiche doesn't have an opening on the off side so can't attache a cover anyway without adjustment.
  2. No I attached it by accident then couldn't edit it out.
  3. Yes but I can't join in with my regular walking group, choir, keep fit etc. Can't hug the grandkids, Can't carry everything I need for my various hobbies. Can't tend to my garden. As I said I enjoy holidays but also love to be at home!
  4. I love France and have enjoyed many a holiday there and never get bored with it. I also enjoy the caravanning life style. However I also like my home, family, friends, hobbies, gardening etc so, after 4 weeks I'm always ready to head home and catch up. Each to their own I say!
  5. Hi All : We're travelling overnight on the Stenna line ferry which lands at 8:00 am but can't get into our site until 2pm. Does anyone know of a suitable stopping place somewhere between Hook of Holland and Lisse where we can have a nap (as probably won't sleep on ferry) make a cup of tea etc. Thanks Meone
  6. meone


    We do! Our thirty year old kids got us into it and we now often geocaches while away in the van. For those who do not know what it is... it is like a treasure hunt using GPS to find the hidden locations. They are set by locals who know the area well and take you to some interesting and off the beaten track places. There are thousands around and can be found all over the world. For more info see www.geocaching.com/play/search We just use our phones with the Geocaching app. Tips.... 1. Reading some of the previous logs can give clues. 2. Down load set of caches to phone before setting off. 3. Have a small kit containing tweezers, pencil or pen, gloves and maybe baby wipes. Have fun!
  7. I washed ours in the washing machine on a low temperature wash, with no problems! I dried it naturally. I would do it again!
  8. I just use water or water and washing up liquid for cleaning down. Cleaning the pipes I use milton tablets in our Aquaroll and flush through. Works for us!
  9. Great idea! I do agree a photo paints a thousand words!
  10. I've just read on the web that Coke Cola works but never tried it!
  11. Never done this myself but would think a carpet/upholstery foam would be the best bet.
  12. No just something like ariel or persil or aldi or any you have to hand. I have used it myself on occassions but prefer to use the proper thing as not sure that if in the long term it affects seals.
  13. Some of the large supermarkets have it but failing that I understand you can substitute cloths washing liquid.
  14. I've just been looking for some baked beans here in central France and I can't get them. Also for some reason Cucumbers are expensive here! We've certainly noticed an increase in prices in general over the last few years.
  15. Thanks all. I had forgotten the motorhome service areas. I've not seen anyone with a waste hog, except us, on the sites I've used so far!
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