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  1. Just a wee typo. http://bailey-retreat.co.uk/
  2. I've been a member since 2005. We used to be cc site lovers, but have found many other sites which are just as clean, but not as expensive. I can save 10% on some ferry crossings, but others can also offer these discounts. It's unlikely that I will renew in March. It is not always about the money. Dont forget the magazine. Are the letters real or written by a committee?
  3. And I bought one yesterday too. Phoned on the off-chance, and they had arrived the day before. I was in Birtley.
  4. It isn't a risk I would be happy with, but the price might be low enough to make it worth a trip?
  5. Hi Sven. Are you near Glasgow? There is a Swinton repair centre there who know how to take german vans apart and put them back together again. They might be able to advise you. Ask for David. Good luck
  6. I can recommend Joeressens in Germany just near the Durch border @ Roermond. Google will find them! We've bought new twice (2005 and 2015). They are used to dealing with english speakers, and have a used section on thier website. I can't advise on whether you would get a good deal or not. The GBP has slipped a long way since we bought our vans. And buying from further away does carry some risks. Good luck
  7. I found that CMC with 4 night vouchers going Hull - Zeebrugge was under £500. (Out late june and back mid-july) Going by the P&O site was about £600. Even if we never use the vouchers, it seems like quite a good deal. (I dont do the 2 day drive to Dover) Cheers David
  8. And perhaps I can add that I am a personal importer now on my second hobby. Bought one in 2005 and went back in 2015. Our dealer is about 2 hours from Ijmuiden so it is an easy import . You pay vat in Germany, and pay nothing in the UK. PM me if you want to hear more. Cheers David
  9. We have the same thing bonded to the roof of the hobby. It was factory fitted, so I dont imagine any warranty issues. It is really easy to use, and is part of our "caravanning doesn't have to be hard work" philosophy.
  10. We have a "no front window" van, and usually park to avoid opening the door towards the neighbours. The CMC allow us to park either way round now. Ther was a sticky patch a few years ago when they didn't want us spinning the van, and we didn't want to stay there. I always tell a site that we have the door on the wrong side to see what they say, but it really isn't a problem. If it is a problem, you wouldn't want to stay there anyway! Good luck with your pitching.
  11. The big car uses 50% more fuel than the little car, but has 4 doors and a handy hook for the caravan. So if there are 2 of us, we take the little car, but if we want to take anyone else or the caravan we take the big car. The actual costs are not important becuase I'm not going to change the cars soon. If we choose to use the big car for any reason - we choose to take the hit in the pocket. So no spreadsheets or apps for me!
  12. I wouldn't be filling up in the UK, but the Asda in Hull is easy enough with the caravan.
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