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  1. Hi all I've built 2 full camper vans first plan everthing 2nd work 12v and 240v electrics u want and were u will put it . i put extra cables in for lights and 12v sockets came in handy 12 months later . just have fun with the build from start to finish . planning is the key and keep us posted
  2. Hi all i tow with v70 volvo 50 mpg towing high 30 s 2. 4 d 210bhp caravan is 1615kg no problem i dont know its there
  3. Hi just use the poles you got many people do with no problems
  4. HI i would check the connection at the back of the radio
  5. Hi all on this wonderful easter morning . the best place to get a new battery is amazon . we got a 120amp battery with 4years warranty cheaper then any were else. the battery is now 4 years old and still going strong
  6. hi if you look at the end of the bolts they will be a number plus letters this is to do with the strength of the bolts as long as it's the same or a higher grade it will be fine
  7. first do you have a power lead if so fit a 13amp plug to it and plug it in to the house socket 13amps will give enough power to power the vans basic needs
  8. Hi the only problem i have had is no usb ports witch i sorted out my self
  9. just relax from the very start of your trip. and have a wonderful time learning new skills
  10. i have an adira 2006 432px just wondering wht the best size porch awning will fit the van without going across the windows. tia
  11. HI you can get a replacement from purple line . we did last year cost 50 pounds
  12. have been onto sargent they are going to make door sensors. should be early 2018.
  13. hi made from 3inch plastic angle cut down or you can make it from wood or metal . took 1 hour cost nothing hope this helps
  14. Hi all thanks for info will try wanderhome
  15. can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement door seal for coachman wanderer 2000/01? Can't find one the right shape, are there any other door seals that will fit?
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