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  1. Six nights at Ash Keys Caravan Park Near Skipton followed by 8 nights at Black Bull Caravan Park, Pickering. Our total now 44. Forum Total 479.
  2. We have a Caravanstore zip in 3.6m length and, after help from my wife in setting up the canopy when I use her as ballast if it’s breezy! I can complete the rest of the sides/front myself but it is easier/quicker with two. It is also easier to fold and unfold the sides if the weather is warm because the material gets very stiff when cold. This is us at present.
  3. It looks like the Westfalia on this page is the only one that doesn't exclude the GT.
  4. I'll add our recent 3 nights on a rally at the Holding Stables, Wilmcote bringing our total to 30 nights and the forum total to 393.
  5. Try searching this website, they can be useful for all-sorts of spare parts.
  6. Just to bump this again - Thanks for posting the solution. I've just completed the repair, similar to above, due to the alarm emitting the 'strangled squawk'. The sounder had come unglued from the speaker and is now reattached and as loud as it used to be. Again - thanks.
  7. Gary, you can get acrylic mirror sheets cut-to-size from this company. They have a comprehensive web site - including detailed fitting instructions - and may be local(ish) to you. Mick
  8. 5 nights at the Beehive Field, Bradford-on-Avon. Our total 27 nights Forum total 383 nights.
  9. always read the manual ! Odd what the forum software sees... ...that's not what I typed... ...what's wrong with the acronym for Read The Flaming Manual? ADMIN COMMENT Because that is not the only interpretation of the acronym, as well you know!
  10. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€
  11. That would be a forum total of 243.
  12. Two nights at Northwick Farm CS, Broadway, Worcs. Our total 22 nights. Forum total 217 nights.
  13. Yep, some hatches already battened
  14. Yes, you should still see the clock with the master switch in the 'off' position. If you have the solar panel fitted and 'open' storage your battery will be ok.
  15. I had 'MAD' springs on three different Renault Lagunas and they made no difference to solo ride/handling. The replacement springs are rising-rate so have an increasing effect as the suspension is loaded.
  16. The 'solar fuse' is in the positive feed cable from the solar-controller to the battery. The fuse should only be in-place when there's a battery fitted so, the dealer should have fitted it once the battery was fitted - as said mine wasn't but, it was fairly obvious once I looked. The handbook I quoted is the one from Coachman for the caravan as a whole. My caravan is in storage so can't take and post a photo at present.
  17. You need to have a look for the inline fuse as per the Solar Panel section of the handbook 'If the battery is removed you must also remove the in-line fuse for the solar panel. This is located in the fuse holder situated between the regulator and the battery'. It probably won't have been put in place by the dealer, ours was taped to the fuse holder.
  18. Six nights at Carsington Water CMC. Our total now 20 nights. I make the forum total 183 at present.
  19. Yes, it's harder work than it needs to be but by no means the worst caravan cooker we've had.
  20. We have that cooker in our caravan and the odd thing about it is that the scale 1 to 6 on the oven doesn't correspond to 'gas mark' it seems to be a system that Dometic have invented for some reason. The temperatures under the 'Dometic' column are taken from the cooker handbook. Dometic Gas Mark 1 120oC 140oC 2 150oC 150oC 3 180oC 170oC 4 200oC 180oC 5 220oC 190oC 6 240oC 200oC Why they couldn't just use gas mark or even simply mark the oven in degrees Celsius I don't know. Every time we use the oven we need to look at the handbook to figure-out how to set it !
  21. Thanks for letting us know. I have had the sliders pop out so, I'll keep this in mind for next time.
  22. Such items used to be generic but tend now to be manufacturer/model specific. Have a look here to see if anything would fit. Otherwise google 'caravan breakers'. Good luck.
  23. The one you've linked to looks similar to the one I inherited from my parents, which makes it at least 15, and probably more like 20, years old. We don't use it often but it's very useful for extended tours. I drilled the feet to allow it to be pegged down:- Never used it in an awning though.
  24. The short answer is - no! However I have found this which may be of use. There's a link on the webpage to the dimensions of the rail and what bend-radius it'll take. Other than that, I can't say whether it would fit in place of the standard rail because my caravan is in storage so, not available for me to measure and compare. It looks like a possibility and it's an alloy track so - if it'll fit - it may work better in preventing the hangers/gliders coming adrift.
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