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  1. We booked weekend of 10th to 12th July at the Reindeer Park at Lea Marston a couple of weeks back. Super-pitches available and toilet blocks closed but - we're away for the first time since early March so, I think the weekend of the 4th will be cleaning and checking the 'van down at our storage site. Next trip after that is to a CL near Northampton at the end of July. After those two rallys and, hopefully, THS's will get going again.
  2. Mickyjb

    Time to sell?

    I was last at my dealer on the 17th March when the van was serviced. As usual I had a look and stroll around the accessories, vans etc(those were the days!) and had a chat to the lady who sold us our van. I remarked how few second-hand vans they had and she said they were mostly sold as soon as they arrived and that was back in the 'old days'.
  3. It's a Northern Ireland announcement 'Caravan parks, camping sites and self-catering tourist accommodation can reopen on 26 June - next Friday.' As per this.
  4. The confirmation e-mail for my next C&CC booking had this as the first paragraph: - 'Please find below the details of your booking/s with us; if you have any queries, or there are any changes that need to be made please let us know as soon as possible on 024 7647 5426.' The Members Area of the website also directs you to the above phone number for alterations.
  5. I towed down from Bilbao to Aranjuez (end of Jan) intending to use the M50 but the SatNav directed me via the M40 because of an M50 traffic problem. The 'third lane exit' alluded to by Jaydug was interesting but I've done similar before and the Satnav warned me in time so, no problemo . I would say that 'car only' it wouldn't matter if you used the M40 or the M50.
  6. Yes - in addition to item V.7 CO2 (g/km) = 164. But then, I don't have the Sound level data!
  7. Our pump housing leaked last year (from the area ringed in yellow below) and I can't say we had noticed a drop-off in water flow but, I saw the leak when I happened to be outside and my wife ran the pump. We were near the end of a stay in the UK and the dealer swapped the pump on our return so, no big problem. In your circumstances it may be worth a good dose of looking-at and some epoxy.
  8. I've been a happy Coachman customer for four and a half years and haven't had a problem with anything made by Coachman themselves. The 2 problems we have had (one Thetford and one Alko) have been dealt with quickly, effectively and properly by our supplying dealer. The brochure, pricelist and manuals are available to view/download here.
  9. The solar panel was an option on the 2018 VIP, where (factory) fitted, it’s 80w. Page 39 of the handbook.
  10. I've never had a twin axle so, you'll have to wait for a twin axle user for that one ... ...or just use your own experience/judgement!
  11. There's a way to use these gauges, explained here, the actual calculated result may be a bit different to the face value.
  12. Ditto - and (as per your other topic) if you get an E class or XF you'll struggle to notice it!
  13. Bob, I'm not aware that the cooling system is part of the changes made by adding a towbar to the Jaguar but I'm also not sure there are any 'aftermarket' towbars for the X260 model Sportbrake (post 2017) either. Your favoured Witter isn't an option (see screenshot from their website below) and I couldn't see any for the latest version on the P F Jones website. That doesn't mean that you couldn't use the cost of fitting as a basis for hard bargaining. The downside may be the need to buy from a dealer. The cost of the detachable towbar as a build option was circa £750 and the electrically deployable circa £850. As an aftermarket fit they are in the region of £2200. Big advantages of the 'current' sportbrake are the self-levelling rear suspension and the 100kg noseweight limit. Happy hunting (whichever way it goes!) Mick
  14. Our's has been OK with a 3.1m Fiamma for the past 18 months. The previous (Coachman) caravan managed 3 years with the same size Fiamma awning without problem. Oh, and the Compass (Elddis) caravan we had for 6 years prior to the first Coachman coped fine, the awning rail was one of the few aspects of that 'van that didn't eventually fall apart !
  15. We bought the Ingenio set(s) for the van and we liked them so much we ended-up buying another for use at home! As said, not cheap but, they'll see us out!
  16. Interisland - probably the best ferry crossing we've ever done but then, the weather was perfect for the early morning crossing.
  17. Thank you Wellys and Mac for this modification which I did it to our 'van a couple of weeks ago. I now have my spare wheel sitting inside the curved surround to the forward end of the bed (bottom, middle of your pictures) and can still get the table and chairs into the outer part of the under-bed space. Once again thanks for the simple and effective mod . The spare is in the middle of the 'van and above where it was when underslung so, given the loss of 7ish kg of spare-wheel carrier, I've needed to move other stuff forward to get the nose-weight back as I want it. Unfortunately the spare still has to go in and out through the locker door but, I'm having a think about that! Mick
  18. Try taking the blue perforated end off the pump and check that the impeller turns freely using a small screwdriver or similar and then re-connect and see if it spins. It worked for my pump a couple of weekends ago.
  19. As above (AJ Galaxy) define 'dirty' and following-up on Black Grouse what's the 'real-world' range?!
  20. If they're true pedants it'll be your fault no matter what!
  21. Hello and if you decide on a porch awning then you either need a 2metre or a >3.3metre size to fit best on a 575. The shorter one will fit from just in front of the door to just in front of the underbed hatch and the longer size fits from the door to aft of the side hatch.
  22. It means 'thanks'. If you move the cursor over the heart shape at the bottom of any posting you get four options to respond which are explained as you move the cursor over them.
  23. I don't have any pictures of the setup and won't be at our storage till this coming Friday but I'll have a go at a verbal description... ...I have a short (30cm - just long enough to get the connector outside the locker door) lead with ring tags on one end (attached to the battery studs) and the standard solar connector (which I think came with the panel) on the other. That part stays attached to the van as there's enough room to tuck it down the side of the battery. The solar panel, lead (approx 3m) and mating connector stay in storage. I can put the panel at the bottom of the barn door (there's about a 30cm gap) and at this time of year I just lay it flat whereas in winter I prop it to catch the lower-angled sun.
  24. One of the elements the 'van will be protected from is the sun. Would this make a difference to battery charge/mover use? I'm speaking from experience and I now have a small secondary solar panel slaved to the 'van in (covered) storage.
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