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  1. As above (AJ Galaxy) define 'dirty' and following-up on Black Grouse what's the 'real-world' range?!
  2. If they're true pedants it'll be your fault no matter what!
  3. Hello and if you decide on a porch awning then you either need a 2metre or a >3.3metre size to fit best on a 575. The shorter one will fit from just in front of the door to just in front of the underbed hatch and the longer size fits from the door to aft of the side hatch.
  4. It means 'thanks'. If you move the cursor over the heart shape at the bottom of any posting you get four options to respond which are explained as you move the cursor over them.
  5. I don't have any pictures of the setup and won't be at our storage till this coming Friday but I'll have a go at a verbal description... ...I have a short (30cm - just long enough to get the connector outside the locker door) lead with ring tags on one end (attached to the battery studs) and the standard solar connector (which I think came with the panel) on the other. That part stays attached to the van as there's enough room to tuck it down the side of the battery. The solar panel, lead (approx 3m) and mating connector stay in storage. I can put the panel at the bottom of the barn door (there's about a 30cm gap) and at this time of year I just lay it flat whereas in winter I prop it to catch the lower-angled sun.
  6. One of the elements the 'van will be protected from is the sun. Would this make a difference to battery charge/mover use? I'm speaking from experience and I now have a small secondary solar panel slaved to the 'van in (covered) storage.
  7. David, I got an 'Expro' charger from Amazon. It's compatible with the battery in my TZ-100, cost about a tenner and has worked with no problems nearly 3 years now. There'll be an equivalent to suit your battery (and pocket!).
  8. A quick look on Amazing gives these for about £7. Or, as a more 'out there' option there are these for about £9 ! Just search 'Wheel Centre Caps' there are some interesting/strange/weird options. Oh, and some sensible one's!
  9. Cheltenham Caravanner, You'll probably have seen this, it's how it's done around us. : - They're based at William Gilder's Transport Yard at Teddington Hands which would allow for the manoevering part of the test.
  10. I've found it helps to get your fingers on top of the blind to ensure it 'concertinas' ( I may have invented a new word!) properly. it can bunch upwards if just pushed up but we've never had a problem with opening fully.
  11. I like the Dorling Kindersley(DK) guides. They have enough information in respect of what to do, where to go and what you could eat, drink and shop for any area/region/country.
  12. Thanks Mike and Tony, I hope all is well from now on. To be honest I don't know if the problem persists on my 'van I've just got into the habit of tapping the switch every time.
  13. It seems that some work and some don't. Probably a tolerance mismatch between switches and the control board. I've never had a problem with the 'full' light, but then, I don't often let it get that far! I can't seem to get through a day without one of the (many) lights coming on though! Tony, you're in luck I'm away in the 'van at the moment.
  14. Sorry, I'm a bit late to this thread but yes I know about the light staying on. The lower of the two reed switches operates the 3/4 full light and seems to stick on ( I know of two others with the same problem). I've tried a magnet on it but can't make it unstick. What I do now is give the switch a sharp tap with the key-fob, that unsticks it every time! You'll need to do your own experiments to calibrate 'sharp tap' (for me it involved having the window open so you can see the light!) but, you don't need to be too violent with it.
  15. I have had no problem exchanging Calor Lites at the dealer who supplied our caravan. My signature should allow you to work it out!
  16. Well, I've just failed to kill myself once again!
  17. I used an inline gas connector and attached the female half to my Cadac with a short hose. I have two hoses one for home (the darker orange one) And one for the 'van with a male connector each end
  18. You specifically quote 'zip' so, if you're intending to use the 'full awning' you need to measure where the sides will be in respect of doors, windows and lockers etc when looking at the minimum vs maximum length. This 3.1m Caravanstore Zip fitted just behind the door (but in front of the toilet locker) on our two berth but came over the window. I don't have a comparable picture of the current 'van but the same length fits (just!) between the front, side window and door and the side locker door. If I'd known we were going to change vans I'd have bought the 3.6m version to fit better on this one!
  19. No, not anymore - they were in the 2015 technical data but not now.
  20. Mickyjb

    Tow Assist

    As said previously it's part of the surround-camera system and the sticker (singular) should be with the car on delivery. You can hitch-up the van to the car and Blu Tack the sticker in place to try it out. There's a system set-up which shows where to put the sticker and asks for two dimensions - 1, the distance from the hitch to the wheel-centre and 2, the width across the axle you then save the profile against a name (which allows for multiple trailers). It provides a guide as to where the trailer axle is going (when reversing!) via the reversing camera screen what it doesn't show is where the rear corners are going to be!
  21. That is a big difference! I have three different weights I can find for mine: - Parkers 1849kg Jag Brochure 1855kg (with note saying this is for baseline spec) V5 1969kg Two options on mine will account for a good part of the 114kg difference between brochure and V5 namely - the factory-fit towbar and the spacesaver spare. As a matter of interest I tried 'Towsafe' and it has the Jaguar brochure figure (if you enter the car manually) but the V5 figure if you enter the registration.
  22. I've already registered my interest
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