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  1. In 2020 we did 15 sites totalling 63 nights and (approx 2700) miles towing. The big difference was that we only did 2 rallies. 2020 further broke-down as 35 nights in Spain January to March (the 2 C&CC winter rallies) and then 28 nights in UK between July and October. Versus 2019 which was 20 sites totalling 66 nights (all in the UK) with approx 2400 miles towing. The big difference being we did 10 rallies; 10 to 15 rallies per year being the norm between 1993 and 2019.
  2. Derkbox, , Very sorry to hear of your loss, you were probably victims of the same thieves who stole an identical caravan (belonging to friends of ours) from the same storage-site we use in August 2019. I attach (verbatim) the e-mail the rest of us received the next day: - 'Dear Bay Hirer I want you to just be aware that we had a break in last night (between 2.41 am - 3.04 am), and thankfully NON of your vehicles were damaged or stolen. The criminals had obviously been planning this break in as they came onto our neighbours farm land, travelled about 1/
  3. Coachman may be a little more generous than some because our van comes with a standard payload of 156kg versus the 'recommended' (10 x 5.8) + (10 x 4) + 50 = 148kg, a whole 8kg more than the minimum! We got the upgraded MTPLM of 1700kg (from 1655kg) because the solar panel was fitted but then the MIRO went from the standard 1499kg to (from memory) 1507kg giving me 193kg payload to play with. If it had been an option I'd have had the van built on an 1800kg axle/chassis.
  4. 3 nights at Bath Marina so, our total = 66 Forum Total = 545
  5. Another 2 nights at Barnstones, Banbury. Our total = 63 nights Forum Total = 384 nights
  6. Is this a caravan that you've had for 2 years and the water system doesn't now work? Or, is it new to you?
  7. Let's bump the total up a bit! January to March, Spain - 35 nights (our first Spanish taster, hopefully 2022 for the next go!) July, Reindeer Park, Lee Marston - 2 nights July, Home Farm CL, Stoke Bruerne - 2 nights August, Stourhead CL - 3 nights August, Knights Folly Farm CS, Bitton - 2 nights September, The Thames Head Inn, Kemble - 3 nights September, Kessingland C&CC - 7 nights Septem
  8. And so should yours be treated equally. What works is what works. There are hypotheses but no theories.
  9. I don't have experience of both types (air and poled) only poled but, a big contributor to condensation in an awning is the fridge. That is does the fridge vent into the awning? If it does then 'well ventilated' becomes important if it's pouring-down the amount of ventilation may be different from a mild, dry day. Also, it can depend whether you are using the fridge on mains-electric (dry exhaust) or gas (wet-exhaust).
  10. Not necessarily obvious but, a previous car required me to do this so, taking the location data for Cheltenham Racecourse (just happens to be the nearest to me) as: - Latitude: 51.917412, Longitude: -2.065987. The conversion is as follows and I'm going try to use words instead of arithmetic notation so, hopefully, it'll be easier. Starting with the Latitude - subtract the integer (51) and multiply the remainder (0.917412) by 60 to give the minutes (55 - again just the integer). Finally, multiply the, new, remainder ( 0.04472) by 60 to get the seconds (3 - round-up
  11. Photos as promised: - The canopy still rests on the pads... ...and the light is undamaged. As was said above the bag needs to be folded-back on itself when the canopy is out or the light is masked. I've used sticky-backed velcro pads.
  12. Our Caravanstore sits on the light and we haven't had a problem in the last five and a half years across two 'vans. I've got the 'van at home so I'll post a photo tomorrow.
  13. Surely belief is only required for things that don't exist?! But, if they don't really exist, then belief is all we have...
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