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  1. The Typhoon is a bit faster: - Depends which Typhoon and Tempest : -
  2. Hmm, 'North' is still a bit vague - most of the UK is North of Portsmouth! There's Arden CL at Fareham we stayed there last year; just be sure to use the directions in the book/on the website.
  3. I don't have the Coachman handbook to hand (the van's in storage) but there's a full set of instructions in there (at least there were last year) and they start with making sure all the air's out of the system prior to the whale calibration instructions above. Just read through the instructions before you start, get all the obstructions out of the way (includes people/pets!) and follow them through methodically and it'll be fine. My original pump came apart during last years hot weather so my dealer gave me a replacement - sent the original back unfortunately I had hopes of a repaired spare! I was going to recalibrate but just gave the replacement a try and the system all worked fine.
  4. Yep, they do - drill as thewardlows says (don't go too far over the shank diameter) and the rivet head will end-up on the drill-bit. The remainder can be punched through but you can (rawl)plug the holes to reinstall the shower-head holder or use rivets again as the blind fastener is probably more secure in the wallboard.
  5. BH, We're booked to return via Santander so, we're not in the same boat. .. . ..now, that does depend on there being a boat. .. . ..and to think until this morning all I knew was an IDP may be useful - little did I know there will be two of them! Mick
  6. Blackhart, I will be in the same position (country!) as you on 28th/29th March and am only intending to drive in Spain before our return late April. Thanks for the clarification re IDP and information from the AA. Mick
  7. I attach a picture of a 508SW GT with 75kg on the hook! The GT had stiffer suspension as standard but the 2litre may be able to use MAD springs.
  8. Cross-referring to the abbreviations/acronyms thread - ' read the manual '... . ..that's what I remember from workshops and offices I worked in. ..
  9. For Coachman owners feeling the lack of shelves next to the sink. If you're up for a bit of a project you can use a bathroom decor end-panel (Howdens Stockbridge Matt Grey - from memory!) plus edging.
  10. Ditto kiaboy. No problems with our 2015 or 2018 VIPs. However, our pans travel in the cupboard under the cooker.
  11. Having read the 'is the law equal' thread it seems motorists obey all signs except the round ones with numbers in. .. . ..written as a cyclist. .. . ..appropriate unlit ninja emoji used. .. . ..but then, when I wear reflective clothing and use my (very) bright lights I dazzle those on the 'UK number-plates thread' ! It's similar here but nowhere near as widespread as Germany - let alone Netherland.
  12. C&MC say 'not a match' seemingly on the basis of not having quite a lot of the data . .. . ..and the C&CC version. .. . ..more along the lines of 'proceed with caution'. As suggested by several other threads on this forum you'll need to balance day-to-day use of any towcar vehicle with towing usage.
  13. Tony, The 2019 Pastiche 575 is listed as 1525kg with a 25kg upgrade available. If you want the upgrade (it's not a lot but every little helps) you need to negotiate it for free at the show. Gary has given you an excellent starter course in where you need to be with cars. I can add that a quick look at the Parkers website (here) for the two cars you mention would suggest the Vauxhall as the better choice. The Ford doesn't have towing weights listed which (though not definitive) usually suggests that the manufacturer doesn't permit towing with that particular specification. That site doesn't list a weight for the Vauxhall so you'd need to follow up on that via another source. Happy hunting and welcome to the wonderful world of caravanning.
  14. The top-end of the mattress folds.
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