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  1. Data plate inside, behibd the salad box, , is it under warranty, can pop round to have a look
  2. is it a 8 or 9 series fridge ?
  3. is this any good to you ? http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/ws/eBayISAPI. dll?ViewItem&item=262461065624&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT We also repair cooling units on fridges,
  4. portchieboy, what was the conclusion with this please
  5. I have repaired several hundred this year, yes they do have ammonia and water, plus other stuff in them also, but at the end of it, i do re gas it, currently there hasnt been a failure, one unit has been running for 2000+ hours without any issues looks like that at last i can repair somthing which is normaly scraped or chucked in to landfill, Theres saving the customer loads on money, and giving them a better warranty, Plus the bonus, I can keep the ladies happy as the wine will be cold
  6. well its up north next year geoff, maybe the wrong side of the pennines, but up your way, ish
  7. If any of you have never been, What a good event We have been trading at the national this weekend, at belvior castle, I spent most of the weekend around the camping lines fixing little problems with folks vans, And have to say what a nice bunch of people, Pleanty of things for the kids to do Had chance to see a ace queen act last night and looking forward to tonight its oktoberfest,
  8. total load of rubbish, made up by gas cylinder supplyer i guess I have several (over 140+) customers that have bought them specifically for unicorns, for the reason that alde heating likes to use gas, and never had any complaints about it, we have sold 1000+ of them and only had odd issues, mostly caused by people not sure how to use them, which is delt with over the phone, come and see us at the national rally next weekend and see what the fuss is about
  9. , are they gold ??? way over priced
  10. theres two locally to us wagtail country park and woodys
  11. paul we do minor elddis warranty repairs, and dont have a workshop, but i know my limits, anyone who has a elddis, i would recomend the elddis owners club www. elddisowners. co. uk, good friendly bunch of guys, who like cheaper weekends away,
  12. Now come on Shane, Now the chepo man in vans, errrr Well we have all issues with bad apples in the last year, but please dont tar us with the same brush, Please Dont Was the shoddy tech you talk about a aws guy??? did you report him ?? Remember we all work to a high standard, correct ?? covered by the same set of rules, and need the same training, and follow the same enforceability so how will this move by swift help, after all, Shane you know how much i care about customers, look at the feedback i got in the awards last back end!! wasn't it ony a few % between us wasn't it ??, and how far i go to help, iam the same as you, caring in and out of duty Now how may caravan dealers were doing call outs on Christmas eve to club sites? locally i was the only place where customers could get help, on boxing day we was doing a reg swap 2 hours away from home, on the two days before new years eve the phone never stopped, everyone was helped, everyone was more than happy with my standards I can put my hand on heart to anyone and say our Standards more than high Now i can show you some "shoddy techs" that work for main big dealers with the same bad issues, including damp reports that just state "OK" no figures, and ones that use the chepo parts and then Theres even the one that set fire to a customers caravan , then used the customers extinguisher to put it out and deny all knowledge, then have the cheek to blame the customer when he came back in a week later after i got a call out to it onsite as the customer had enoughof the rubbish they were feeding him, he took dealers to court and won, Well done Mr and mrs Short- Shane out of interest how will you cope, Local to me the swift dealer is fully booked until the middle of march ?? and this is only if you leave the van there for 2 weeks, so it can be slotted in between jobs if workload allows, i think its a bad way to do it,
  13. back to the OP, have you ever thought about taking a caravan enginer with you when you collect, as we do this quite a bit now, and dealers hate it !!!
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