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  1. New one on me.....anyone recommend it?
  2. Sorry to hear about your issues.........Dealers are skilled at fobbing off to less knowledgeable owners. It may help to say you have taken legal advice from CAB/trading standards.....good luck
  3. To prevent future black marks (or at least reduce them), use awning drip inserts....on both sides, help keep dirty roof water away from the sides.....
  4. For longer journeys I take 2 spare wheels (full size and a spacersaver) for my car...have been doing this since we had an incident in france when we damaged two tyres (but did not deflate) hitting a deep pothole on one of their motorways.....being 18 inch and low profile it was difficult finding this size where we were in France so had to drive home with one spare only and a damaged tyre.....yes, we carry one caravan spare....
  5. Interesting topic, as least you can do a HPi check if buying a used car....CRiS for caravans?
  6. We have a Mk 3, 2.2 (chain cam drive) Diesel Mondeo Estate with self levelling rear shocks, tows really well , due to age I would recommend the Mk4 2.2 Estate... top of the range models have all the goodies..
  7. Live near London and we call it getting a tug...my record was three in one day, when driving my modded V8 Viva HB GT
  8. As the the van is still under warranty, I recommend a new survey from an independent professional, and use this report to challenge the dealer...
  9. We have a heavy chain over the axle fixed to a ground anchor under the caravan...we only for forgot once...2 shredded tyres from motor mover....
  10. My understanding of the law is this used to happen, rather than tattoo, criminals were branded on the cheek or hand, and the reason those in the dock have to hold up their hand when swearing on the oath, the hand was marked with their prevoius crimes.. Branding Branding Joseph Relph in the Old Bailey, 1778, from Criminal London: a Pictorial History from Medieval Times to 1939 (2002). © Mark Herber Convicts who successfully pleaded benefit of clergy, and those found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder, were branded on the thumb (with a "T" for theft, "F" for felon,
  11. Just read about your theft Julie, why don't you post some details of the van in the stolen section....in case anyone on the forum spots it on their travels....I often look out for mis matched registration plates/no plates/cardboard plates on vans which may indicate something is wrong...I am considering putting a stick on registration plate on the van roof as additional id.....which may not be spotted by any thieves....but ideally you need to prevent the theft in the first place...maybe fit a secondary tracker mobile phone...
  12. No, to be covered, leak has to be through a failed body seal joint.....
  13. For extra security we were thinking of fitting this external lock... https://www.leisureoutlet.com/door-locks/caravan-and-motorhome-security/caravans-and-motorhomes/8955-milenco-single-door-lock?surface=active&gclid=Cj0KCQjwytOEBhD5ARIsANnRjViibXHYxfI9bUjOZlw_Qi5hsHWdolfJDeWPQe62kzmPbiZp0Psn3QwaApX4EALw_wcB
  14. Ral Colour cards... https://www.onestopcolourshop.co.uk/product/ral-k7-colour-chart-fan-deck?gclid=CjwKCAjwhMmEBhBwEiwAXwFoETuuYZV7OCONnAFj00X_9KlNnSEbV9n3k-qdahS-l6eD3qjfgW7PchoCaxsQAvD_BwE
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