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  1. Ditto, go back to dealer....
  2. gtepete


    When I did my advance driving course some years ago, the Police instructor told us, when such things happen, smile and congratulate yourself that you spotted a potential hazard and took action...... He also told us a story, where he was in an unmarked police car at a junction, wanting to turn right. Traffic was heavy and it was taking time...the impatient driver behind tooted him. He got out (in uniform) and told the driver, here's my car keys, see if you can do better...flashing your lights, tooting your horn, non highway code signals in anger distracts you from your own driving...
  3. Spent an hour looking for petrol in Reading (Fri) tonight....now have a full tank....can relax! Have a couple of trips to do over the weekend...... Luckily I don't need new trainers!!!! another shortage coming!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58685889
  4. Unsure if yours is petrol or diesel.....We had a similar issue with our 2.2 TDi Mondeo, but no codes. Recently started to happen more often without towing. We had the glow plug warning light flash. Local garage recommended we replace the electronic turbo boost controller (attached to the variable rate turbo) and one split intercooler hose,,,,all good now, .feels like a new car now....
  5. Just bought one for our caravan,,,discounted price... https://www.robertdyas.co.uk/draper-3m-telescopic-washing-brush?_br_psugg_q=draper+brush
  6. Let's not talk about loo rolls, lifes too short ..
  7. Lets see what happens with designromeo1205 claim......I am guessing without independent witnesses or dash cam footage, sadly may end up knock for knock.......
  8. I was just giving another example where drivers were wrongly fined.... still looking for the article...
  9. Also several on ebay for reference..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/265305574833?hash=item3dc571cdb1:g:5BQAAOSwi91hNK6o
  10. Also read recently a speed camera was incorrectly working,so fines were being issued to vehicles with tall flat rear ends. A motorhome owner used dash cam evidence to prove he was travelling within the limit...
  11. Guess it depends if it will remain in situ (static) or trailered each day.....I imagine cutting out a large area of wall for a serving hatch will create structural issues....Maybe look at building a metal cage/frame inside the van connected to the chassis, then line the walls in aluminium/stainless steel sheet.....the internal toilet may be a useful feature!!! I would look at some specialist catering/street trading web sites for this sort of info...plenty on u tube...
  12. Once the window is replaced, is it worth considering putting on a clear film on outside of the glass in case of future incidents...sold as security film... and a CCTV camera?
  13. Tick list yes, but a post it note on your steering wheel for the rollers, as retracting the rollers is one of the last jobs to do before driving off...
  14. Found a 534 on ebay, you can just see the jockey wheel .....its within the A frame, unsure if clamp is welded as some are, maybe other owners can advise......I would stick to AL-KO replacement. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/185029540676?hash=item2b149ebb44:g:UCMAAOSwib9hMP4h
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