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  1. Assume you need a working smart phone with good reception in the area you are located???
  2. Found this on the internet, says pressure should rise up to 5psi more than cold reading...we used to own a high performance Corvette, and we never saw more that 5psi increase in pressure in normal road driving, but slightly more when we took it on a track...which is expected due to higher speeds... Change in tyre pressure while driving As the tyres deform on the road as they turn, it creates resistance and some of this is turned into heat. This causes the air in the tyres to expand and it increases the pressure by about 1 PSI for every five minutes up to a maximum of between 4
  3. Is this a common problem for these vans...?we have an earlier 2011 Ranger GT with the front and rear cracking/awning rail issues and are looking at later Baileys...Is there any van that Baileys produce that doesn't have inherent issues.....
  4. I agree, always good to have a spare set of car/caravan keys with you if you are travelling a distance....We once 'lost_ our caravan keys while on holiday in UK, we got our 3 year old thro the window to open the door from the inside. We had a spare set in the van. We did find the original keys in our car later...they had slipped out at the back of a small change tray in the dash......but I did order a 3rd set of keys and another wheel nut remover for the AL-KO wheel lock... and store these in the car....
  5. Nice job, good to see someone sort something out after reading about it on the forum...
  6. That was quick....did you get a thank you?
  7. The OP Paul, has had a lot of helpful informed replies , so should be able to make an informed choice to what to buy.....thats all I am saying....How many more years do you want this this thread to continue on for then.....?
  8. Hopefully the OP has all the info he needs.....close thread?
  9. Plus it helps the other half, with this task...
  10. Correction, mine is a impact driver not a drill, ...hence can be be used for wheel nuts..
  11. Ditto, I have a Dewalt one, but also use it for wheel nuts etc,,,
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