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  1. Job done, thanks for your tips, yes you must use the supplied pin to ensure internal damper spacer stays in correct position before inserting rear bolt....also replaced the red handbrake grip to later black/ red one....the conversion looks very smart compared to the original hich (now on ebay)
  2. Planning to replace my red hoop handled ALKO hitch to newer style black and red version. I know they swop over, but is there anything I need to be aware of when carrying out this swop?
  3. No very secure storage. Do storage companies ever pay the caravan owner if it is stolen or damaged?
  4. mmm this looks more involved than I thought with a 13 pin system. ...plan to visit the guy who fitted my tow bar for his advice first. ..
  5. Thanks for feadback. ...Main reason is to make the caravan more visible (easier to find) at night rather than using solar lights plus as mentioned some new caravans have night lights as standard. ..
  6. Noticed some modern caravans have front lights which operate while parked up (off car) on site. Is there a way I could power up my front and rear clear side lights/rear red lights on my Bailey using a spare 13 pin female connector (as fitted to car) connected to leisure battery via extended cable for the caravan socket to plug in. ... . ..
  7. Quick update. . . will work with quick release terminals. . . also found what killed my original battery, fridge was switched to 12 volt operation. . . however it was 6 years old. . . . I know you can buy from mail order companys, but most towns have a Halfords store where you can pick one up. . .
  8. Wasn't sure which section to put this in. ....bought one for my 2011 Bailey Ranger GT60 today was £135 down to £95, but £76 using my Halfords Trade card. Although has 2 year guarantee, Halfords are pretty good with replacements if you have future issues. Fully fits battery box, but is tight. ...so check it fits yours. Halfords Leisure Battery 115 Ah The Halfords Leisure Battery 115 Ah is made from a tough construction and comes fully charged and ready to fit. It is ideal to use in your caravan, motorhome or boat. Halfords Leisure Battery 115 Ah Extra Info Comes fully charged and ready to fit Suitable for use in boats, motorhomes and caravans Tough construction deep cycle battery Startup power: 750 amps AH value: 115 Reserve capacity : 200 Bench charge: 11. 0 amps 26. 40kg approximate weight Dimensions: 346mm x 172mm x 239mm (LxDxH) 2 year guarantee http://www. halfords. com/camping-leisure/caravan-motorhomes/electrical-power/halfords-leisure-battery-115-ah
  9. Our (first) caravan is coming up to 6 years old, we bought it new (old stock) in 2011. We have its last service while its in warranty this week. Where do I check for damp in advance of service and what other items should I check (we had a new rear panel in 2012, so no cracks showing front or back. ..what moisture readings should I be getting on my meter. ....many thanks Peter
  10. I would go with a mobile repairer. ...
  11. I recommend a 3M squeegee blade hand held tool. ..its got a cloth edge to aid removing trapped bubbles. ..see ebay. ..use masking tape as position guides. ..and use a spray bottle to wet surface. ..
  12. Any updates, we have been looking at a Swift as a replacement for our Bailey Ranger GT, which had a rear panel within a year of buying it new. ..
  13. Does everyone lift the stabliser arm up, to release friction pads when reversing van into position?
  14. Found using coloured stickers aids assembly, and for newbies, you fit a full awning without the side panels attached. ...we only realised watching a new arrival!!!!!
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