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  1. davidhr

    London travel

    Bus passes are good off peak for the red buses. It is necessary to pay for underground travel. A reminder that the Crystal Palace site closes at the end of this year. Expiring lease not renewable.
  2. davidhr

    Battery Draining

    The A-frame socket was a safety feature to ensure the caravan was detached from the towing vehicle. The MM would not work without the caravan plug inserted into this socket.
  3. davidhr

    Front Towing Cover

    Yes. Specialised Covers. www. specialisedcovers. com
  4. davidhr

    Alko spare wheel carrier modification

    I use Windows 10 and Edge. Opened no problem. Default opening was Word.
  5. davidhr

    Hyundai Santa Fe - Auto or Manual?

    Stated in the handbook/manual. 33psi in all tyres laden or not for 7 seat auto Santa Fe. Manual must surely take priority over 'tyre sites'.
  6. davidhr

    Hyundai Santa Fe - Auto or Manual?

    Santa Fe Auto excellent tow car and the 7 seat model comes with self-levelling suspension. Eliminates the need for tyre pressure adjustment when towing.
  7. davidhr

    Which Plugs To Fit On Towbar?

    A Jaeger 13pin car to 2x7pin caravan sockets eliminates the need for trailing cables and used successfully until change of caravan. Many for sale on your favourite auction site.
  8. davidhr

    Best Strategy - Buy Low / Buy High?

    Have you considered hiring for the period you need? The only certain way of fixing your costs from the outset.
  9. davidhr

    Route Help - Killin To Culloden

    Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply in detail. New routes to me so journey made easier with welcome essential information. Stops can now be planned rather than hoping there might be something suitable round the next corner. (There rarely is!!)
  10. davidhr

    Route Help - Killin To Culloden

    Killiegruer is our chosen site.
  11. davidhr

    Route Help - Killin To Culloden

    Planning to travel to Culloden via Killin and Kenmore but starting at Campbeltown. Happy with the journey distance and time but would appreciate details of Laybys and parking opportunities enroute up to the A9. A couple of breaks will be necessary and welcome.
  12. davidhr

    Tow Car For Bailey Unicorn Cadiz 2013

    The MTPLM of my 2013 S2 Cadiz is 1498kg and plated as such.
  13. davidhr

    First Trip In New Tow Car

    This is the first tow car I have owned which does not require increased tyre pressure when towing. Thanks to you and Nidge4 #15 for sharing practical experience.
  14. davidhr

    First Trip In New Tow Car

    What tyre pressure are you using? I have 19inch wheels on my Santa Fe.
  15. davidhr

    National Trust Joining Discounts?

    OP has an expensive towcar and caravan and worries about saving a few pounds to join an organisation. What is the point? Just pay the going rate and enjoy it while you can.