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  1. Series 3 Unicorn there is a satellite socket just below the 230 volt plug socket on the outside of the van. Can any body tell me the route of the cable and how it reaches the site of the tv on the front drawer assembly. Thanks in advance
  2. Just changed my car to a BMW X3, it is fitted with a BMW detachable tow bar but there is nowhere to clip the breakaway cable, or indeed anywhere to bolt either a plate or eye. A policeman acquaintance has told me it is illegal to put the breakaway cable around the tow ball. Advise please
  3. Has anybody ever fitted a battery isolator switch to a series 7 Pageant? If so where did you site it?
  4. Hi I have a 2010 pageant sancerre, the led strip light that sits over the shelf where the TV sits is not functioning properly, half the led's are not working. It is 600mm long the only one near it on the new Bailey parts site is 650mm which will not fit. Does anyone have any suggestions where I can obtain one from, and a part number if poss. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Just wonder if anyone has any thoughts on the following. I like a lot of people mix two stroke oil in with my diesel, I think it has benefits but that is for a different thread. Two stroke oil is normally coloured red, now does this stain the diesel red, and if so what would happen if you were stopped by the relevant authorities and they and they checked your fuel. Could you argue successfully what you had done and were not using red diesel?
  6. I actually opened the gate and secured it with the clip, but the wind was so strong it was rocking the gate which obviously made it jump the clip. Its just one of those things and I am not going to lose any sleep over £40. 00.
  7. Left Friday to attend Victorian Christmas at Blists Hill Museum. Arrived at CL Site and wind blew the gate onto the caravan as was entering site, nicely removed the exterior cover from the Truma gas heater and left it in several pieces. Never mind we thought just one of those things. Saturday at Blists Hill Victorian Village winds gusting 40 mph made for a very cold and miserable day. Left this morning M54 closed for roadwork's, diversion chocablock and more stop than go. Eventually made M6 and then onto M1 and then major accident stuck in jam for two hours. Oh well roll on January when we go away again. And as a finale the cheapest replacement Truma cover I can find on the internet is nearly £40. 00.
  8. Update, very very impressed with caravan club insurance. Sent estimate and claims form off on the Monday, Wednesday got home from work, letter from insurance company all agreed no quibles. Three days, unbelieveble service couldn't have asked or expected anything better.
  9. Well have just had a qoute for repairs £1200. 00, submitted to CC insurance will now sit back and wait.
  10. I can't resize the pics to allow me to upload
  11. I did report it to the Police but they said without a reg number they couldn't do anything. have attached pics of damage.
  12. Well we arrived at Brighton CC site yesterday, but two miles out of Brighton while waiting in traffic for lights to change an idiot in a tractor coming the other way texting on a phone, side swiped us. Knocked the milenco mirror off first, then left deep scratch down one window on the van before ripping a large chunk of awning rail out of the rear offside. And HE didn't stop. Happened so fast I didn't get his reg number. Oh well I wonder what Caravan Club Insurance is going to say about that on Monday.
  13. Off to Brighton CC site tomorrow for a week, and its my birthday weds, the wife asked me what I wanted I said 21 year old blonde. She's not speaking to me now so should have a nice quiet relaxing week.
  14. yeoman1


    I have got no problem with paying the £60. 00 sleepyfolk, but to whom? in my original post I said Bailey are no longer doing it.
  15. yeoman1


    The van in question is a 2002 pageant and the reason I wanted to raise the mtplm was because of a new motor mover being fitted.
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