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  1. Thornwick Bay is Haven's newest site and has a large touring area. It's just outside flamborough and well worth a visit. Clean site and good base for exploring the east coast. We stay there or the CC site in Bridlington. There is also the Grange and Wolds Farm, both just outside flamborough on Bempton lane on the back road to Scarborough There is also a touring park opposite Danes Dyke between brid anf flamborough, Daneswood I think it is called, Just had a refurb. .. new owners maybe. .?
  2. Kodi is the software and that is not illegal - the boxes that run kodi are not illegal either - the streaming of the content you can get on kodi is illegal as many copyright laws and notices now include unauthorised streaming as one form of transmission that is not allowed. There are legal add ons for kodi out there.
  3. Yes it fits over the burner - we have the same bbq
  4. Dauchau is one of the tamer concentration camps. I have been fortunate to visit a few of them. Auschwitz is without a doubt the fiercest of them all but Mauthausen is well worth a visit. The steps to the quarry are a feat in themselves.
  5. Parc la Clusure in Belgium is 4 hours from Calais. .. We visited in May this year. Plenty of activities for kids in the summer.
  6. 'Ill make sure I look into the Bled access from the motorway thyen! What route did you take David? Where did you overnight?
  7. Ok so after 17th August this year the rules changed and two tariff's allows it 4GEE and 4GEE MAX. .. the rest you need a bolt on. I've been with 3 for 8 years and to be fair they have always led the way with roaming internationally
  8. Sorry I should have realised I would have been corrected. .. what I meant is Three have extended their Feel At Home to cover pretty much all of Europe, Vodafone have followed and done the same. EE only offers this as a £4. 99 bolt on as does 02.
  9. We stayed at the caravan club site at Easter this year. .. great site and very helpful wardens. .. just a few mins off the motorway
  10. Three and Vodafone are now offering tariff inclusive roaming in Europe
  11. Just a heads up people, Three and Vodafone no woffer inclusive roaming across europe. Check to see if your tariff qualifies.
  12. Are you going to Normandy for the WW2 historical sights? If so why not visit Bastogne in Belgium where theBand of Brothers book is based things that happened there? We did it in May this year stopping at Parc La Clussure in Tellin/Bure. It's four hours south east of Calais and not far from the luxumbourg border but I thought I would mention just in case it was a historical trip you were doing.
  13. i use booking. com for hotels shows you a map and the reviews along with photos fo the hotel interior etc
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