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  1. Certainly is confusing and forever changing requirement, EG. today there will changes announced, thus I doubt very much I will go to Spain this year as it is just too much for me at my age.
  2. +1 It is amazing that Truma over all these years done nothing to improve their product.
  3. Could you connect direct to your internet hub rather than use wi-fi?
  4. Most of them deal, I would think, with PF Jones who will say they can't supply as they did me. PS. As I posted in another Subject I sold my caravan yesterday so I can wait awhile and I have no rush to fit a tow bar this year.
  5. No not yet. I'm thinking I will have to get one from France. I'm thinking also because the car is built 2021 that makers and suppliers think it is the New 308 from later this year and they are thinking the mk 11 from 2013 finished in 2020. I'is same with getting a SpaceSaver spare wheel. (They have put a can of gunk in boot)
  6. I buy Low Height batteries so the quick release clamps can be operated with the battery in place.
  7. Update Accepted their offer on Saturday and the caravan was collected this morning and payment received very efficiently. So all went well with no problems. :-)
  8. Would you get iPlayer if you use a VPN and a UK Server?
  9. Yes, regarding the travel age I think you will find a big change for 80+, also bearing in other insurers often do not want over 79 year olds.
  10. Someone said they have higher selling I think so maybe buy higher, all have said they do the selling very efficiently and helpfully how are they when valuing and buying? I'm asking because it is several days since I answered their advert and not heard it yet.
  11. Think all comments are more or less on them selling what about their adverts to value and buy?
  12. Are they genuine? Anyone dealt with them how did you react to their valuation?
  13. Yes we pay a monthly fee. It's good value even if only for the comprehensive car breakdown cover and the travel insurance make it a bargain so if the OP and others switch account they will not loose out.
  14. Which Nationwide account does the OP have please? We have a Flex Plus account and have not received the refereed to communication about changes to the insurance. We did notice on renewal this year they use a different way of dealing with existing conditions and it wasn't to customer benefit.
  15. Have you had a look behind do you think it is repairable? I would not think so and would just replace the whole thing.
  16. When you find the one you fancy before doing the deal make sure the version of it has a tow bar made for it, say by putting details of it into PF Jones application website and make sure no exclusions.
  17. 1855 3240 1 1100 2 980 All kg. Guess you know which you asked for. Who is HJ? Can you give me the link, please. Caravan Club matching tells me not this 85% suggestion they make but I'm ok as experienced.
  18. Yes 4 weights on the sticker at side of drivers door.
  19. Yes that's true, so I phoned them and they confirmed they dealt with no one who made a my requirement.
  20. Well I will check if indeed they offered one or not on Adblue models. If they didn't then that that route is closed before opened. I await Parts dept reply on availability should there have been one.
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