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  1. If mentioned before I prepare caravan that would be ok I guess, but if only on arrival I'm afraid mine would already have blue in and sadly get tipped down their disposal 3 days later.
  2. Do these sites give a warning before you book or travel so one can buy some Eco?
  3. Are they just noisy? Does it effect the braking?
  4. Can't see any problem with that for my Kampa Pro Air. I would fit with left air pole down right side of window and locker.
  5. Would a modified small full awning do the job with the problem door end awning rail having the whole rail used?
  6. Very puzzled by your questions as I've used 3 porch awnings on a few caravans and never had difficulty using. Regarding the dripping rail having used air and frames why would the air drip and not poled as to me awning goes in the rail just the same.
  7. I've seen sites say use the green is it because they just green people or their disposal different? Any different results in our toilets between the two? Can we mix them without them being compromised in effect? Like the HB price, HB more convenient than Aldi.
  8. Yes last week I got the caravan electric kettle For £8 had been £10.
  9. My Aldi have had it for a couple of months seems a regular stock item, pink too. This might help. https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/specialbuys/dates/2019-06-27?sort=popular&q=%3Apopular%3AtransactionalStatus%3Atransactional%3AtransactionalStatus%3Anontransactional%3AEvent%3AFamily+Camping&page=3 Have just noticed the ECO version too at £5.99 At other places Eco is usually more than blue so I've always bought blue.
  10. You mention Bailey showers, well at my handover when dealer demonstrated my new Bailey caravan he mentioned not to worry if the shower dripped after use as it was designed to, but we haven't noticed it.
  11. Find out if your car will need a computer update as I found not many fitters can do it and my car dealers refused to do it. My two car dealers also declined to fit a towbar but told me which local fitter they sent any new cars to for fitting and programming.
  12. You mention communication with the maker of the caravan is that yours or the dealers?
  13. Jacko, Market value is what you would pay to buy another like yours now for same model and year. When car was written off they made an offer and I told them prices that were being ask in sales of the make/model and year and they upped their offer to that with no problem.
  14. Think you would be paying about £90 if you shop around. Try Internet search and Ebay or your local caravan shop. Sold under other names such as PLS and Powerpart.
  15. For cars they are a lot cheaper than that, are they special for your caravan?
  16. I do have a very good mobile engineer a shame I can't use him.
  17. We already know Dealers are reluctant to do work unless they have supplied the caravan so who are these Approved Service Centres?
  18. I would expect new for old to go up each year as new caravans go up in price, are you increasing the value cover year by year?
  19. Go to the Calor on line ordering page select the bottle gas and size you wish to purchase with an exchange then click purchase and it will show you the ones that can be exchanged in your on line purchase. (In the past I've always had difficulty in getting an agent stockist to supply a different gas or size.)
  20. How strange, but how are the connections between pump plug and the socket on caravan, any corrosion or bent out of true?
  21. Is the owner who is on holiday away in it? If not and you know his address go and have a outside look at it now. Be careful about caravans on Ebay sad stories of tricksters around on Bailey owners Facebook about buying on Ebay. Have you seen Friday one?
  22. She did well. I find Michelin tyres are prone to failure with cracks at the bottom of treads after a few years and at MOT get recommendation to change, wonder if happens with other makes using todays materials.
  23. Cars are in use constantly and not parked up for weeks between trips. Anyway car tyre thread depth wears out way before a caravan at 2 or 3 years old.
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