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  1. I like that. What I dislike about the originals is how bright they are in the night, is this less bright?
  2. Would have thought fixings through shelf it stood on, can you see any? Regarding the replacement I'm told the ones in caravans are different to home ones in that they use less current to start up to enable use on low amp. hook ups, any expert confirm please?
  3. Before doing anything I would get a full damp test. To see where else it is damp then return it to dealer for your money back.
  4. "... and the like" Included Netflix.
  5. No mention on post about Amazon and the like. On demand to me means I-player for BBC and the various names the other main broadcasters use for their catch up services.
  6. So Freesat not free then! Freeview plus the on demands are free.
  7. Yes that's what I do on other forums etc. and succeeded. But as others have said I get you are only allowed something like 4.88 on this forum.
  8. Can the forum owner make this site more user friendly I wonder for photos, this is only site I have problems with inserting photos.
  9. Of course but its messy. Also add many stations that way and end up with more than a Sky free to view box.
  10. Freeview doesn't do 4K either. Freesat doesn't even do Ch4 in HD !
  11. Surely they work to a drawing and maybe pre-assembled parts.
  12. Sorry not realised for use outside UK. A s/h Sky box will be ok in Europe further south you go a larger dish will be need but I guess you already have that. By the way if you buy a s/h c/w with its old card it will get the BBC region of the original subscriber, no card and default will be London. A lot of advise on Freesat and I guess what you saw on yours was the Freesat EPG. which the Humax will have. In this country I moved off Freesat and on to Freeview because of more HD on Freeview, EG no Ch4 HD on Freesat.
  13. You could use a second hand Sky box, EPG as you are used only you might find all the ones of subscription channels a little annoying. Aren't the Freeview channels sufficient through caravan aerial?
  14. All about saving money I guess. Clear window cheaper than a frosted one. No window cheaper than a clear window.
  15. Ask yourself do caravan designers actually caravan?
  16. "...... an adjusting washer/shim was fitted or removed can't remember which and engaging was ok after that ...."
  17. Well my Bailey does have a window in the shower room but we hate it because it is a clear one, how stupid is that !
  18. Might be a red herring but years ago I had great difficulty in applying the handle down to engage the stabiliser I had to put my foot on it and an adjusting washer/shim was fitted or removed can't remember which and engaging was ok after that . So I'm suggesting is any adjustment required to stop the noise EG. too much pad pressure?
  19. David 38

    Bed slats

    I've always said people who make the Baileys do not go caravaning.
  20. I'm surprised they stopped such as you with your outfit and would have picked on units that look strange and might have problems or neglected.
  21. I would suggest maybe setting it up and home and trying the equipment out and seeing if water flows, gas and electric 12 and 230 volt. Do not turn water heating on electric mains unless water as filled its tank.
  22. I think there was rule for unbraked trailers of 40 mph.
  23. Think caravan speed limits are set based on being able to stop.
  24. Well if he wants to revert back just the latest to take off and old one will be revealed.
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