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  1. I too am just about to have my 3 Internet with legs data sim reach it's two years what is the best buy at present of another 3 Internet on legs if anyone still buying these? Thanks
  2. Glad you sorted, my Bailey doesn't have that extra cover, good idea though. My caravan is a Pursuit the budget entry range. I guess our chopping board goes on another worktop area.
  3. I've no idea what that is being made of wood always been glass on mine. Could a local joiner make one for you? (A couple of days ago I read a post of a local glass supplier making a glass top for someone.)
  4. Difficult decisions and many alternatives too on what to do. If costing all that money I would be thinking what might be to do next year. I had a car once and spent money, then something else went wrong and again fixed then something else,. After that the first fault started to reappear so took a deep breath and traded it in. So since then I've been reluctant to spend big amounts of money on car or caravan repairs. Have you considered changing the caravan?
  5. Would expect it to be a BCA unit so will be inside the fuse and breaker unit. They tend to over heat and fail in caravans I've had.
  6. Wonder if you know that means your dealing with Bailey who are taking 3 months to supply spares to my dealer for a repair.
  7. What conditions do I have to comply with travelling by ferry from Birkenhead to Belfast and also on ferry it's self? Looked at ferry website and it's all about travel to Ireland as a destination not Northern Ireland. I know the Brexit as well as the virus have complicated things, but to me I'm travelling within the UK not going abroad into EU. Simple quide required from anyone done the trip this week ot living in NI understanding. As I said looked at Stena Line and UK Government and NI Government website and no dummies guide. :-)
  8. Not had a Lunar caravan but have others with movers and fitters have put the control boxes on the floor under seat very near to battery box. Wires go through floor to the mover. The aerial wire dangles down through a drilled hole.
  9. Was speaking to breakdown chap on a record breaking hot day several years ago and he had spent all day going to rescue cars with caravans with caravan tyres having failed so if towing take care all of you.
  10. Because the folding table isn't practical to eat a meal off. Was a sort of a pain to put the traditional heavy table up for 2 people, so the s/h half table with one leg is far better, the non leg end clips over the edge of the fitted very small folding table .
  11. I have a Pursuit which replaced the Orion. You sound as if you wanting to do the opposite to what I did. Look at a Pursuit and if it's folding front table or kitchen folding extension is what your after order from Bailey Prima.
  12. Well if it's clear on your agreement that's it. It's the same with electric / gas also Broadband/phone that there can be penalties if cancelling before the contract period up.
  13. Think my local Bailey dealer getting desperate for something to sell just received message from him asking owners wishing to sell to him to request a price.
  14. Thanks, not with them thankfully. I thought Brokers worked for you to get good insurance and also make claims straight forward. I read a long time back I think in relation to house claims if a big claim one is best to appoint your own loss adjuster to work on ones behalf. I wonder if brokers should be avoided for caravans at least. I'm with CMC who claim to settle almost all claims .
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