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  1. I found one just now for Pursuit too also all Bailey one.
  2. I think the Phoenix replaces my Pursuit and maybe same designer and on mine they all in silly places. Very small round rocker switches just search in silly places, only one easy to find is in the shower room with a domestic style cord one from ceiling, could understand if mains voltage its use but not on 12v.
  3. As said the 12v from car only gives very little cooling so we run the fridge on home mains for 24 hours before at coldest setting and on arrival at site its the first thing we do is get the fridge going on mains hook up.
  4. Water heater flue if on side of caravan might have a removable cover to take if when used on gas.
  5. As we said above fridges fridges usually 3 way so gas is used, have you got a full gas bottle supplied with caravan? Hot water and heating is usually gas or electric, you not mention that. Cooking usually gas only.
  6. Fridges are usually 3 way, 12v when actually being towed, gas or mains hook up. Sockets only when connected to hook up. You need one of these then test at home. https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-elec/fl1316/lead-13a-plug-16a-skt-1-50mm-35cm/dp/PL14282?mckv=sVmZBuZc1_dc|pcrid|224648252532|kword||match||plid||slid||product|PL14282|pgrid|51012380110|ptaid|pla-751651934392|&CMP=KNC-GUK-CPC-SHOPPING&gclid=CjwKCAjw5pPnBRBJEiwAULZKvhMZMR0CkNRrRjUN3Iz-vG5sTlb_DM6MVcejuBUfkzT8QrX6MLd-KxoCjLkQAvD_BwE
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Whale-WaterMaster-EP1612-High-Flow-Replacement-Water-Pump-Caravan-Motorhome-Boat/1922833078 https://www.waudbys.co.uk/products/details/21252.html?aditem=21257&gref=68649765580&gdev=c&gloc=20339 Prices vary shop around.
  8. Couldn't find anything in B&Q so called in at my dealers and after sales lady had run out, as the service dept keep separate stock she is ordering from Bailey and will post them to me. She seemed pleased I would fit myself rather me asking for them at the service in February.
  9. Well I'm lost with that, maybe something missing, can you photo the internal side please.
  10. Seems it is £40 to be able to read it.
  11. I wanted a 3 year s/h caravan from my Bailey dealer this year and he had none I went to other dealers and on internet and could not find any, so I had to buy new. So I feel this one will sell.
  12. I would ask the supplying dealer/service dealer if different how much they would buy it from him, probably less money than other ways but a quick problem free way to sell it. Accessories being left in won't effect price much if anything, so they could be sold on Gumtree etc. if more wanted.
  13. What is the OP asking to be done to make him happy with the purchase? What is he being offered? Surely he not being offered no rectification. Are the two things different and that the problem?
  14. Sorry but they do not have a compressor they cool by using heat. From Google "The benefit of a 3-way caravan fridge is that it has three types of power sources: 12/24V, 240V and LPG gas. It doesn't have a compressor, but instead uses evaporating ammonia as a cooler."
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