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  1. True but would answer my basic question is the battery flat and WispMan question regarding charging.
  2. Will the Swift caravan model have a voltage meter on it's control panel?
  3. No need to Dave Capiro owner who's subject this quotes its still being looked into, your question needs to be addressed to the OP, I think the Telegraph won't allow me to read on line.
  4. Legal Eagle I do not have a hybrid but do have a Kuga so I'm in Kuga groups and read somethings about this, I do not think the cars as far as owners aware not working but Ford asked them not to use the electric part and use petrol only. I think owners were looked after and cars rectified or being rectified. Honest John in the past as lived up to his name but now with this in not giving the full story he as lost credibility with me.
  5. Well the Telegraph stirring trouble up is all I can say, this is very old news and Ford is putting the battery problem right as stated above. I'm told the battery's in hybrids have a 5 year warranty and might even be 8 years.
  6. https://www.aldi.co.uk/ferrex-inspection-camera-8mb-memory/p/800658419258001 Anyone got one? Or other make/model, better price or value?
  7. Well over the years I've had several old and out of business caravans never had problem with spares or insurance.
  8. I charge phone from the sockets in my car. Might be laptop could be ?
  9. Guess Bailey will be same or similar and if I or my approved serviceman find a fault as my original dealer closed down I have to ask a Bailey dealer to do it and from what I read this is unlikely. So I would have to go to a Worksop that is approved by Bailey in the next county. Although on another group a member a couple of hours drive away as offered to help me, so there are helpful dealers about.
  10. I told them I no longer needed travel to work and just domestic, social and pleasure that reduced car premium. Whilst working as I had an estate car I had also told them I would not be carrying business goods that at the time gave a reduction. Which meant I refused to use my car for going out on work business during the day, so I used one of the directors or managers company cars some very nice cars too.
  11. Please do not shoot the messenger. :-) I failed on Google to find anything so I came and asked the rest of you had you heard anything in order to confirm. This is what he posted. Greek legislation -which follows EU directives and regulations- states that, as of 01/03/2020 (which was extended to 01/01/2021), vehicles in M and N categories (private automobiles) must be able to remove the assembly that enables them to tow anything (even bicycle racks) when not towing. So the assembly itself must be removable or retractable. All vehicles that have fixed towing assemblies mus
  12. Been reading in another forum from a Greek guy that from now fixed tow balls are not allowed under an EU directive and they have 12 months to comply. Anyone heard of this? Will our Government now we are out of the EU ignore and will those that motor to France etc. be OK with fixed?
  13. Sorry to hear that Pheasant my wife treated twice on the Spanish NHS first time at the Ibiza hospital diagnosed and operated on on the same day in a spotlessly clean place, looked after until stiches taken out and not rushed. Our Insurance then brought us home and paid for our extended stay following until she was fit to fly. Second time needed help was at the NHS on Formentera for broken bone in foot all taken care of within an hour.
  14. Well procedure we had using the EHIC in Spanish NHS was far simpler than that.
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