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  1. Always poor fridge performance on 12v I've found, think these smart alternators might be the cause.
  2. Yes excellent work and after service if needed.
  3. Surely not when Ford dealer did the additions. Have read this problem of un wired pins before on factory fit and I think anyone ordering a new car with towbar should state on their order these two pins to be wired.
  4. Well they should replace them, not helping this situation having less in total.
  5. Just tried it again and it's light up :-) Yes think There is intermittent connection in it, will get the move done and the put back in my parking spot and check those leads, thanks.
  6. I've got a EM303 anyone had a problem with the remote? This morning trying to move but remote is dead ie no green light on it, 9 v on it's battery and new Duracell also no green indicator. Caravan battery fully charged and control unit flashes green when switch in battery box turned on. In the past if RC battery down the green on RC as flashed as I recall. Am I right in thinking it is the remote at fault?
  7. Yes that's fine if you do your own oil change but those of us who get the dealer to do this we have no idea what the dealer puts in.
  8. For my 3.9 kg and 6 kg propane they are.
  9. WD can be bought at any dealer or from Ebay. I got my Bailey door key from Ebay with correct number, there are too versions a flick knife and normal. Be sat down if you ask Bailey for a price!
  10. This appeared this morning on my Facebook from my Bailey dealer. " Leeds Caravan Centre 9 h · Calor Gas bottles wanted! Check your sheds and garages, friends and neighbours for any Calor branded bottles that are gathering dust. We’re desperately short of empties to return to Calor so much so that they haven’t enough to replenish supplies. Please get in touch if you have any Calor branded bottles or drop them into us for return. Calor branded only. Thank you. "
  11. My new tow car is a Kuga 2 ltr too and 150 hp my caravan is smaller but tows well. I'm in the FB group Kugas with caravans and the owners there think they will pull anything. I think there is also a 180 hp made, also people get them modified for more power. I guess a lot depends if you like the Kuga otherwise or want a change. If you decide on a new Kuga sounds like best factory extra is the retractable tow bar/ball.
  12. To me the only thing that looks special is you got two colours were as spares just a universal one. https://www.caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk/category/12mm-push-fit-fittings/241?page=1#products
  13. I believe these to be the recommended prices by Calor for the steel but for Lite they no longer have one. My local sort of main dealer has both at your prices with free delivery. My recent Flogas delivered from Flogas direct was £21.66 for 6 kg steel.
  14. Can you tell me price of exchange 6 kg propane as I can't find it on their website. Thanks
  15. Think if you read back several ways of getting an empty one can be used. As yours in a new motorhome and your new to this I presume and not traded a caravan if you had you would have kept bottle(s) back, I would ask your dealer to start you off with a new bottle. I guess you will be desperate to go away so if your not worried about a bit extra cost use Google to find a local bottle supplier who is not Calor or Flogas and get one of his. Of course you will be only able in future to refill it from him but it will get you away.
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