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  1. No the Whale is better in every respect.
  2. +1 Best thing I bought for now two caravans. Great improvement to blue tube and surprisingly the fit of the connector into caravan body. Truma should be ashamed of themselves told me no complaints about theirs.
  3. Our Bradcot end (s) can be removed and an annex then zipped in, would think many if not all makers did this. I suggest it best to create a search item in your My Ebay.
  4. Well I just looked at the floor under my carpet, the clear plastic sheet is starting to tear and under isn't wood its a pimpled plastic coating. So whatever the floor is made of its not going to breathe with or without a plastic sheet.
  5. Thanks Steve will think about this, as I'm on a Rally at Easter will look at other peoples caravans who invite me in for a cuppa. :-)
  6. It goes through into the underbed lockers, might prove difficult to remove. Dealer must have taken upholstery covers off for me.
  7. My new caravan has a clear plastic sheet on the floor with carpet on top as supplied by maker.
  8. Just thinking do I need a jack for caravan when out. No, I can recall last couple of times I needed a wheel changed I just called my breakdown cover agent out to change tyre for me. Far safer for me and caravan.
  9. Just collected my new caravan and the dealer coupled me up and put the breakaway cable round the tow ball and clipped it onto the cable.
  10. Did the original 13 amp fuse blow? I assume the 5 amp did, but did it? Most folk have spare 13 amp fuses in the home you could try one of those.
  11. Well I've used 1.5mm for my extra sockets and it is a worry from people saying it should be 2.5mm. The diameter of the existing cables is the same as my 1.5mm cable so if the manufacturer used 2.5mm then its insulation must be a lot thinner. Hard to tell on the photo but that doesn't shout as being different to mine.
  12. Really it's the age of caravan tyres that matters over say 7 years from manufacture even if looking good should be replaced.
  13. You will need to check the caravan as had dealer or approved service done each year and this sellers service will be acceptable to caravan maker in case you do a warranty claim.
  14. Bailey Pursuit 2018, just going through my bits and pieces that were in my spares box from my now gone caravan and not wanting to put now useless bits into this new caravan. Can see 12v fuses are what I call standard but now wondering about bulbs I'm assuming road lights will be normal but what about inside? Read all through user manual no mention of changing bulbs and their spec. Are they so reliable never blow? I doubt it so what will they be please? I would like to have a spare just in case.
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