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  1. No I did an overall good deal I'm happy with so not complaining. Just pointing out how s/h selling as gone up and continuing to.
  2. I noticed today my old car, a Ford had been transferred to a Ford dealership in the same group from the Peugeot dealership I bought my new car from. So in June 2020 I bought it s/h £17k then it was being sold this September for £19.5 K now today it's price is £21k The world as truly gone mad.
  3. To be honest I just think your over thinking in this. Just think of the rest of us when we all go out in our cars to get a bottle of calor etc. have you ever seen any of us with sticker for LPG on our cars? I would say just keep bottle(s) upright and secure in car with valve shut.
  4. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/19630279.bilsdale-transmitter-watch-moment-mast-demolished-explosion/?fbclid=IwAR3UTvFlCAGTdhOLaeUz7IlOSyepC0svqNoTeYhnFKBqCxtU9WXzAVmOqlE https://www.bbc.co.uk/bradford/content/articles/2009/03/19/emley_moor_barry_feature.shtml
  5. Maybe in these present delivery of new cars best to p/x old car to dealer and then you have it until handover of new one. My new car was in dealers showroom so worked out ok for me.
  6. Bought my previous car June 2021 from main dealer at £17k. P/x it to dealer last month and now on sale at £19.5k.
  7. https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/business/plans-retail-units-site-kenmore-16521891
  8. Was also news while back that Kenmore at Mirfield site had been sold to a supermarket.
  9. So you should fill up when you see a fuel station with little or no queue, it's common sense to me for you to do so.
  10. I would get an absorption type for the benefit of gas if no electric and 12v when towing. Buying your own you would not specify the normal temperature ones as used by caravan makers but would specify you wanted a Tropical one to cope with our higher summer temperatures.
  11. +1 Talked to a friend who is not working tells me would get £10 a week more working, so he thinks a weeks wage is £10. So stays on benefit and manages on that.
  12. Got our Flu jabs at Boots last week at a time and day to suit us. No sign of GP doing them and when they do they dictate when you can have. Is the booster to be a set period of time from the second jab? With the first GP surgery said we were not priority but we are in our 80's with existing conditions so could not understand why 70 year olds getting their first jab. So NHS sent us to a local pharmacy.
  13. When we have these electric cars some want us to have will there be a shortage of electric and power cuts? Maybe some of you too young to remember!
  14. Thought it already announced there will be a turkey shortage.
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