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  1. Well in that case measure voltage at the battery and see if that is charged or not.
  2. Sounds like a switch replacement needed. An auto electrician or caravan workshop would fix for you. Mobile caravan people could come to you.
  3. Sorry no, have you got the switch on the panel on and at same time the individual switches for each light. Really hard, do you mean the switch does move?
  4. True we all got learn and you are right to ask and someone will give you an answer, for your question we not clear just what bit your trying to get and with difficulty.
  5. Would think BBC will check and find your not in UK and not connect. Kodi not heard of them for while as I thought the powers that be had given them bad publicity as being illegal and fear of prosecution.
  6. Sorry not understanding the blue circle bit. Is it a cylinder or regulator your wanting? You should have no difficulty getting either.
  7. Three website says from £22 month and is for 24 month contact but each May there will be a price increase.
  8. David 38

    CRiS Issue

    CRiS charge I think and I've never contacted them when I change caravans.
  9. Well I dd not tell never thought of it as fitted on recommendation of Ford engineering and fitted by main dealer, mind you was back in the days they weren't interested if you had a towbar fitted, today classed as a modification but then they said not interested. You make a good point.
  10. For my Escort Ford dealer contacted Ford and they recommended a particular pair of their springs and arrived overnight and fitted next day.
  11. The hotel system on the Costa del Sol was getting several UK stations including BBC 1/2, ITV and Ch4. Also I found on Spanish TV that were showing movies I could alter the audio to Original and out came English.
  12. My Sony DAB unit has a remote control, was an extra. Only any good on units that aren't in a cupboard.
  13. Will have result of damp test next week as my Pursuit in for service now. 2018 model straps do not look wide. As well as routine first service I've asked for brake noise to be seen to, front blind hard to roll up and folding shower door out of square to be looked at.
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