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  1. As I understand it we are not supposed to use busses, is that rule being relaxed too?
  2. No, have you not seen Leicester put on even more severe rules/guidance. West Yorkshire cities and towns now in danger of following Leicester, these are such as Bradford and Kirklees I hope you would not encourage they to be more normal and all to get "punished" so to speak.
  3. Please give me a pc word then for the people who are not abiding by the rules/guidance and have no intention to.
  4. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/18553180.bradford-coronavirus-watchlist-go-back-lockdown/ Other places could follow.
  5. Not like Morrisons please. Our one does not nor any announcements for customers to keep to 2 mtrs apart, people push in front of you etc. ( Yes I'm aware that Tesco do count in and out and give announcements thus we go there, still the silly people who do not and go against the direction arrows.)
  6. Will people of Leicester be allowed out of the boundary, in Chia etc. seemed people stayed within the lockdown area.
  7. I'm wondering how West Yorkshire is going to get on because what you are saying about folk in Leicester is true here. https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/18550409.reports-keighley-coronavirus-outbreak-dispelled-health-secretarys-comments/?fbclid=IwAR0VpoG4ZuDEko7MQwr7TElY8kgkZj5etlmJqBAtxnRXI9_wWGHPWORgCvk
  8. Never caravaned at Christmas but when we were younger we always went twice a year in a cruiser on the Norfolk broads and each time we heard someone say they boated at Christmas we said we will have to try that but never did, until one year. We had a great time and weather was kind to us very glad we did it so my advice to you us you want to try so go for it.
  9. Interesting how different that is to my present towball advice. Ford told me 100kg and towbar/ball maker 100kg and the above now says 75 kg.
  10. You are given the choice here at least on the bus as driver does not get involved if passengers not wearing masks, management say it is up to the Police to take care of this.
  11. I'm a bit cross on the overall situation now because as I do life I see non compliance of the rules/guidelines. Football fans partying in large groups, beaches full of people, protest marches, and today hearing of music parties in London. As I go about I see workers next to each other in the supermarkets and builders next to each other. People in the street all coming within the 2 metres of me. People travelling on busses no masks on. etc. So why not just let all people go back to how it was as clearly the rules not working.
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