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  1. I have Britannia free through my Nationwide BS flex+ account, think other banks do same.
  2. Yes we were to return for this week to a site we were at 2 years ago when it rained, and more rain. At end I had to be pulled off to return home, even during the week car solo was towed off a couple of times. Such good weather warmer than it was on Sunday today.
  3. I plug in every few weeks for 48 hours. I have waterproof outdoor 13 amp socket on wall nearest caravan, with a shortened hook up lead.
  4. Listening to the Health Secretary today he listed these Nightingales and Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow were in the list so it is UK wide not just England. When my wife with the symptoms past out I phoned 999 at A&E they confirmed she had all the symptoms but would not tell her if negative or positive.
  5. When I p/x my last caravan the dealer wanted the hook-up lead which I gave him. Later in this forum there was surprise and I was told in forum that it is a legal requirement when he sold again he had to put a brand new lead in with it.
  6. Next to nothing, hook up lead, step, gas connector, steady winder and wheel nut security adaptor. Unless dealer as requested anything particular to be left in your present caravan I would hang on to everything just in case. You can always sell or give away surplus things later.
  7. Not much choice of bread at Sainsburys and of course none of them under a £1 on the shelves this morning.
  8. Noted, I missed that been on 13 pin myself for a long time.
  9. Many tow bar fitters only wire the 13 pin for the road traffic lights and unless instructed the two pins charging and fridge go unconnected. So best to check those two pins for a start.
  10. Milk and eggs supply is ok around here. Remember the milk we buy at supermarkets is British but apparently a lot of milk comes in from abroad so I always assumed that goes to factories that make food products or where we do get the milk.
  11. My post prompted by this mornings news the lack of testing for the virus due to lack of chemicals.
  12. I've just realised the date, you got me LOL It's isolation period and now lock down and every day being more or less the same. No Easter caravaning no spring trip to Spain etc. I think I would be a bad resident in a care home. :-)
  13. Maybe we will learnt not to have everything made abroad.
  14. When my wife collapsed last week paramedic put a mask on her I've concluded it was to protect him from her. So if that the case I do think wearing is to protect you from others as a basic. Asians who regularly wear masks is for the air pollution their factors send out into the air, we export not only work but our pollution too to China etc. My work went to China as the use of the chemicals was banned in the UK and EU and cost of safe working was out of the question.
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