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  1. Great ! That fixed it :-) Poked into the hole with a screw driver and all system go. On my caravan one can not see into that hole, it just looks like a fixing screw hole. Thanks all of you for prompt attention, wife will now sleep knowing she can hot shower in the morning.
  2. On the panel if I go to the Info screen I get E 89 H
  3. Panel says i Net ready, sorry I just can not see a red button.
  4. Yes got that cover off and as I said no red button only an intermittant red neon.
  5. Bailey 2018 400-2 Pursuit no electric hot water manual says there is a red reset button under the cover I can not see it. I do see an intermittent red light.
  6. Surely dealer would have noticed this when fitting mover? Did he supply locks as well?
  7. https://www.lep.co.uk/business/142-production-workers-laid-off-as-preston-company-lunar-caravans-enters-administration-1-9881326?fbclid=IwAR2ZdtmmvsG6I78Xsv6ynxnYQLwGKXbRWzkIOdZ3pjgpBgUSAc5lO_wUV5s
  8. Where these one of the extra features you chose? If so could you change your mind to these standard ones?
  9. When you drain for winter leave all taps open,
  10. Best not to if can be avoided. I have all 4 caravan keys on a seperate ring to my car and household ring. Caravan ring has Door key, lockers key, hitch lock key and wheel clamp key.
  11. Out of interest will it mean an extra key to carry? Or can lock be made to use the original key so all locker keys on caravan remain same?
  12. Which breaker (S) one on hook post and or in caravan? Drop down? Do you mean your hook up cable?
  13. As dealer offered to loan you a caravan? Can you find a dealer with one in stock?
  14. My previous caravans had just like that my new one doesn't. Bought a 12 ltr. peddle bin at Tesco and use 15 ltr. bib bags.
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