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  1. Is power on at the hook up site socket? Suggest you get site owner to check before you think the cut as caused you a fault.
  2. Flogas have a shortage of propane bottles. Is it the gas the problem?
  3. Surely as you have not bought it yet at the stage you get very serious about buying this house you mention this to the seller and let them sort out why no fence and the overlapping.
  4. That's a hard question. I guess the CCC if you want more families around on rallies and CS sites due to tenters might be more likely to be families. I think the two clubs have same features.
  5. So are HGV drivers not happy with us then?
  6. Sorry if I put it badly. I did say I've always found HVG drivers to be excellent, pleasant and helpful even when technically I was in wrong area of service area.
  7. I've already said but I will say it again for you, I took what the OP wrote and worked with that. I'm rather shocked further about the tone and way most here are responding, different views could be expressed in a pleasant way.
  8. Well indeed I find it hard to think an HVG driver would have damaged the tyres as at Motorway service areas I end up in the HVG area when towing. This due to not being a caravan area, or when finding one it's full of HGVs. I never had had a problem with the drivers making me feel out of place and been friendly and helpful to me. I just took what the OP said and responded.
  9. I'm horrified at the action of that wagon driver as he could have cost lives on your journey Birch.
  10. They might well not have been able to receive the TV in the caravans. Think it was Emley moor or Holme Moss transmitters that could not be received in the village below because the signal passed over the houses.
  11. They are now my nearest along with Bailey in Leeds hence I ask above which of them best.
  12. No I did not know that. So your saying to me I can't get a new for old caravan, if that did turn out to happen I feel very let down.
  13. No agreement was made between CMC and myself, I was asked the value, I gave list price plus cost of motor mover.
  14. So what do you mean as market value? Todays price of one, price at time of purchase or price of one s'h at time of claim?
  15. Says "similar type" that does not sound sinister to me. I bought the smallest and cheapest 2 berth Bailey so there are 2 in the same size position in 2021, so if I were unfortunately to make a claim I would not see a problem with either.
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