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  1. Are the No. 35's on ebay at present not of interest?
  2. Never thought about anyone being upset about my caravan on my property. Mine made a third one as two others had their caravans on their properties.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=Al-ko+Caravan+Wheel+Lock+No+35&_sacat=0
  4. Similar with my Kampa things I think essential are extra. I think they do this to keep price low at £something99.00
  5. Once you get an electrician to sort this out check if your kettle is a domestic one, if so buy a caravan one which will be rated at 1000/1200 watt.
  6. The two photos I can see are both sides of wheel. Can't see a photo of front and rear where one would start and finish.
  7. Your photo is the middle not the end, are the extreme ends ok as you say ends?
  8. Recently changed insurer and did a few quotes for comparisons and I found they list Tow Ball under Others in the section to notify Modifications. I suspect many will miss Tow Ball as being notifiable.
  9. Present caravan does not have a filter and previous one didn't. The one before did and I took it out and bought a filter jug for drinking water. Annual replacement was on the service sheet wasn't ticked by dealer and I asked why and he said we only change if instructed to and paid to do it !
  10. Last caravan was starting its 11 year and the space heater was needing attention and was afraid I might have damp at this age so decided to change. So this year got a brand new Bailey now reading here and other places realise if things go wrong we might not get looked after by Bailey. We keeping fingers crossed our family owned dealer will look after us should anything go wrong, we have all ready notified him at first service in a few months time to sort out brake noise anf the large front blind. We read a lot about the Alko axle and brakes and damp test failures. Attention to detail of the Bailey assemblers had a lot to be desired and dealer rehung the cupboard doors before handover, the shower door now needs adjustment must put that on service list. Maybe I should not have changed my Coachman as when part exchanged the only damp problem was a window seal just needing some TLC to prevent a problem.
  11. I'm going to answer in general terms as I can't remember what it is like there. Many times I use motorway services if there are separate caravan sections I miss the signs and end up in HGV area. If I find a caravan area it is usually full of HGV s. So basically tend to go to HGV area and not worry. Regarding your self catering lunch does that include using gas? If so is it allowed ?
  12. Not lost them in fact gained a few of them.
  13. Shows it's already happened here a week ago.
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