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  1. thecookster

    What belongs to caravan

    If it's not bolted down and it isn't needed to make the caravan work (water pump etc) then take it. Everything has a value online......
  2. thecookster

    Alde Heating what temperature.

    It very much depends on the installation as to whether the Alde system is as good as it is proclaimed to be. We have had two caravans, both with Alde and they were very different. One, you set the temperature to 19 or so and it was brilliant. The second one, a Bailey, was rubbish. It heated up to inferno levels at one end and was cold at the other. We have just gone to a new van with blown air, and personally I prefer it, as its heat is uniform across all the outlets, including the bathroom. If yours is not functioning like it should do, check the air vents to make sure there is no air in the system. It should not push liquid out of the header tank, if it does, the cap is not on properly. It definitely swirls around in there (I'm assuming your van has the motor in the header tank) but shouldn't come out. Make sure the cap is clicked on. Also, as I say, check the breather points (there will be several at the high points in the system) to make sure no air is trapped.
  3. thecookster

    Caravan reject

    As said, more info required, but rejecting a caravan is a process. It takes time, but if you stick to your guns and follow the process, it's possible to do with ease.
  4. thecookster

    Rejecting caravan

    At least with the caravan and money you're no worse off than you were before and can start again. ..
  5. Should get a posse of caravan owners together to mass park in the main car park!
  6. thecookster

    Rejecting caravan

    Consumer Credit act applies - reject through credit card company. ..
  7. thecookster

    Rejecting caravan

    Speak to the finance company and reject it - they've had an attempt at repair. We rejected a caravan through finance; took a while but they were on our side and we got rid of it. ..
  8. thecookster

    Rogue Dealers

    Finance company are very good - we rejected our caravan through them. Useful if you didn't pay cash. .
  9. thecookster

    Checking the water?

    Worth a punt. .. I'll have a go for £2. 99! Interested in aqualert as and when it's available. ..
  10. thecookster

    Cadac Safari chef 2 roasting pan

  11. We generally ask where to put the "gris" water or use the motorhome dump point.
  12. thecookster

    Pros and Cons to heating

  13. thecookster

    Pros and Cons to heating

    Chalk and Cheese - I've been a tad disappointed that ALDE hasn't lived up to all the claims; I wouldn't make it a buying decision and i'd probably, to be fair, look for blown air on the next van, despite having ALDE twice. Blown air seemed to warm us up quicker as the air coming out was warm pretty much straight away and the boiler on the Combi 6 seemed to have more hot water, so it lasted longer. Not sure if it's true - just my perception (then again i am getting on a bit. .... :D)
  14. thecookster

    Repair or replace my caravan

    We rejected our Elddis van as an independent engineer deemed it to be "untowable". The finance company helped greatly in this - speak to them first and stick to your guns, whatever the dealer says! We stuck to our guns and got the caravan collected and full refund; incidentally - the "untowable" caravan was sold by the dealer a week later, along with all its faults!
  15. thecookster

    Caravans Coming Unhitched!

    My favourite is BUMPFITCHH