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  1. What happens to rejected caravans?

    Ours was collected by the dealer and sold swiftly afterwards!
  2. The Great Number Plate Mystery

    Who cares if the eBay ones look legal, are legally spaced, have all the required markings why not buy them? If you want to be legal, go to Halfords/motor factors wherever on the high street and pay top dollar, up to you. Number plates were a lot cheaper before the stupid unenforceable legislation came in, all it did is push up prices. If someone really wants to use my number plate they will, even if they weren't available to buy online, they'll find another way. Go ahead stay legal and get fleeced and have to present documents etc. Alternatively, order online, pay half the price and have them delivered to your door within 48 hours without the need for documentation. You decide what's more important to you. ..
  3. The Great Number Plate Mystery

    Get 'em off ebay - they are still legal, in that they are spaced correctly, they have the makers identity on and they comply with the RTA. The only reason they are cheaper and they say that they are show plates is that they do not follow (to me what is a farcical idea) the rules that say you have to show your registration document to them. I have ordered several sets of plates off ebay, never a problem and always have passed MOT tests. They are identical to the ones that Halfords make at a fraction of the price. Economics of the madhouse to buy elsewhere. ....
  4. Car Bounce ?

    This was the SRi version - best tow car in ages; it was the 160BHP version diesel and went like a train. Could barely tell had a caravan on the back. Now got a Kadjar 4x4 which is a great car and tows well, but the engine is a little wheezy on steep inclines unlike the Insignia.
  5. Car Bounce ?

    Type of car can make a huge difference - we had a Citroen C5 (the newer model) and it was a lovely car to travel in solo, was like a magic carpet the way it wafted over the bumps. Stick a caravan on the back and the undulations amplified by the caravan made it almost nauseous to travel in! Changed for an Insignia with stiff sports suspension and the towing was transformed!
  6. New Caravan Invoice

    We had the same problem when we rejected our Elddis. We were put back into the "same position" we were at the inception of the contract; only this was not what we had agreed on at the time of contract signing - we just accepted the lower part exchange value on the invoice as the overall price was the same. We were burnt, however when we received less back than we were expecting because of the invoice/finance value of the trade in.
  7. Elddis Affinity 550 - May Delivery

    Good luck! We were impressed initially but started finding problems once we used our Affinity. .... delaminating floors; badly aligned doors; damaged and cracking front panels etc etc etc. ... Eventually rejected and it was sold on to some unsuspecting person through the dealer we rejected with after no repairs had been carried out!
  8. Discoloured Panel

  9. Affinity Returned

    I realise that there are numerous very happy Elddis owners - but I'm afraid my opinion has now been tainted. The factory repair process was shambolic - I had only ever heard of Swift caravans going back to the factory, so I was kind of hoping for that sort of outcome, but caravan came back mucky, with more problems than it went with. On the second factory repair, they replaced the awning rail and didn't put any openings in it, so my awning rail protector went back with the caravan when it was returned! 6 month old caravan with delamination, needing a new front panel and reworking of furniture (amongst other issues) is not a good advertisement for any manufacturer, it's a shame, as we liked the layout and Explore group makes so many marques. However, we have vowed to stay away from them in future, the way they treated us they do not deserve any more of our money; it was only the threats of the finance company that made them do any factory repairs at all. Hardly a good advert for your products if you're not willing to take them back and fix them. Had they have done it correctly, I'd probably be on here singing their praises rather than moaning about them and they would have kept the custom of someone who changes their van every three years or so!
  10. Rejecting Caravan After 10 Months?

    +1 - we rejected after eighteen months of hassle. .. Faults identified to dealer after six months. Black Horse brilliant and we have finally rid ourselves of the blessed thing. ..
  11. Affinity Returned

    Well finally disposed of the Affinity back to the dealer under the SOGA. . Can't believe a new caravan could be so bad, but two trips back to the factory and the litany of complaints still not fixed. ... Finally rejected and got a refund, so we'll see how the new one turns out. .... Wouldn't touch Explore group products with a barge pole in future. ...
  12. New Affinity Coming

    Good luck - ours went back under SOGA. .....
  13. Alde Flow

    wow. .... think I'll keep to the status quo!
  14. Alde Flow

    any idea on cost?
  15. Just Bought Our First Van!

    Why avoid the dog and duck? Always had lovely food there. ...