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  1. not true - they appoint an independent engineer. We had this when we rejected our Elddis..
  2. I don't think it's intelligent enough to vary the force, it simply applies it when it detects adverse movement AFAIK.
  3. Thanks for all the replies! I'll sort out my cable now as the last step in my project!
  4. Check the system shutdown switch is set to the "on" position on the mains charger, as without this, 12v won't work at all.
  5. Can I just add to the glowing reviews of Paul from Tourershine, he's done two of our vans now (one we rejected six months after he did it as it started falling apart!!) and he does a remarkable job and makes them look like brand new. Well worth every penny!
  6. OK, so going to do some jobs on my van and add things like an offside awning light and low level 12v lighting. I'm competent at doing electrics (before anyone starts) but don't know how to calculate what size wire to use. If it was 240V I'd know exactly what wire to use for what situation! Is there a formula for 12V electrics to determine the right cable size to use?
  7. Majestic used to be a Marquis brand... Give them a call and ask about spares?
  8. If it's not bolted down and it isn't needed to make the caravan work (water pump etc) then take it. Everything has a value online......
  9. It very much depends on the installation as to whether the Alde system is as good as it is proclaimed to be. We have had two caravans, both with Alde and they were very different. One, you set the temperature to 19 or so and it was brilliant. The second one, a Bailey, was rubbish. It heated up to inferno levels at one end and was cold at the other. We have just gone to a new van with blown air, and personally I prefer it, as its heat is uniform across all the outlets, including the bathroom. If yours is not functioning like it should do, check the air vents to make sure there is no air in the system. It should not push liquid out of the header tank, if it does, the cap is not on properly. It definitely swirls around in there (I'm assuming your van has the motor in the header tank) but shouldn't come out. Make sure the cap is clicked on. Also, as I say, check the breather points (there will be several at the high points in the system) to make sure no air is trapped.
  10. As said, more info required, but rejecting a caravan is a process. It takes time, but if you stick to your guns and follow the process, it's possible to do with ease.
  11. At least with the caravan and money you're no worse off than you were before and can start again. ..
  12. Should get a posse of caravan owners together to mass park in the main car park!
  13. Consumer Credit act applies - reject through credit card company. ..
  14. Speak to the finance company and reject it - they've had an attempt at repair. We rejected a caravan through finance; took a while but they were on our side and we got rid of it. ..
  15. Finance company are very good - we rejected our caravan through them. Useful if you didn't pay cash. .
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