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  1. Branson still owns 51% of the shares in the group that controls it....
  2. We had a problem with our Elddis (before we rejected it) in that the factory had used the wrong screws and caused cracking of the front panel. We had a factory repair that replaced the front panel completely. Sadly, this was one of a litany of issues so it got rejected despite the repair ultimately. Such a shame, as we really liked the caravan.
  3. Nowt like bringing back a 3 year old thread!!
  4. We had this after 2 months with a brand new Elddis. Along with months of other things going wrong, including cracked front panels, new front panels, 2 factory returns, cupboards moving and cracking, the caravan was rejected and sent back to the dealer.. We're sticking to second hand from now on - let someone else have the hassle of doing the dealers PDI for them!
  5. You need new reed switch and circuit board. Reed switch is behind the cassette; you need multi level one and a new circuit board that goes on top of the toilet, then you'll get an indication of how full the cassette is....
  6. UK pricing on their website.... A Pegasus Grande tops out at £24499 - NZ$47,865.56 Might be cheaper to import yourself? https://www.baileyofbristol.co.uk
  7. Don’t phone them, communicate by email. Their phone number is a premium one and cost me a small fortune (about £12) to speak with them...
  8. Glad we rejected our Elddis! We had the stargazer roof but that wasn't why we rejected it, it was down to the blooming thing falling apart... obviously dodged a bullet though! Shame, as it would have been a nice van....
  9. Or just follow the rule that it's 30 on all roads with street lighting (unless signs say different)... That's what I was always taught and means you'll never fall foul of the law and it doesn't matter whether a lamppost is 183m apart or not....
  10. We use a "puffa jacket" bought from a cheap clothes retailer - the arms of the jacket enable the pipe to go in through them and one insulates the pump pipe into the caravan! Cost all of about £4.99
  11. And only weighs 7257.4779 Kg unloaded and is a mere 43ft long!!! Think my Kia Optima Estate might struggle a bit....
  12. As soon as you had the cheque, the insurance contract was complete - that's the same with any insurance and is standard practice as they've fulfilled their contract...
  13. Or even “thecookster “!! 😂😂
  14. There’s a drain down hose in the compartment where the cassette goes- it’ll be clipped to the top of the compartment at the front and is a rubber hose with a bung in. If you can’t find it, just flush it through with the pump, but won’t drain as much iirc..
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