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  1. NEC

    camping and caravanning club sent me email for free ticket. ...
  2. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Bailey's response in full for what it's worth! "In response to your reported concern with the heating system within your Unicorn III Cabrera caravan, as you may be aware, all the heating system configurations employed in our leisure vehicles have been vendor vetted at the design stage to ensure their optimal performance. We successfully tested a twin axle Unicorn III model to the Grade III Insulation standard during cold chamber testing and the test criteria which states that the four corners of a caravan must be within 7 degrees of the centre of the caravan was fully met. However, I can clarify that the Grade III test criteria does not include washroom areas. The fact that we have included a radiator in the washroom area of the Unicorn IV range should be seen in the correct context of being a running change which is quite normal with the evolution of any series of leisure vehicle. There is nothing therefore at this time which would lead us to conclude there is any defect with your caravan or that it has failed to meet Grade III Classification as advertised in our marketing materials or the heating system is operating outside of its normal parameters. In answer to your specific query, after liaising with ALDE I am pleased to clarify that it is possible for a retailer to retrofit an extra radiator to the rear of your Unicorn IV Cabrera caravan and ALDE will be more than happy to offer specific advice on the parts required and/or positioning to help facilitate this. Please note that as this option would be an alteration to the existing specification of your caravan it would not be covered under warranty." So basically, they don't care and you'll have to sort it yourself. our shortcomings in design are now your problem. .. (they even suggest that fitting a radiator is going to upgrade my van to a Unicorn IV!!!!)
  3. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    It does - but I don't want to look at the toilet and sink from the living room. ..
  4. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Well Bailey have pretty much washed their hands of the affair, saying that I was aware when I bought it of the layout and it meets the standard of operation that it should. Apparently they have tested a twin axle (clearly not my model) in a cold chamber and achieved Grade 3 certification, so they're not misleading on their advertising (I never said they were). Basically, they're not going to do anything. ......
  5. New Van Final Rejection Fight

    We rejected our Elddis caravan with far fewer (but no less serious) defects, through the finance company. If you have used Black horse to finance, they are very supportive at getting the van rejected, if there is a definite problem. (the engineer that inspected ours said it was untowable). Get in touch with them if you have financed the van, they will sort it for you and it will be relatively stress free, ours was. I can only recommend Black Horse for this. If you haven't financed through them, use the credit card option (Section 4?) If you paid cash, then keep fighting them, they're bluffing you on the protracted legal fight thing. They don't have a leg to stand on if all the faults you document are true and they have had the opportunity to repair them. One thing must be said though, make sure you stipulate to them that they are having their one "statutory" chance of repairing the faults, as otherwise they will insist they were doing the repairs under warranty, at which they have numerous chances, AFAIK.
  6. Is this a new club opened ?

    I had to ask myself the same question. ...... But if I did care. .... http://bfy. tw/G5fg
  7. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Have emailed Bailey directly and told them that there is a difference in temperature between the two areas. they say they will look into it and get back to me.
  8. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Will check when next out with the van in a couple of weeks and see if I get similar results - might be worth a "class action" type letter to Bailey stating how unsuitable things are?
  9. Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Thanks - how do the carpets affect? I understand about the grille thing. Seems a poor design that they are not getting hot at all. We also leave the kitchen door open; only way to get heat in the back! There are no bathroom radiators of the traditional style in the Cabrera, just a hot pipe with convector fins; it's these that don't seem to get hot in the back of the caravan despite the glycol being at 74°C!
  10. Does anyone know where the Alde bleed points are for the S3 Cabrera? I know the obvious one by the shower, but wondered whether there were any more? Want to bleed the system as the back of the van is cold while the front is super heated. .. Anyone had this problem or is it a design flaw of the Cabrera? I think it's just a bleed required as the radiators at the back don't seem to get warm, despite the front kicking out loads of heat. ..
  11. As said, no special requirements especially; no sweat driving on to the ferry, as you'll be guided by the ferry staff. Expect a truck next to you on your return though! You'll only ever have to drive forwards, so don't worry! Although not necessary probably, I always disconnect caravan electrics on long voyages, but Dover-Calais I wouldn't bother as it's a very short crossing. One tip is to make sure you fold your mirrors in when you have parked though, or they'll get bashed! You'll realise once you've done it that it's nothing to worry about. Enjoy!
  12. What happens to rejected caravans?

    Ours was collected by the dealer and sold swiftly afterwards!
  13. The Great Number Plate Mystery

    Who cares if the eBay ones look legal, are legally spaced, have all the required markings why not buy them? If you want to be legal, go to Halfords/motor factors wherever on the high street and pay top dollar, up to you. Number plates were a lot cheaper before the stupid unenforceable legislation came in, all it did is push up prices. If someone really wants to use my number plate they will, even if they weren't available to buy online, they'll find another way. Go ahead stay legal and get fleeced and have to present documents etc. Alternatively, order online, pay half the price and have them delivered to your door within 48 hours without the need for documentation. You decide what's more important to you. ..
  14. The Great Number Plate Mystery

    Get 'em off ebay - they are still legal, in that they are spaced correctly, they have the makers identity on and they comply with the RTA. The only reason they are cheaper and they say that they are show plates is that they do not follow (to me what is a farcical idea) the rules that say you have to show your registration document to them. I have ordered several sets of plates off ebay, never a problem and always have passed MOT tests. They are identical to the ones that Halfords make at a fraction of the price. Economics of the madhouse to buy elsewhere. ....
  15. Car Bounce ?

    This was the SRi version - best tow car in ages; it was the 160BHP version diesel and went like a train. Could barely tell had a caravan on the back. Now got a Kadjar 4x4 which is a great car and tows well, but the engine is a little wheezy on steep inclines unlike the Insignia.