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  1. thecookster

    Rogue Dealers

    Finance company are very good - we rejected our caravan through them. Useful if you didn't pay cash. .
  2. thecookster

    Checking the water?

    Worth a punt. .. I'll have a go for £2. 99! Interested in aqualert as and when it's available. ..
  3. thecookster

    Cadac Safari chef 2 roasting pan

  4. We generally ask where to put the "gris" water or use the motorhome dump point.
  5. thecookster

    Pros and Cons to heating

  6. thecookster

    Pros and Cons to heating

    Chalk and Cheese - I've been a tad disappointed that ALDE hasn't lived up to all the claims; I wouldn't make it a buying decision and i'd probably, to be fair, look for blown air on the next van, despite having ALDE twice. Blown air seemed to warm us up quicker as the air coming out was warm pretty much straight away and the boiler on the Combi 6 seemed to have more hot water, so it lasted longer. Not sure if it's true - just my perception (then again i am getting on a bit. .... :D)
  7. thecookster

    Repair or replace my caravan

    We rejected our Elddis van as an independent engineer deemed it to be "untowable". The finance company helped greatly in this - speak to them first and stick to your guns, whatever the dealer says! We stuck to our guns and got the caravan collected and full refund; incidentally - the "untowable" caravan was sold by the dealer a week later, along with all its faults!
  8. thecookster

    Caravans Coming Unhitched!

    My favourite is BUMPFITCHH
  9. thecookster

    Front Towing Cover

    We were firmly in the "no" camp until we eventually gave in and bought one and now think it's a brilliant idea. No more washing the front of the caravan on site when you arrive and if you buy a specialised cover one, they are a doddle to fit, takes two minutes and no loose straps etc. As for storage, it has a bag it goes in to and then in the boot. the bag is designed to let it breathe if it's wet, so it doesn't matter.
  10. thecookster


    camping and caravanning club sent me email for free ticket. ...
  11. thecookster

    Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Bailey's response in full for what it's worth! "In response to your reported concern with the heating system within your Unicorn III Cabrera caravan, as you may be aware, all the heating system configurations employed in our leisure vehicles have been vendor vetted at the design stage to ensure their optimal performance. We successfully tested a twin axle Unicorn III model to the Grade III Insulation standard during cold chamber testing and the test criteria which states that the four corners of a caravan must be within 7 degrees of the centre of the caravan was fully met. However, I can clarify that the Grade III test criteria does not include washroom areas. The fact that we have included a radiator in the washroom area of the Unicorn IV range should be seen in the correct context of being a running change which is quite normal with the evolution of any series of leisure vehicle. There is nothing therefore at this time which would lead us to conclude there is any defect with your caravan or that it has failed to meet Grade III Classification as advertised in our marketing materials or the heating system is operating outside of its normal parameters. In answer to your specific query, after liaising with ALDE I am pleased to clarify that it is possible for a retailer to retrofit an extra radiator to the rear of your Unicorn IV Cabrera caravan and ALDE will be more than happy to offer specific advice on the parts required and/or positioning to help facilitate this. Please note that as this option would be an alteration to the existing specification of your caravan it would not be covered under warranty." So basically, they don't care and you'll have to sort it yourself. our shortcomings in design are now your problem. .. (they even suggest that fitting a radiator is going to upgrade my van to a Unicorn IV!!!!)
  12. thecookster

    Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    It does - but I don't want to look at the toilet and sink from the living room. ..
  13. thecookster

    Unicorn S3 Cabrera Alde Bleed points

    Well Bailey have pretty much washed their hands of the affair, saying that I was aware when I bought it of the layout and it meets the standard of operation that it should. Apparently they have tested a twin axle (clearly not my model) in a cold chamber and achieved Grade 3 certification, so they're not misleading on their advertising (I never said they were). Basically, they're not going to do anything. ......
  14. thecookster

    New Van Final Rejection Fight

    We rejected our Elddis caravan with far fewer (but no less serious) defects, through the finance company. If you have used Black horse to finance, they are very supportive at getting the van rejected, if there is a definite problem. (the engineer that inspected ours said it was untowable). Get in touch with them if you have financed the van, they will sort it for you and it will be relatively stress free, ours was. I can only recommend Black Horse for this. If you haven't financed through them, use the credit card option (Section 4?) If you paid cash, then keep fighting them, they're bluffing you on the protracted legal fight thing. They don't have a leg to stand on if all the faults you document are true and they have had the opportunity to repair them. One thing must be said though, make sure you stipulate to them that they are having their one "statutory" chance of repairing the faults, as otherwise they will insist they were doing the repairs under warranty, at which they have numerous chances, AFAIK.
  15. thecookster

    Is this a new club opened ?

    I had to ask myself the same question. ...... But if I did care. .... http://bfy. tw/G5fg