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  1. We use a "puffa jacket" bought from a cheap clothes retailer - the arms of the jacket enable the pipe to go in through them and one insulates the pump pipe into the caravan! Cost all of about £4.99
  2. And only weighs 7257.4779 Kg unloaded and is a mere 43ft long!!! Think my Kia Optima Estate might struggle a bit....
  3. As soon as you had the cheque, the insurance contract was complete - that's the same with any insurance and is standard practice as they've fulfilled their contract...
  4. Or even “thecookster “!! 😂😂
  5. There’s a drain down hose in the compartment where the cassette goes- it’ll be clipped to the top of the compartment at the front and is a rubber hose with a bung in. If you can’t find it, just flush it through with the pump, but won’t drain as much iirc..
  6. We have a Challenger 480 and it fits ours perfectly so you should be fine - they are now in 300 and 400 lengths, so as long as you have at least 3 metres of straight length on your awning rail, you can fit a 300 or if you've got 4 metre, get the 400 length. One word of advice, make sure you get the new 2019 model, as you can add side panels if you want later, this was only available on the 2019 model. Make sure you don't get old stock!
  7. I understand that unfortunately there have been a spate of thefts at Brighton CMC site in the last couple of days, my understanding is that about 18 thefts involved, including electric bikes etc and some awnings cut open with a knife. Police are involved.
  8. get a Solwise - we use on CMC sites and boosts wifi and allows access by several devices.
  9. Old enough to not have a model number on it!! Think might just replace rather than spend money on essentially an old mover...
  10. But why different control boxes for say an evolution and a freedom? Is it the motors that are different and the electronics the same? If so, why do powertouch sell different boards at different prices?
  11. Weve got a problem with our powertouch mover in that the control box is fried. There's 12v power to the control box, but no output from the control box to the motors. If I buy a second hand single axle control box and handset on ebay, does it need to be for the same as the motors or are the motors standard fit? In other words do I need a new control board that is exactly the same as the one I remove, or will any powertouch do as long as it has its handset and is for a single axle? Powertouch sell control boxes for different models at different prices, which leads me to think that something is specific to the motors? Anybody with experience know the answer, as dont want to throw good money after bad...
  12. No, dont put lids in oven. We put foil over if we need it covered in the oven. Not needed usually though...
  13. https://twitter.com/EPRoadsPolicing/status/1148479685585711104?s=19 Good news to get back, shame culprits got away...
  14. +1 for the ingenio - we use it at home and in the van. Bonus is that they can be used in the oven, then attach handle to remove from oven. Brilliant invention and very long lasting..
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