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  1. A caravan would help 😟 Were between vans at the moment But we keep looking. Its driving us crackers trying to find the one that works on all levels
  2. You dont need to pass a test to tow but some practice is always good beit private or paid You cant exceed 3. 5t gross train weight on a B only license As this topic has been done to death numerous times a quick search will draw up the info Im sure youll find helpful Good luck
  3. RYCKO

    Premium Diesel

    I used to add a bit of premium 2 stroke oil to an old sorento (no dpf) and it did take a bit of the usual diesel knock away and made it a smoother. As for increased mpg I have no clue. At best I got 35mpg from it and mid 20's towing I now have a custom van and run it normal super market diesel. Not once in 45k miles has it missed a beat or even threatened to. No misses coughs or hard to starts. Just on the button every time.
  4. We have a Bosch solar panel which we set up for such a scenario as yours. Even in winter it can top up enough to keep us 'electrified' for as long as we want. We have invested in LED lights plus the panel itself (120w) but the cost has saved us in the long run over the need for EHU we always have 2 bottles of gas, mainly for hot water, cooking and fridge use and again have never run out. We've been away for 2 weeks in a cold January with no issues.
  5. On topic but slightly away from caravaning, I quizzed our local bin guys not too long ago about recycling and their reply stunned me. We're all told to do it, and the bin police come round now again for a spot check to make sure we are, but it all ends up at the same place. The whole lot. Recycled plastic. Bottles. Tins. General waste. One big hole that is then mechanically sorted. Makes you wonder why we bother.
  6. I loved my defender TD5 with a few tricks added. Loved that car. Best tower I've ever had. The custom also with a few tricks ain't far behind but no good in muddy or snowy conditions. The defender just did everything really well. Not fast but would happily sit at 60 with or without the caravan and solo would do the same across a muddy field. Sadly missed but not missing the fuel consumption
  7. Could it be the break tow hitch expanding then bouncing as you pull away, then the reverse under breaking, it compresses then bounces ?? Maybe worth getting a dealer to check out the adjustment ? Can't think why else you would feel a judder under pulling away and breaking
  8. Mine also free and they send me offers
  9. I'm curious as to why you would need cctv ? What kind of sites are you going to ? Not wanting to sound flippant but I look out the window to see what's happening. CCTV can be a mine field as you are not allowed to 'film' neighbours property without written consent to do so and given the wide angle lenses on these modern day units that is practically impossible on a caravan site
  10. RYCKO

    Melted Plug

    The uk system is by far the safest to use. To use use a euro system frankly is a stupid idea. They have more fire per month than we do a year. The contact area is much greater than the flimsy euro system. My inlaws are Dutch and they hate it Fuses blow if shorted or are under very high load. Make sure the fuse protecting the appliance is correctly rated. So many people keep a 13amp fuse for things like lights that need 3 or 5 amp fuses Heat build up is either poor connection or very very high load. An rcd won't always trip under load. They are more for shorts or earth faults. You could pull 15+ amps through an rcd and it won't trip. If however you have an earth fault of just 33ma it will drop out even if you have a tiny draw of . 1 amps. Right tool for the right job
  11. Can you use extra load tyres like on a van. I have them on my van pumped to 50psi and each tyre rated to 1000kg Not specifically for caravans but should be the same duty load ?
  12. remove the red handle from the tow hitch, and reinstall the screw to use as a handle - mind for sharp edges. We had the same problem on our defender. worked a treat for us
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