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  1. B Mmm forgot why I dont post here very often.
  2. Like "when not towing" perhaps?? Wonder if it would have stood up in court?? Well M'Lud it says 'ere if I'm going on me 'oliday wiv me caravan an I am alone I dont need them pesky mirrors as it uses more petrol
  3. Ahh blonde moment - so driving "solo" means not towing rather than alone!! They could have chosen a better word to use! :D
  4. Just came across this from the Caravan Club data sheet on towing mirrors. Therefore, additional mirrors will normally need to be fitted on the nearside and offside when towing. Due to the maximum width these mirrors may project, remember that when driving solo it will most likely be a legal requirement to remove the additional mirrors, and is certainly best practice, not only for reasons of safety and legality, but also to minimise fuel consumption As I always drive solo - what exactly does this mean?
  5. Well done, but the idea is to drink something that you only need a bottle opener for
  6. Thanks I will give them a call in the morning. Wasn't sure about the ones on the jockey wheel as I heard they are not so good on grass. Also is the jockey wheel changed permanently or just when you want to use it?
  7. Hi I am finding it difficult to manoeuvre my caravan for parking and hitching to and from festivals and wondered if anybody had been able to fit a motor mover to an older caravan with a b & b trailer chassis? Thanks
  8. Welcome I am from Telford, but dont use my van as much as I would like
  9. Hi Andy Just wondered if you got things sorted? Pat
  10. We have stayed at Hendra, Newquay Cornwall in the past. http://www. hendra-holidays. com/kids-club-newquay-campsite/
  11. They are the Citreon HY Van - would love one, but they are so expensive! I love the way the back opens as well. I didnt want to go down the route of serving out of something that resembles a burger van.
  12. Gosh, didnt realise there were so many!
  13. Yes there will be a small amount of play - obviously unacceptable, just wondered if there was a simple device that fits between the 2 rather than buying another tow ball.
  14. Hi, sorry for the confusion, my Elddis is a 1992 with an Alko hitch - I have a swan neck detachable tow bar for that which is 50mm. I have just bought a 1968 Viking which I will be renovating and taking to festivals for catering purposes. That will have I presume an old imperial hitch which will slightly too big for my current tow bar. I just wondered if there was something that could fit over the top that takes up the slack or can detachable tow bars be bought in an imperial 2" that I could easily swap? It is a late 60's viking - I wonder if it is 50mm then? Will get it checked
  15. Just wondered if you knew how to convert my swan neck towbar which is a metric 50 mil to fit a vintage caravans 2" hitch? Is there an adjuster that can be fitted? Need the metric one for my Elddis caravan, so need it to be easily fitted and removed.
  16. These are open all year round, with showers / toilets, accept dogs and are within 20 miles of Telford http://www. campingandcaravanningclub. co. uk/siteseekersearch/aspx/search. aspx
  17. Didnt realise that a few of them shut in the Autumn sorry - found these in Bridgnorth which might help with shortlisting. UKCS/sites/results3. asp?search=Bridgnorth&by=town
  18. Hi Andy Sorry to hear. Have you looked at some of the sites around Cannock Chase? Great for walking the dogs and open all year round I think There are a couple in Brewood (just off the Stafford / wolverhampton road) and some in Bridgnorth? Not sure of any in Telford Pat
  19. Believe me I have no talent - I just know a man who does!! At food festivals and weddings, the newer shape caravans, just dont "do it", if you know what I mean. The old ones have so much character and personality.
  20. Has anybody fitted a simple reversing camera that just plugs into your cigarette lighter when needed? No complicated wiring please, I will be doing festivals on my own with my old caravan and want to be able to easily hook up without having to ask for help.
  21. Not sure whether it is just being stored /.restored or for sale. He is expecting a Thomson Mini Glen in soon but it is too small for what I need (weight wise). If you PM me I will send you his phone number. He has some nice old vans in.
  22. My 1968 Viking Fibreline Mk I is finally home and work will start on her mid January, when there is room in the workshop at the restorers. Apparently she is quite rare as she has a kitchen at the front rather than the back. She is a lovely shape and will enjoy bringing her to life for festivals and weddings. Her is a picture taken today after her long journey home.
  23. Thanks I have requested to join the group.
  24. My "new" old caravan is on her way home on the back of a trailer as I type!!! A late 60's Viking Fibreline 2 berth. Looking forward to meeting her. Thanks for all of your help. Will keep you updated on progress.
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