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  1. To service and clean out the brakes the drum needs to be removed, if the drum is removed the one shot nut is replaced. If a nut is reused and locking solution applied, this will probably stop the nut from coming off but when the nut needs to be removed, this could loosen the bolt securing the stub axle to the swinging arm on the axle. As the position of the stub axle changes the wheel angle & geometry then Alko say that the axle should be returned to them to be set up again! We charge out Alko one shot nuts at £4. 80 inc VAT as part of a service so is it worth taking the risk? I think caravans and racing cars are very different so I stick to what I know and don't get involved in racing cars. James
  2. The reason the one shot nut is not usually included in the standard service price is that there are 6 different nuts depending on the axle manufacturer and axle type and so 6 different prices also a 7th possibility is a castellated nut in which case a replacement is not required at all, just the cost of a split pin. James
  3. Well yes, I guess your are right, this is one of those rare occasions where you get to choose what you want to do and take responsibility for it and there is not some industry body telling you what to do! Make the most of, it doesn’t happen very often! James
  4. Lunarloopy The approved workshop service schedule (which states that the fridge is not removed unless requested by the customer) is approved by all UK manufacturers of caravans, so the warranty with the caravan manufacturer will be honoured. It is not a condition of the Truma warranty that an annual service has to be undertaken for warranty issues to be honoured. It does state in Thetford documentation that an annual service should be undertaken, however the reality is that in all the Thetford warranty claims we have ever done, we have never been asked for proof of service. Only yesterday we replaced a 230v element in a Thetford fridge and replaced a complete Thetford fridge within the 3 year warranty period and no proof of service was required. Have I look at the videos I did, you will see that I talk about the Thetford warranty issues and that amendments to their documentation have been requested. At the end of the day we are a business and we are in business to make money! If I thought it was always necessary to remove all gas appliances on every service and charge the customer for that time, which would nearly double to cost of a service, I would do it because I would make more money! However I am not prepared to exploit my customers and do, for the most, unnecessary work unless I am specifically asked by the customer to do it. James
  5. As a "service person", I feel that we are stuck in the middle of this difficult situation. We want to do the best for our customers but are faced with problems with caravans that we have to work around. Rather than putting a blanket increase on service costs to include the service of items such as the fridge I feel that asking the customer if they require and want to pay for the extra work gives the customer choice. It is not my intention to push responsibility back to the customer. I personally feel that as soon as the relevant information is available from appliance manufacturers to enable us to do a correct and accurate flue gas analysis, the better. This will indicate if servicing of an appliance is necessary and not just a costly servicing exercise that might not be required. James
  6. These questions were raised when I did the interview videos for CT. It is true to say that the majority of caravans are used on mains electric but I think it is also true to say that the majority of cooking is done with the gas cooker. A competent gas fitter can not choose to not service some appliances within an installation because as soon as the installation is worked upon or tested the fitter becomes responsible for the whole installation. I would therefore not be prepared to not do a full gas test as part of a service. Not doing a gas test would also not complete the full approved workshop service schedule and so this would void any caravan manufacturer warranty. The responsibly of being deemed a competent person goes as far as to say that even if I was to work on a caravan with a totally unrelated problem, say change a kitchen tap, and it was obvious that a gas appliance within that caravan could be unsafe then I would be negligent and could be prosecuted if I did inform the customer to act upon it! “A gas fitter should be able to service or work on a gas appliance without the removal of the appliance!” I’m trawling back through my memory now and this is either a standard or recommendation within the gas regulations. It is sometimes possible to do some of this work through the lower fridge vent but usually not practical. A customer once commented, while watching me work on the rear of his fridge through the bottom vent “It’s like trying to work on a V8 engine through a letter box.” So the question is would you be happy to pay the extra 1 hours labour for the removal of your caravan fridge to have it serviced on every annual service? Oh, and the 1. 5 hours labour for the complete removal of the Truma Ultrastore and bench strip down to get to and service the burner? That would also be the case for the Alde heating system and I hope you have very deep pockets if you have a Truma Combi! James GW Caravan Services
  7. A big thank you to all members that have viewed the videos and the team at Caravan Talk. I hope the videos have been a good insight into what we do here at GW Caravan Services and what members of the NCC Approved Workshop Scheme are doing countrywide! While servicing is a very important part of our work, we also repair accident damage, water ingress damage, resealing and general maintainance and repair. Maybe the CT team would like to come and see us in the winter months when some of the larger accident damage work is being repaired and we can talk about what goes on? Thank you again. James GW Caravan Services Ltd
  8. Hi DeeTee The electrical bonding connection should be present on all caravans with a 230v electrical installation. The connection to the gas system is not always on the underside of the caravan but obviously the bonding connection to the chassis is. James
  9. Hi all. Thank you for taking the time to view the video. We really enjoyed the video shoot with Nick and Lynda and we hope that you find this guide (and the ones to follow) interesting and informative. Best wishes, James, GW Caravans.
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