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  1. On the site I am on we separate into different bins, I watched the people who empty the bins and they tipped most of the recycled smaller bins into the large one, so much for taking care.
  2. I stuck mine on with little pads and I would think they are on forever, get used to them in time. Don't forget the heat will unstick most things.
  3. Yesterday in the uk a caravan came in the next pitch, 4 adults got out of the car and started to set up, one went into the caravan and came out with a struggle the aquaroll, it was full he went to the water point emptied it then refilled it, low and behold he went back into the caravan and struggled out with another full aqua roll. The mind boggles at things people do.
  4. We have air con fitted to our van, rarely use it as never enough amps when in Europe. The air blows front to back so sitting on our settee in the caravan we get the full force and I find it too much, living in spain I get used to it at night so never even at home would I have aircon on when we are in bed, I really do not think they are healthy, never used air con in my cars ever, nor the heater, would not even know how to switch them on. Besides I always drive with the widows open.
  5. My caravan is just a tad shorter at 8. 3 metres including A frame but much heavier at 2. 5 kegs and I use a Touareg with no worries. If you are towing in spain you should make sure the number plate matches with the tow car as they are hot on this.
  6. I say hello to most people and always get a reply, even when standing at the urinals. I am deaf but can understand a nod.
  7. I completely agree with you, my energy has been zapped, I had big plans for this summer but have cut it short, not really up to it this year. Been on this site a month, in no hurry to leave.
  8. Sitting here yesterday elderly couple pull up on next pitch and try to set up but puffing and panting, plus sitting down every few minutes, warden had to fetch the water for them and help a little. After a tea break they drag out a massive awning, I thought no way will they put that up, they tried to do it sitting down, but it beat them in the end the warden came over and put it up for them. My point is, if they are not capable of putting up an awning why bring it in the first place, when they were all set up they sat outside of the awning anyway. Before you get on at me for not helping, I am trying to get over two big operations myself and I am probably older than them anyway, I only bought away with me what we can manage together. Each to his own but I still would never ever have an awning, sunshade in Europe ok but a full awning never.
  9. I have been trying to buy a two piston bottle jack for weeks, very simlar to a kojack I have the brackets already fitted but my bottle jack is a little high and I have to get behind the mover. I contacted kojack but they will not sell the jack on its own it seems that the two piston ones plus the screw appear to come from China.
  10. bopeep

    Vw Touareg

    I am here, I needed the power and strength of a Touareg to tow my inos at 2,500 kg and it does it with ease and on a good day I get about 23 mpg towing and mid 30s solo. I bought it new in 2015. I have not had the fan upgrade and I tow mostly in Europe and never had a heating problem, it does the task that is asked of it. I cannot say I like the car, I do not like the short warranty period when abroad I have also had a few minor issues that have cost me that are not warranty issues, I certainly would not want another one, there are design features that annoy me. When I get home from towing I dump it in the garden and do not go near it until it is time to use the caravan again, I have had loads of top marque cars and this to me is the lower end of the lot. Plus that the dealer a very well known vw dealer knew nothing whatsoever about the car and was a nightmare to deal with. I had a fiat doblo for 12 years as a run around and it was as good the day I got rid of it as when I bought it with no issues whatsoever, I must stress I am talking from personal experience only with the one I own. I am told I do not use it enough I am on a three month tour with it how much more do I need to use it, my last car was a Chevy Orlando apart from a service never saw the inside of a garage in 5 years, this one cannot pass one without going in for some minor problem or other.
  11. When on long trips like the one I am on now i just do five minutes on one side or end with a bucket with a splash of washing up liquid in it, keeps the caravan in reasonable condition and washes the bugs off the front. Different day different side. My trips are mainly in Europe and they are not so fussy there, although this trip I will be in the uk for quite a while.
  12. I had all sorts of problems trying to align the pins spent up to 30 mins sometimes, with or without the green cap. Bought a new fitting for the cable in the end and never had any more problems.
  13. I understand if it was raining but the weather forecast was for brilliant sunshine and that is what we had, no muddy boots or coats needed. My coats and boots stay in the car, after watching him I am now totally convinced I would not want one.
  14. Last friday afternoon while sitting in the sun on a campsite near Oxford, a caravan came and parked on the next pitch, elderly couple, no dogs or kids. After sorting out the caravan and a cup of tea they then started to erect a traditional awning, loads of poles and pegs, plus banners and fairy light, this took hours and the man was struggling in the heat, once erected he got out his chairs and placed them in the sun. No time at all did he ever sit in his awning all his meal times were outside in the sun and they sat out till dark, Sunday night he was taking it all down again to leave on the Monday. Never having used an awning but I do admit to a sunshade for the heat in spain I wonder in his case what was the point of an awning, is it what caravanners do automatically is it bred at an early age caravan and awnings go together. . With dogs and kids I can see the point, I remain baffled.
  15. Avtex say a universal remote will not work. My family live in the uk I live in Spain they cannot help. I will wait until I stop for a few days or wait until I reach the uk next month.
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