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  1. Been caravaning/motor homing/caravaning for about 25 years now and we've reached the time when we seem to spend most of our time working round Hospital/Doctors appointments ,recuperating. We have lost enthusiasm to use the van ,And we are thinking of selling up ! We have an Elddis Crusader Shamal 2012 owned from new like new inside and looks it's age a bit outside,2 Awnings and 1 Fiamma Caravan Store with all the extras! Advertisement Over! I have had it serviced every year from new with all work covered under warranty with a 100% nothing to report! damp report! W
  2. If you look at my post on the 30 th may the photo shows mine just has a welded ring up out of view!
  3. Hi Frank Bullet yes that's similar to mine, but as I've said if I put the cable through the fitting but if it was pulled taught the cable would go up into the bumper!
  4. But if use any loose shakle once it was pulled with the cable it would just rise up and damage the bumper! I think I need something fixed.
  5. I've just been looking at my tow bar and found there is an attachment for the cable but it's up behind the the level of the bumper,so I would need a shakle or something as Comander Dave has used ,any suggestions and photos would be appreciated cheers
  6. I've been looping it round the bar for years! Now I've got doubt in my head (it's an age thing)
  7. Just been looking at my detachable tow bar, I've been just putting it round the towball it's self , but couldn't I put it round the bracket where it goes up into the socket? As in the Attached photo !
  8. Thanks Mr Plod we did the same trip a couple of years ago the flowers are a sight to see! and the road network especially for bikes is just great! fully recommend Holland!i
  9. Looking for telescopic cleaning brush to clean the roof of the van , with water connection ,and long enough to reach across the roof Been looking on the Internet Amazon and none of them seem to be problem free , any advice would be greatly appreciated cheers
  10. Hi thanks for all your suggestions and comments,I'm still trying to make my mind up ! it seems the majority of people don't see the need for a rear camera! And a very professional clued up supplier and fitter said it's much simpler and straightforward to take recording card out put into a reader and connect it to your iPad! So is there any reason to spend a fortune on one with all the (bells and whistles) ! The search goes on.
  11. Alshamal

    Dash cams

    Hi guys and gals Thinking about having a Dash Cam fitted beeen looking in Halfords at a Blackvue front and rear cams with park mode fitted for £280.00 they come with good reports! Has any one any advice and suggestions on any of the cams and will it save me money on my insurance renewal? And is it worth paying so much or just getting a bog standard one for £50.00 any advice and suggestions would be appreciated confused.com cheers
  12. I was thinking about running white mastic in the slot and then putting strip onto it! it could easily be taken out if need be !
  13. Hi the original was 12 mm couldn't find any 13 mm ! i fixed both ends with screws as the original one was !
  14. Hi has any body had a problem with the cover strip that covers up the screws on the awning rail? ive just replaced the existing strip which all looked quite black in parts and came out of the channel! with some new 12 mm Herzim strip which is the same size as the existing,set off first time out after fitting 5 miles down the road look in the mirror and it's all come out the same the old!one photo of existing and one photo with out! It did feel quite a loose fit when I put it in so not sure what to do next! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated Cheers
  15. I'm looking at the best way for us to have wifi in the van we only use a couple of i pads, we've tried the CC&C wifi not really worth the money, tried tethering to my phone but seems expensive. So I was after some advice on trying Mi Fi and should I go for 3G or 4G what do people use and the best deals for the SIM card the idea of buying one that lasts for 12 months sounds good! The Huawei unit seems very popular and fairly easy to set up,I won't something simple to use! any help and advice would be greatfully appreciated cheers
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