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  1. Thanks for the comment, i just wanted to know which is the best way to secure the pole, did not know they was people that disliked them so much, to me i thought it was a bit of fun for the grandson, did not think that people would avoid pitching next to me because of a windsock or flag, or bringing down the tone of the site,
  2. Sorry guys do not no if i have posted this in the right forum, but i do have a Baileys caravan, for the first time i have purchased a windsock and a 6 meter pole with a 3ft spike, for my 4 year old grandson, could some tell me the best way to secure it ? to me i think there are two ways to secure it but could be wrong, ( 1 ) secure it by clamping it were the jockey wheel goes, on the A frame, or ( 2 ) hammer the 3ft spike into the ground about a foot, then take the base cap off the bottom of the pole, then slot it the pole on to the spike, or do you tie the pole to the spike ? if you no a better away please let me no, i would be most grateful i no that there are no rules for windsock and flags in the caravan club sites, i am going do my own rules ( a ) makesure it secure ( b ) take it down if it is too windy . ( c ) take it down on a night and if i leave the site for the day
  3. it looks like flexible pipe connected between two water barrels, the water barrels are laying on there side . doubling the amount of water you can store outside of the caravan, it say it works by gravity
  4. hi guy, has anyone used or got a aqua connect,, theys are advertised in the Caravan club magazine, thinking of buying one though i get some advice first
  5. HI guy i have a Bailey Pageant Champagne 2008, i am thinking of buying a cover for it , so i keep it clean when it in storage, but i have hard that the covers scratch the window, is this true? if not which cover would you recommend that i should buy
  6. No it was replaced, because has looked at it the first time, at the dealer it was parked long side a other caravan, so I did see the damage on the offside, there replace the full top half of the offside, at cost to them, that why it was replaced not because of a water damage,
  7. Hi guy, i have a 2008 Bailey Pageant Champagne, which purchased in 2012, the dealer i purchased it from had to replace top half of the off side, it looked like they done a good job, unfortunately i did not get the caravan service in 2013 has i did not get time to get away, i have just got it service today, i thought apart from the repairs to the mover i new about it would be fine, but after pulling out for two new tyres, i got a report that there was a 40% moisture reading wear there did the repair, does anyone no how much it would cost to get the top half of the offside to be resealed, and would my caravan insurances would cover this type of job, yes i have got back to dealer about it but there said only guarantee the work there did for a year, has i did on get it service in 2013 there would pick it up, there lesson to be learnt there,
  8. Hi guys and dolls i have stored my caravan, on farm for 7 years how, a mouse got in my old caravan eaten throw some sleeping bags, they had a warm winter, since than i have got a 2008 Bailey Pageant Champagne s6, i though i did the right things like no food life in the caravan, seal round the pipes under the caravan, but one did get in throw flow pipe of the water heater, i have wire mesh round it how, there was some damage to the buttons on the upholstery . i have phone baileys there said there do not do them no more does anyone no wear get some replacement buttons from buttons are the red and orange design not the blue, i would be most grateful for your help.
  9. Here i have a very large car roof box and bars for sale for £200 The roof box and bars are lockable with 2 key for the roof box and 2 key for the bars. The Vauxhall bars and box has only been used three times, and been stuck in the garage and now i need the room . The lockable bars wear on a Vauxhall 2007 N Reg Zafira. The lockable roof box is black in color sizes are 5ft 4 inc ( 160 cm ) long 2ft 6 inc ( 76cm ) wide 1ft 2 inc ( 36 cm ) in depth ( approx ) This is for collect only North East ( Hartlepool )
  10. palpwh1962

    Cris Extra?

    hi i have just registered CRiS Extra for my caravan this week, waiting for the chips to come, do not no how many i will get' but every thing this days has chips in them even the dog,
  11. Well, got throw to AL-KO customer service at last, they have now sent me the grub screw adapter and a yellow cap, happy days
  12. Hi as anyone had problem getting in touch with AL-KO customer service, i tried to phone them and i was put on hold for 20mins and i give up in the end, i have emailed them twice and got no reply, i have registered al-ko wheel lock, but i only had half a sticker on the receiver on the caravan i have email a picture of the half of the sticker i have got still no reply in there notes you get with the wheel lock kit, it say once you have registered your wheel lock. you will get grub screw adapter will be sent out the next working day, still wanting a reply would be nice from them, the al-ko wheel lock kits cost a arm and leg you would think they would get it right
  13. hi well i have gone out and got myself a Milenco noseweight gauge. does anyone no the nose weight should be for a 2008 Bailey Pageant Champagne towed buy a Vauxhall insignia 2. 0
  14. Hi just wondering which caravan nose weight gauge to buy, i have a 2008 Bailey pageant a bit of advice would welcome ?
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