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  1. We went July lovely friendly site however the shower drain is under where you put your clothes on the seat so all the floor get wet and if someone is in the shower next door it runs through. Also the hot tubs were in need of a clean we did say this all to reception and they were going to sort it out.
  2. Never thought of M1 / M42 thanks for that Woodentop that looks a plan.
  3. Hi Folks. We are traveling to Devon in the next couple of weeks so we are looking at setting off early M62 M6 then M5 hoping to get past Birmingham before 7am then stop for a break. My question is which Services to stop at as we have never took the van down that side of the country before we dont know what the services are like for van parking. Any advice would be most appreciated. Many thanks Rich.
  4. Hi Folks. A question for you about my front Panel, where i store our van it has the sun on the front for most of the day and so the front has started to look dull. I have used bobby dazzler every time it has been washed the sides back and even roof are fine. this weekend I used Auto Glym but to no effect I just can't seem to get the shine back. Any advise on what products I can use to help. Many thanks.
  5. I tried drilling in pegs and found them a waste of time I now use a 4lb lump hammer don't usually have a problem now.
  6. +1 For the Bose don't bother with the inbuilt unit.
  7. Name the site so we no not to go near it.
  8. Fenwicks caravan cleaner & Bobby dazzler polish for me works great
  9. Only have it done properly I had tyres put on by one of these tyre fitting companies I won't name them. The fitter said the tracking was out and he would do it for £25 I stupidly said yes paid up and left. The next day driving to Leeds about 20 mile the car gave suspension and steering errors. I manage to limp into a dealership explained what had happened and apparently most tyre fitters only adjust by one track rod where as some Cara require both to be adjusted. Any way after a four wheel alignment steering sensor recalibration car was fine but it cost me £120 for it. I went back to the tyre company and explained and to my disbelief they said Landrover we're wrong and wouldn't refund me I walked out expressing my opinion to a very busy waiting room.
  10. Hi Teddy. We have been lucky enough to get tickets to Carfest North with the caravan, it is nice to have a hot shower and somewhere warm and dry when it rains. We were on a reasonably level field with not many ruts a few years ago we went to the Galtress Festival at York and the entrance was badly rutted due to rain so we had to be pulled on by a tractor and the caravan field was a freshly ploughed field. You can imagine the bouncing up and down we did which didn't do the van any good and at the next service we had damp issues the festival stopped a year after. However we have been to many other festivals with no problems they're great both for adults and children. Rich
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