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  1. Reading some of the comments above I now remember why I rarely post here anymore For anyone interested in Facts not Opinions/Rumours I have achieved genuine 80 mpg petrol consumption over last 2 years/21400 miles tracked by Fuelly not estimates (I have tried to post link before but it was deleted) - worst 3 tanks were 34. 7, 40. 2 and 33. 4 mpg on touring holidays with no access to charging facilities - obviously when charging it is much better overall as shown by my 2 year average My last diesel claimed 53 mpg but achieved 35 mpg over 9 months and used twice as much Adblue as advertised so I gave up and stopped listening to the claims - the depreciation was the last straw! Charging flat battery at home costs me £1 for 25 miles range, saved my company £1000s in Corporation Tax, saves me loads in Personal Tax being a company car, Saves me £2. 20 per hour parking in York which I visit regularly, costs me Nil in VED, only visited dealer twice since purchase (1st and 2nd Service), I can burn petrol on the open road and save the battery for city driving and queuing, many places I can charge Free. ...... I could go on but to be honest I should probably leave the naysayers to it then I will not have to drive around searching for an empty chargepoint
  2. A friend is waiting for delivery of his MY19 - he noticed increase in battery range on demonstrator - I get approx 25 miles on battery with MY16 he drove 28 miles last week on battery and still had 7 miles left - unfortunately SWMBO hates the new black roof lining and losing sunroof in lieu of heated windscreen I'm not towing now but have averaged 80 mpg over 2 years in my PHEV
  3. Yorkshire Series 2 Club did a coast to coast at weekend but I couldn't join them - hopefully next year if things go to plan although it will only be for a local stage - not the whole run They are braver than me
  4. But would you want to drive couple of hundred miles in it
  5. I may have to wait a bit longer for the Series 2 Couldn't help myself - I picked this up last Friday It won't tow but I still have the Mitsy for that. ............... and winter
  6. It was a petrol ex-military originally used on Shoeburyness Ranges in Essex It was a civil line production vehicle apparently so apart from vertical front lights everything else was std - 12v, tub filler cap, bumpers etc Very nice but too many new panels and not enough of the original for me
  7. Thought it's been a bit quiet here so I'd give it a bump Had a trip to view and test drive a rebuilt S2a the other day - looked gorgeous but scared me to death driving it - managed up to 45 wrestling the steering wheel into some kind of a straight line and then tried to brake at bend
  8. I agree mpg doesn't work to compare ICE with PHEV and the figures quoted by manufacturers are false - amazing how supermarkets can't get away with it but they can Neither does comparing with flat batteries - why would you run a PHEV and not charge the batteries? I can get up to 30 miles on electric for £1 - it's a no brainer! At the end of the day what matters is cost per mile - Outlander has cost me 6p/mile for petrol and 3p/mile for electric - my last LR Disco Sport cost me 13. 6p/mile I'm saving money and no longer shooting clouds of black soot out the back for people following to inhale - so with a looming pure ICE ban and falling used prices as people look for alternatives I'm happy with my choice
  9. I was able to achieve quoted combined figures on my diesel vehicles occasionally until 2015 when I bought the Lr disco sport I even beat the combined figure of 33 on the last range rover sport a few times with 35 and 36 on good runs according to the computer at least No matter what I did I never managed stated 53 on the disco sport diesel So I accept the figures quoted in brochures now are fiction and relied instead on figures from existing owners and achieved during test drive before buying I have posted my figures fill to fill in case anyone is interested in facts - I don't bother posting individual trips as they are inaccurate I see little point in posting actual experience then having to defend it because it doesn't fit someone else's opinion or what they heard elsewhere
  10. Well it's a good job the EU testing method works for petrol and diesel so buyers can make an informed choice then - oh wait a minute. ........
  11. As I said already 53 mpg claimed wasn't achievable on my last diesel - I only managed 35 so the problem lies with the testing not the phev I'm not going to keep repeating myself but with 5 year warranty/8 years battery I'm not losing sleep and not noticed any reports of battery replacement on prius since launch in 97 or phev since 2013 I paid just over half the price of my last diesel LR for the phev and with the headlines on diesel/petrol depreciation would worry me more on a diesel now https://www. theguardian. com/environment/2017/jul/26/electric-cars-everything-you-need-to-know
  12. Which is why I have posted figures for different scenarios on this thread, electric costs and if you click on fuelly tab you can see each tank None of my figures were on a trailer or being towed At the end of the day I'm spending a lot less on fuel and electric combined than I did previously on diesel and hopefully causing less pollution on my trips
  13. As does everyone's - a salesman motoring up and down motorway in a diesel will get different mpg than a mum using similar car for school run and city driving
  14. Ice is same - drive like a granny you will get high mpg - drive like a maniac you'll get low I can get 30 miles on £1 electric - if I did that every day I'd use zero petrol Lr claimed my last disco sport would do 53 mpg - it did 35 over 9 months My fuelly figures are over 10 months and speak for themselves
  15. Fuelly figures shown are brim to brim for petrol only and I have posted previously figures for trips with flat battery I also said " spending between £22-30 pm on electric" Nothing I've posted is untrue so I resent your post Your galaxy being towed comment is ridiculous - I was offering experience to someone interested in a phev from someone who has one
  16. I'm coming up for a year now and done 10k miles with no problems at all - been a long time since I could say that during LR ownership Best mpg to date now was just under 165 mpg and electric costs are between £22-30 pm Happy to answer any questions if I can help
  17. Well done Timsand - excellent result Speaking as someone who suffered twice at hands of Elddis with rubbish caravans I am not surprised at the fight you had Good luck with your future van hunt 👍
  18. The end is nigh. . . .. . .. . .. . https://youtu. be/o58stoJJ5No
  19. No towing as we were hotel and self catering Keefmac This was petrol only without electric for first time since September and probably a once or twice a year occurrence for me Rest of year will be mainly electric which is why I switched and the anti diesel uncertainty
  20. 936 miles in March @ 139. 8 mpg - my best yet Total cost for month £27 elec and £34. 75 petrol = £61. 75 - equivalent to about 80 mpg if allowing for electric cost Warmer weather is helping now with all the heated toys off Just wish I could charge with panels or turbine then I'd be laughing even more
  21. Sisters ex was based in Germany when they got married - ended up in Wiltshire
  22. That's a proper off road vehicle Did you spend anytime at Leconfield - lots of interesting vehicles there! My sister was married to Sergeant in REME - he worked on Challenger tanks and was in Gulf during Desert Storm
  23. The stainless steel versions on DS are held on by tape This was my brand new D2 Metropolis back in 04 on LRO course running with the Defenders I got a few stares but nothing fell off or broke
  24. I have a friend does this daily as an agronomist in a Freelander 2 with AT tyres and can't fault it - this is his 3rd and usually changes about 100k miles He's not replacing it with a DS though as he thinks all the plastic trim will fall off He was thinking Defender but it's discontinued so probably going to be a Jap pickup next
  25. I have no problem with LRs ability having done many experience days (one of the benefits of buying so many) but I do have a problem with recent build quality, dealers, customer service, recent prices and depreciation Hoping the defender replacement is upmarket enough but priced sensibly - it could suit my needs and tempt me back especially if a phev version is finally available I don't want spoilers, quilted seats and 22" alloys - just a reliable, comfortable British SUV that minimises my carbon footprint and holds its value
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