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  1. Reading some of the comments above I now remember why I rarely post here anymore For anyone interested in Facts not Opinions/Rumours I have achieved genuine 80 mpg petrol consumption over last 2 years/21400 miles tracked by Fuelly not estimates (I have tried to post link before but it was deleted) - worst 3 tanks were 34. 7, 40. 2 and 33. 4 mpg on touring holidays with no access to charging facilities - obviously when charging it is much better overall as shown by my 2 year average My last diesel claimed 53 mpg but achieved 35 mpg over 9 months and used twice as much Adblue as advertised so I gave up and stopped listening to the claims - the depreciation was the last straw! Charging flat battery at home costs me £1 for 25 miles range, saved my company £1000s in Corporation Tax, saves me loads in Personal Tax being a company car, Saves me £2. 20 per hour parking in York which I visit regularly, costs me Nil in VED, only visited dealer twice since purchase (1st and 2nd Service), I can burn petrol on the open road and save the battery for city driving and queuing, many places I can charge Free. ...... I could go on but to be honest I should probably leave the naysayers to it then I will not have to drive around searching for an empty chargepoint
  2. A friend is waiting for delivery of his MY19 - he noticed increase in battery range on demonstrator - I get approx 25 miles on battery with MY16 he drove 28 miles last week on battery and still had 7 miles left - unfortunately SWMBO hates the new black roof lining and losing sunroof in lieu of heated windscreen I'm not towing now but have averaged 80 mpg over 2 years in my PHEV
  3. Yorkshire Series 2 Club did a coast to coast at weekend but I couldn't join them - hopefully next year if things go to plan although it will only be for a local stage - not the whole run They are braver than me
  4. But would you want to drive couple of hundred miles in it
  5. I may have to wait a bit longer for the Series 2 Couldn't help myself - I picked this up last Friday It won't tow but I still have the Mitsy for that. ............... and winter
  6. It was a petrol ex-military originally used on Shoeburyness Ranges in Essex It was a civil line production vehicle apparently so apart from vertical front lights everything else was std - 12v, tub filler cap, bumpers etc Very nice but too many new panels and not enough of the original for me
  7. Thought it's been a bit quiet here so I'd give it a bump Had a trip to view and test drive a rebuilt S2a the other day - looked gorgeous but scared me to death driving it - managed up to 45 wrestling the steering wheel into some kind of a straight line and then tried to brake at bend
  8. I agree mpg doesn't work to compare ICE with PHEV and the figures quoted by manufacturers are false - amazing how supermarkets can't get away with it but they can Neither does comparing with flat batteries - why would you run a PHEV and not charge the batteries? I can get up to 30 miles on electric for £1 - it's a no brainer! At the end of the day what matters is cost per mile - Outlander has cost me 6p/mile for petrol and 3p/mile for electric - my last LR Disco Sport cost me 13. 6p/mile I'm saving money and no longer shooting clouds of black soot out the back for people following to inhale - so with a looming pure ICE ban and falling used prices as people look for alternatives I'm happy with my choice
  9. I was able to achieve quoted combined figures on my diesel vehicles occasionally until 2015 when I bought the Lr disco sport I even beat the combined figure of 33 on the last range rover sport a few times with 35 and 36 on good runs according to the computer at least No matter what I did I never managed stated 53 on the disco sport diesel So I accept the figures quoted in brochures now are fiction and relied instead on figures from existing owners and achieved during test drive before buying I have posted my figures fill to fill in case anyone is interested in facts - I don't bother posting individual trips as they are inaccurate I see little point in posting actual experience then having to defend it because it doesn't fit someone else's opinion or what they heard elsewhere
  10. Well it's a good job the EU testing method works for petrol and diesel so buyers can make an informed choice then - oh wait a minute. ........
  11. As I said already 53 mpg claimed wasn't achievable on my last diesel - I only managed 35 so the problem lies with the testing not the phev I'm not going to keep repeating myself but with 5 year warranty/8 years battery I'm not losing sleep and not noticed any reports of battery replacement on prius since launch in 97 or phev since 2013 I paid just over half the price of my last diesel LR for the phev and with the headlines on diesel/petrol depreciation would worry me more on a diesel now https://www. theguardian. com/environment/2017/jul/26/electric-cars-everything-you-need-to-know
  12. Which is why I have posted figures for different scenarios on this thread, electric costs and if you click on fuelly tab you can see each tank None of my figures were on a trailer or being towed At the end of the day I'm spending a lot less on fuel and electric combined than I did previously on diesel and hopefully causing less pollution on my trips
  13. As does everyone's - a salesman motoring up and down motorway in a diesel will get different mpg than a mum using similar car for school run and city driving
  14. Ice is same - drive like a granny you will get high mpg - drive like a maniac you'll get low I can get 30 miles on £1 electric - if I did that every day I'd use zero petrol Lr claimed my last disco sport would do 53 mpg - it did 35 over 9 months My fuelly figures are over 10 months and speak for themselves
  15. Fuelly figures shown are brim to brim for petrol only and I have posted previously figures for trips with flat battery I also said " spending between £22-30 pm on electric" Nothing I've posted is untrue so I resent your post Your galaxy being towed comment is ridiculous - I was offering experience to someone interested in a phev from someone who has one
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