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  1. That's a good theory. I'll give this a go myself.
  2. lol my hair isn't really any different. I keep it about the same length. I am going to try it again next week but adopting a differnt tack - like actually turning the bloody tap the right way!!! Dohhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Thanks all for the help but the colours on the tap confused me. there are 2 dots one red and one blue. I would think that turning it so that the red dot is more visible is hotter but no. .. not this flippin van - you have to turn it so the blue dot is more visible. But to be fair I have a sneaky suspicion that it is not all down to that. Will keep you posted and let you know how attempt no 4 goes next weekend.
  3. I understand I may be pushing it with my hair but I am very careful to rinse as quick as possible and turn the water off inbetween rinses but what I am finding is that after I turn it off for the first time it never seems to pick up the temperature again and just gradually gets colder - almost as if it won;t allow any more hot water into the flow and the flow isn't great either. I find I am turning the mixer tap up and up to the hottest setting just to get it a little bit warm to do the second rinse. It should not be like that I reckon.
  4. Can anyone advise me? We bought this van 2 weeks ago and as yet I have never managed to have a shower with hot or even warm water right through to the end. I have made sure the tank was full, full aquaroll, water heater on both gas and electric and given it 20 minutes to heat to full temp. The water does get hot very quickly, I'll give it that. Now, granted, I have longish thick hair and am no Twiggy so it takes a fair bit to get my hair wet through but our shower head has one of the lever thingys on it to stop the flow inbetween wettings to save water. Now I get wet, switch it off shampoo my hair and give it a good scrub so that takes a few minutes but there after the water just never seems to get hot again and gradually gets cooler and cooler so by the time I have shampooed twice, rinsed, applied conditioner and washed myself - all the while turning off the water when applying soap or shampoo, etc I am doing my final rinse in freezing water. WE had a Compass Omega and a Lunar Quasar prior to this van and never had this problem. Yes if I took ages rinsing my hair the water would be going cool by the time I got finished but never after only the second shampoo. Can anyone tell me - is the hot water tank a small one or am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to improve the quality of my showers? I know some smartass is going to say use the campsite ones but at 12k for a van I should be able to use my own shower.
  5. Has anyone ever used this and how effective is it to stick things to tiled walls? Our electric shower (at home) has died so in waiting to get it replaired/replaced next month I have bought an adaptor set for the taps and need to fasten the holder for the shower head to the tiled wall. Reluctant to drill and screw it in as it is temp so tried the double sided foam - fell off overnight. Tried the unibond stuff but need to know if it is effective or is it going to fall off first time it gets used -giving the user a hell of a fright - lol!!
  6. Furniture polish or a wee drop of washing up liquid. That of course will eventually dry out but it works initially.
  7. At long last we will get to have some use of our van again. It's going on it's WInter seasonal pitch and I cannot wait. My poor wee van has sat still for nearly 3 months and it's crying at me to be used. We did have plans for October but a family bereavement put paid to that. So the risks of winter pitches and the battle with the elements have all been weighed up and we are jumping in. Thankfully it's only an hour away so if any bad weather starts rolling in we can get there and batten down the hatches so to speak. Every weekend - just about - it will be goodbye work jump in the car and straight off. Only fly in the ointment is our 12 yo daughter who seems to think she could be left at home with the 17 yo and is vociferously protesting her hatred of the van and all things caravanning. lol Much bribery and attention will be spent with her. She hasn't had much single attention over the years because she has 2 older sisters and now it's her turn to get a wee bit spoiled as long as she takes it the right way!! She can be a little madam at times.
  8. I love the social side of caravanning and rallies, meet ups, holidays with friends, new friends and bin side/sink side/ roadside chats turning into evenings with wine and nibbles are what it's all about. We always used to comment on the sites we went to when we first started vanning about 8 or 9 years ago - Our first wee van didn;t have black out blinds and I had handmade curtains which were a bright cheerful orange colour and with the lightin our awning and the orange light spilling from the windows our van was a beacon of light in a pitch black place where you were lucky if you could make out the outline of the other vans they were so tightly sealed up against the night. you could have been the only living person there. And I always thought it was quite sad that there weren't lots of people outside milling about having friendly conversations. That's why we started joining forums and going to rallies and now we arrange our own meet ups with those who have become firm friends. But we are not averse to others joining us and in fact actively encourage people to do so. If you are looking for a place at New Year - join us at Drum Mhor site just outside Musselburgh near Edniburgh.
  9. We will have our full awning up Janet.
  10. We are about to go WInter Seasonal on that site so we will be there for New Year too - def not a good idea to do the Hogmanay in Edinburgh - tickets will have been sold out months ago and it gets a tad rowdy at points.
  11. The Avondale in the picture would be I reckon mid - late 80's as it's very similar to the little van we had as our first - it was a 1989 Avondale Perle Argos and very similar to that one. In one of the storage sites we used to use there was a van that sat for years because the old lady who owned it had died and the executors of her will kept paying the storage because there had been no mention of the van and nobody seemed to know what to do with it. Quite a sad wee tale I thought.
  12. All he would have seen of our van is the top 6 0r 8 inches as we have a 6 foot fence and bushes and trees growing just over that so he may have got a glimpse of the front through the gate but nothing else as there is no view of the van down the sides - it's such a tight fit in our postage stamp garden.
  13. I would think that if you were looking for a van you would be quite keen to know if it was for sale. Maybe I should have said yeah for £10k and see what happened!! lol Having said that I'd never have the nerve to knock someone's door like that.
  14. have to admit I was so taken by surprise I didn;t even look out when I shut the door. It's not something we have ever had a problem with up here but suppose it can happen- just hope me hanging on for dear life to the dog's collar when I opened the door might have put him off. Mind you I think Murphy would have licked him to the ground and only tripped him up by playing with him if he'd had the chance!! lol
  15. I have just had someone knock at my door and ask me if our van was for sale and when I said no he asked if I know of any around this area for sale. I said no again and he was very pleasant. I thereafter made TIm go out and put the big Thatcham chain on the wheels of the van and make sure the alarm was on - the hitch lock is always on anyway. It worries me as no-one has ever shown any interest in our van and I always felt it was quite secure in the garden. Has anyone else in the Glasgow/East Kilbride area had any experience of this kind of thing?
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