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  1. They are but mesh open area will affect mass flow. I'm not worried....we once had yo abandon a static caravan holiday due to earwig infestation.
  2. Our storage area advised us all recently that they 'are no longer allowed' to bait rodent traps around the compound. I have not challenged this but have bought an ultrasonic alarm as they advised. We have not had any rodent ingress but did have a nest built above one of the wheels a year or so ago. Maybe this is because I had fitted Halfords aluminium car repair mesh over grill holes to prevent insect (earwig) ingress. It works. We should be aware in doing this that the mesh open area decreases which may have an impact on 'gas drop' performance.
  3. Yep. Sounds like game over if the structure is breaking up.
  4. Then Simon T could be saved.....well, initially €4800 at least. 🤞 GB.
  5. So, if the rear 'axle' assembly remains viable, could the O/P get his van home with the car in FWD only? That was my question.
  6. Forgive me being a 5 minute expert after watching an online video.😁 Could it be the diff, the haldex, the pump, accumulator or any combination of the above.? I see there are 5 versions of the Haldex depending upon year, so at 110k miles yours may be older... Simple question then. Could you disconnect the rear drive and get home on 2WD? Sorry if this is nonsense but as the Tiguan is a primarily fwd unit I have thought this would/should be possible. Did it on my S3 Landrover.😂 Good luck, with this and the weather you've had you deserve some. Cheers from a very sunny Lanzarote. GB.
  7. BPW standard diamond wheel locks. Sorry I can't give you a number but I don't think there will be many variants.
  8. Well, that tells us a fair bit. Fastest hand on the mastic gun trigger wins.😟 Totally agree Ian. Fired by your earlier post we called by to check ours on the way home this morning. All seemed good and that 'new' smell was still prevalent. Better than being confronted by a damp musty aroma!
  9. I do know what you mean Ian. Sorry I overlooked P33 here when I replied to the other thread. Doh. Did PB know of the ongoing damp issue when they quoted you a p/x figure? I've always done fairly well with them on change up, particularly when we came to this one from the (3 new fronts) Caravelle. Must have been a pity element in the deal.🥴 I just hope this van holds together now. Keep us posted on your progress. Graham.
  10. Oh dear. Sorry to hear this Ian. I hope yours is resolved as effectively as ours was, although ours was relatively straightforward. You don't say exactly which panels were affected or whether a supposedly permanently sealed joint might be responsible. Graham.
  11. +1. Mine turns 10yrs old in March, I've had it since 2012 and its now done 80k miles. It's one of the only options for safely pulling a 2000kg van and so I'm keeping it. (could not afford a more modern replacement anyway) I'm 67 and I hope it'll see out my towing days at the current 7500 miles per year. Then like ageing Dinosaurs we'll both pack up and I'll stick the van on a semi perm in Cornwall, already chosen. Lots to look forward to.
  12. Commiserations. Just had ours sorted after miss fired screw punctured the omnivent upper casing allowing water in......took 2yrs+ before it became visible. I suspect yours will also be a manufacturing fault.
  13. Sadly the Ingenium issue looks like being a millstone for LR. My son works in the company and reports the same sorry tales. WRT towbars, I would not use a detachable as they were often referred to as 'for occasional use' and not recommended for pulling heavy loads. This was a few years ago when horror stories were circulating, including a digger on an Ifor Willians trailer that totally detached and went through a hedge. Our van is 2000kg so I fitted a Witter towbar to the D3 and transferred it to the D4. Its agricultural and I keep the hidden structure and the rear crossbar loaded with Dinitrol ML. Old fashioned me.
  14. I take your point but what price peace of mind? The interest works out at £1 a week, so we don't miss it that badly. If you read some of the back catalogue on here you will find folk who might have wished they'd had the additional leverage of Section 75 when things went pear shaped. Personal choice of course. I think if it as an insurance policy which as yet we've not had to use. Cheers GB.
  15. Good advice. We put a grand on Black Horse (£20/month for 5yrs) when we bought our Commodore. 3yrs in and only one silly fault now fixed under warranty (See 2017 Commodore) The water ingress warranty through permanently sealed joints runs for 10yrs, so you also need to cultivate a good relationship with your dealer as well as having a fall back position via Section 75. (As we have all agreed many times before). I'm sure the van will be great, we love ours and can't think of a better place to spend time. Enjoy. GB
  16. Oooh memories. As a radio mech (fairy) supporting the radar research flying unit at Pershore in the 1970s I had the unenviable task of removing heavy V/UHF sets from the belly hatch....balanced on my head was the only way. It hurt. I expect your model is a little less complex. Enjoy.
  17. Sorry to hear it AJ. All the best for the future and as said above, do continue to contribute to the forum as an experienced voice is always welcome.
  18. So here is the answer to the roof leak around the omnivent. Dealer discovered one of the securing screws that clamp the two halves of the assembly was fired in from below at about 10 degrees off vertical, missing its it's intended location and piercing the outer flange of the top half of the unit. This allowed any pooled water to leach past the screw, bypassing the roof seal. So a slow leak built in from manufacture by shoddy assembly. No fault with the mastic seal. We now have a complete new top assembly and damp readings are all sub 5%, with no visible deterioration of decorative finish. Very pleased and relieved. Graham.
  19. Yep I'm OCD.....Obsessive Compulsive Dampmeter...😁 I think it was more seeping than leaking and would not be surprised if it had been since build. I certainly noticed the rusty screw last year but only because the Stargazer strings came adrift and I had to take the roof lighting panel down. It's an Ill wind as they say. Graham.
  20. Picking it up tomorrow, all being well. Dealer has removed fan and housing and dried the aperture area. He now reports all readings around vent housing at less than 12% and no damage to battening or roof board. There may be a little residual discolouration of the vinyl but that wont be seen when the lighting panel is back up. I had the option to have him tear down the ceiling but I have chosen structural integrity over cosmetics I wont see, reasoning that getting a factory level finish on a refit might be a challenge. So, I am pleased and relieved and can't speak highly enough of the workshop staff at Pearman-Briggs. Fingers crossed, Graham.
  21. Well, took down the lighting panel today and got up to 40% damp readings around the extractor fan housing. Staining behind the vinyl ceiling covering is visible to about 100mm from the housing. On a positive there are no readings above 20% around the Stargazer. It goes in Monday for remedial action. To their credit the dealer is straight on it. No mention of waiting 4 weeks for Irwin Hymer to approve anything. I'll report how it goes. Graham.
  22. Quote from data on linked unit type: "The charging converters excel by their compact design, low weight (high-frequency switch mode technology) and powerfully dimensioned power components for safe operation." I rest my case.
  23. Err....well thanks for putting me right on the battery distinctions....😬 Anyway, if I dare risk another opinion I'd say the interface box in question is probably a DC/DC converter and hence will take a range of input voltages say 9-15v and output the correct voltage to charge a peripheral leisure battery of whatever type. I'd say it will likely be transparent to the smart alternator. Happy to be shot down on this one. GB.
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