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  1. As I recall it beeps if nose is too high. It does beep whilst auto levelling. However, I always use manual mode as I like to choose the height to suit the awning fixing and I put blocks under centre arms to minimise extension and small boards under corners to prevent damage to Alko feet by them bulldozing gravel. Graham.
  2. Bored in the rain in Cornwall so I thought I'd do a preliminary damp test with my 4 probe MD-4G meter I got off the net. Pictured. Pleased to say most readings range from single figures up to 10-12% with 15% max round the ventilation hatch adjacent to shower. Not something I'm too concerned about at the moment. Given the amount of rain we've had and how the water pools on the roof around the Stargazer and the bedroom roof hatch I was pleased/relieved that readings were low in these areas. I'll do a complete check prior to service due on 26th June and report how they compare to the dealer produced habitation report. Last year it was within a few percent. I hope this might be useful for others following the same "course". 2yrs in then and no significant problems to report! Have we finally got a good one?😀🙏 Cheers Graham.
  3. I remember lying in the snow under my Austin 1300GT brazing a panel on to the sill box section. Blood was running into one eye from a cut on my head. MoT's in January when there was no money to pay anyone else to fix your British Leyland horror were just part of life back then. Nowadays I will go as far as spraying Dinitrol rust proofer into my Discovery's chassis. For all other stuff I am pleased to take it to my trusted independant specialist. I always look a the relevant YouTube videos for what I'm having done though, so I can still feel worthy.😁
  4. Not regularly. Just once properly unless there are significant system changes which ordinarily there are not. Well done on the awning! There are some real poled bargains out there at the moment as the air awnings continue in popularity. (Speaking as a been there, done that, so born again poler!). Cheers. GB.
  5. That's an interesting piece of history , thanks. When we bought our Corsair in 2011 we pitched up by chance next to a Full Sutton Cruiser on our first trip out. The cabinetry in the Cruiser was indeed lovely and the dual front lockers nicely engineered. It put our shiny new one in the shade a bit. Now, hoping Dexterdobe's teething problems post DIY PDI and his dealer's prompt action are over, we can only wish him well with his Commodore. We have all made our choices and paid up. At 25 months now, ours has surpassed all our previous ones in the reliability stakes, so I'm optimistic.😁 GB.
  6. Agree with all you have be been advised above. Don't know if you have the Whale IC auto pump shut off unit but if so that may need calibration. The best way I have found of clearing an air lock is to switch to EXT which will fire water from the Aquaroll in to the internal tank. Just a few seconds is normally all it takes. Finally. See the picture. The cable tie through the "shotgun tubing" is what I used to secure the water tube when it eased itself back off the spigot and allowed the pump to dump all the contents of the Aquaroll on the ground. The pump alternative recommended by Mr Plodd is a good call. I presume if he has fitted one that he may have redone the Whale IC unit at that time? I'd guess that if the full and off load currents are the same as the Whale pump then the protection unit should be ok with it. GB.
  7. Result Ian! I ironed our wall mounting strips yesterday as a few were curling at the edges. I'll mention this to my dealer at service in June and see what I can arrange. Cheers. Graham.
  8. Awesome. He was having us on.....not really fazed at all!😁 Great sense of self achievement well earned I'd say. Well done. GB.
  9. Nought all round. No chance. Buy yourself a 4 prong meter and check it yourself. Had our van 2yrs and readings vary from single figures up to 15% which is apparently acceptable.........not sure to who... Anyway I do a full check myself before the service and to date the readings have been within a few percent of those the dealer gives me in his written/diagram habitation report. GB.
  10. As a fellow Commodore owner I think I share all your emotions. (And have done through our previous 3 Buccaneers). We have had little wrong with this one in two years apart from failed window and roof blinds when the strings went after 12 months. Dealer did the window under warranty and I took out the Stargazer and did it myself. Dealer also refitted kitchen blind which factory had installed at a 10 degree off horizontal angle. This last point ties in with your comments. The Van's are indeed "hand made" under time pressure and so variation in build standards are inevitable depending on the competance of the build team employed. Having a good relationship with the dealer is key and if you are practically disposed and not averse to a few simple fixes it can all be done without excessive stress. Sure at £30k+ DIY might seem irksome but speaking as a retired engineery I quite enjoy the odd fix.😁 Your last paragraph describes the ownership conundrum perfectly. You are buying with your heart and paying with your head and if it's a really nice place to be in then you probably would not be satisfied with anything else. That's why we have this van, design, colours, function....etc. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to iron my wallpaper joints through a tea towel. Relax and enjoy. GB.
  11. Thanks Ian, Glad I got that right. Took our BPW one off this morning and measured it. Surprised to find that the adjustment range (260mm) is slightly greater than the MP9741 even though the latter is 200mm taller. I guess then the advantage of the MP will be in build quality and that it has a locking pin which is a good safety feature. I'll try to see one in the flesh before I decide. PS: I have fitted an Al-Ko 240x70mm soft rubber (not pneumatic) tyre to our existing unit which does make transit over stones a lot easier. Cheers and thanks, Graham. PPS: I see the existing bracket is welded on, so we don't want to go there!
  12. Now there are 65m of us milling around on this island we won't be able or willing to go back to the 1950s. As a child then I ate only seasonal food produced and distributed locally, my dad walked to work as he usually did not have a car and the only thing in our house permanently switched on was a small refrigerator. "Them days is gone Butch" So what we await now is the first government measures that actually impinge on personal freedom. Eg: Only X kWh of electricity per household per week One car per household and it must be electric. One flight per person per year Wait for the fur to fly then. It'll make extinction rebellion look like the a WI outing.😁
  13. Sorry to be picky on this Ian but I've been looking into this online and the 9743 is rated at 300kg and is 42mm diameter. (£28.99) The 9741 is rated at 400kg and is 48mm diameter. (£33.99) In most other respects there is not much in it. I've measured ours today (155mm perimeter, so ÷ 3.142 gives 48mm). So for the extra £5 I'm thinking the bigger diameter would be that bit more resistant to bending, which is the major reason I want to change it as over coarse surfaces it is not nice to watch if extended very far. Any reason bar the fiver you made the choice you did? Happy to be told I'm talking Brexit.😁 Graham. PS: I see the OP has not been back on, perhaps I've driven him to despair.
  14. Same here, so the vehicle will seek to level itself depending upon the combined weight it sees when all up with towbar load added. I had 3 choices with the Witter and optimum came out at the middle position as it best lined up the ball centre with the van set flat as I described above. The OP's Defender will have coil springs so he won't have this complication.
  15. Well spotted Ian. Doh! Of course it does not. The Maypole units I had looked at were of the ribbed type so I had got that in my head. Must have been a bit over excited this morning as I just won a brand new Truma gas filter for £12.50 + £7.50 p&p which is a bargain. Hopefully additional protection for the boiler (as discussed on Commodore 2017 thread). Cheers from Tregarton Park. Graham.
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