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  1. Thanks to all so far. I wanted to get a well rated one so was avoiding "less well known" makes. I'll see what Tayna say tomorrow but it looks like an alternative might be the Numax XV31MF which is a 105aH sealed unit...and cheaper if they can't do 1:1. Apologies to the OP for hijacking his thread a bit but I'll get back on to solar based charging as soon as I've got something to charge!😁 GB.
  2. A bit disappointed tonight! Battery delivered from Tayna as pictured. Clearly it's been upended. A little leaked out via sealed end vent tube but most obviously gone between cells. I am tempted to reject it completely as I don't expect this for £130. It's a 115aH Banner Energy Bull which are highly rated. I have emailed them. What would the team do? GB.
  3. This was the terminal voltage of the battery when I got it home. I can't say what the solar panel had across it at removal because the on board voltmeter was not indicating. Perversely it needs volts to tell you there are no volts!😁 I take your point though and will be checking that as we go forward. The new battery arrives tonight and the data logger came this morning. I will run the new battery on a charger at home first so the solar system won't have much to do initially other than, I hope, indicate a fully charged unit. Logger picture attached. It's only good down to 6v so r
  4. This ties in pretty well with my observations Alan thanks. I note the Truma chargers are PWM with selectable PRF's with I think 25Hz being the lowest. I was intrigued to see a regular pulse every few seconds on the moving coil meter when the thing was delivering 500mA (which of course could not be the PRF) so I was wondering if something on the load side was pulsing, unless this did indicate a fault with the Truma unit. However I read they are open and short circuit as well as reverse polarity protected, so I'm hoping its OK. I'm think my battery must be shot and even the low drain from t
  5. Thanks Stevan. That was the assumption I was working on. New battery arrives tomorrow and we might put a shunt in series with the charge line so we can log current flow as well as voltage. Lockdown has given the opportunity for a tech fest....😃 GB
  6. Thanks for this very helpful post. I have not had any reference parametric data before , so your 3-4A is interesting. I am an electronics engineer (radar) but with no experience of solar panels. When I measured 500mA the sun was out but given the time of year it was at a low slant angle, so I did not expected much. Given I had fully charged the battery before installation and the quiescent current drain was so low I had expected 500mA might be enough to hold it up. Clearly not but at 5yrs old and given the Ring unit's initial response I'm thinking the battery is failing. We do intend to
  7. I thought I'd jump in on the end of this relevant thread to see if I get get a tick in the box or wagging fingers.😁 Today I ordered a 115Ah Banner battery from Tayna to replace a 5yr old Hankook which I believe to have failed. We have a 100w solar panel and a Truma system which I think is working well. I have tested the drive current into the Hankook with both moving coil and digital ammeter which agreed that with all systems off the panel will push up to 500mA in to the battery, sunshine dependent. So far so good. (We keep an ultrasonic rodent repeller going when in storage an
  8. Well that's it Pirelli Scorpion Zeros again. Choice made and front 2 fitted ready for MoT in Jan. £120 each from local Formula1 Autocentre. (255/55 R19 111V.) I noticed they are dated Week 40 in 2020 so it's nice to know they have not been sat around in a warehouse for long. Rear 2 have plenty of tread but O/S is 5yrs old and there is cracking at base of tread so I won't tow again with it. Clearly my 7000/year has let age rather than wear catch up with that one. Thanks to all for advice and interesting debate. Tyres are clearly an emotional purchase!😃 GB.
  9. Our local sorting/post office had "outbreak" with several post men testing positive a few weeks ago. It was reported in the local paper that PPE was not bring worn and work practises were poor. Back to normal now I believe but you do wonder how much might have gone out with the mail during that period.
  10. I'm going to guess they "were not that old"..... Probably be on the baz up till Christmas, then have lunch with the folks and hug grandma......
  11. Close Griff....£128....😁...so no cigar. GB.
  12. Not bad Mr P but our local Formula1 autocentre has offered me Pzeros at £120 fitted....best I've seen.....perhaps "Blackfridaycircles" might pip them.... I did say money was not the primary driver but now aggregated opinion tilts me back toward the Pirellis.....😁
  13. Did that. Comprehensive thanks. I'm spiralling down even closer to Scorpion Zeros having been put off quite a few more "chunky" variants due to comments on road noise. I'm going to slope shoulders until mid December as we are literally going nowhere till then. MoT is mid January and I won't risk waiting till the New Year to source them as the consequences of a "brakes off December and Christmas" might fling a spanner in the works. Looking on the bright side that is!!!
  14. I can only estimate about 25 to 30,000 max as we do about 7k/year and 3 (about to expire) tyres are dated 2017. I should pay more attention.
  15. I think you may be in the wrong thread!😯
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