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  1. GB1309

    NEC Caravan Show

    Sitting in the blazing sun in Lanzarote reading all your comments and all I want to do is get back and out in the van. Shows the appeal of our hobby I think. Off to Wyatts Covert in 2 weeks time and can't wait. Will look forward to October show but leave wallet at home. GB.
  2. GB1309

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Yes it's 2000w so about 8amps. Too much for your application then. The two bigger ones are 1800w, so again a bit too high for you. We only intend use in UK so ideal. There are plenty of other makes and some have lower ratings as I recall. GB. Data was on AJ website under product specifications tab.
  3. GB1309

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Flat grilling surface. Good for fried eggs and other stuff that would not work on on a ribbed surface. This'll partner our Andrew James halogen "glass pot" infra red contraption which is one of the best caravan cooking accessories ever. Knocks spots off calor oven cooking, sits in the awning and does the finest roast chicken in one hour.
  4. GB1309

    What towcar do you use for your Buccaneer

    Totally agree with Volvovanner. Had this done to our Caravel at Conrad Anderson in Birmingham. It gets you out of the major issue with TAs which is the cross levelling. Winding the corner steadies is no great problem. The Fleetwoods that I have seen look really well made. If yours is solid, leak free and does all you need perhaps keeping it and adding the E&P might be money well spent. Another option might be new upholstery which might fool the eye and please the wallet. We have our Commodore plated to 2000kg as Durbanite said and with 4WD mover fitted we have barely 150kg payload hence the Discovery which at 2560kg cuts the mustard.
  5. GB1309

    What towcar do you use for your Buccaneer

    Pretty much as you suggest. Actually we carry very little in the van due to the well understood payload restrictions. Only one gas cylinder and the wastemaster in the front locker for instance. I certainly don't try to counterbalance by sticking items toward the rear. We are fortunate in having 640kg capability in the D4 so most stuff goes in there.
  6. GB1309

    Halogen to led problem

    Blimey. I am not worthy. How about some sequencing colour changing strips under the van and the Close Encounters theme playing over a speaker? GB.
  7. GB1309

    Halogen to led problem

    Danger of arc eye I would think! Very impressive. GB.
  8. GB1309

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Well, it is not coming till Friday in UK and I am in Lz till 26th, so I'll have to let you know! If it's as good as this Tefal I'll be well pleased. GB.
  9. GB1309

    What towcar do you use for your Buccaneer

    Of course it will depend on the car but I tow our Commodore at about 115kg. Below 100kg I definitely feel the van beginning to "float". This has been discussed a lot on here and if you look at the older BPW Winterhoff data it says tow at 150kg which is max anyway for a Discovery. Never been up that high with it though.
  10. GB1309

    Teppanyaki electric grill

    Blimey. Coincidence. Bought one on line direct from Andrew James yesterday. £23 incl delivery. The standard one. About 400mm x 300mm ish. Reviews are good and at that price who cares. GB A lot smaller and lighter than the Cadac and much much much easier to clean. Using a Tefal Plancha down here in Lanzarote and that's what prompted me to buy it.
  11. Air locks can sometimes cause stoppages. The switch labelling (if it has not changed since 2017) can be a bit confusing. Int means just that, you are on internal tank. Ext is for loading internal tank from Aquaroll outside. Central position on rocker means you are using Aquaroll. Presume Whale pump saver has been calibrated. ...if they still fit that. So, as you have realised it's a case of going through the sequences to see what's stopped. Once internal tank is full and you have switched to Not the Aquaroll and it's associated pump are not in play. Sorry if I have been boring you with stuff you know. Even more sorry if switchgear has changed markedly! GB. That Not was supposed to be Int!
  12. GB1309

    New Buccaneer Collection Drama by Newbies

    Indeed a fabulous story. It's all been said but Satnav is "reasonably good at telling you where you are but not necessarily where you should go". That's been my mantra. I towed our Caravel into a housing estate in Cirencester once. The recovery was frought enough so I applaud you and your wife's cool reactions under pressure. Normally we find "getting out of sequence" is the most likely recipe for disaster. I hope you soon acquire an experienced rhythm and this incident will stay as your worst. Welcome to the world of vanning. GB.
  13. Might seem very obvious but use both gas and electric boiler functions when you start up as electric only will be slow. Good luck. Stay calm. Think, re-think then act. It's dropping out of logical sequence that causes problems. Enjoy your new van. GB.
  14. GB1309

    new potential owner

    My advice would be to go for the biggest your tow car can handle within the 85% guidelines. IMHO you'll hardly notice the extra length during towing but you really will appreciate the extra room inside, particularly with 2 dogs. I agree with Joanie concerning making up beds which we cannot stand. If your dogs are OK on the floor then you'll get the bed ok. If not you might wish you had a fixed so you can banish them to the front seats.
  15. GB1309

    Caravan loo

    No No2's in the tour bus! Problem sorted. As we're "full site facilities" rough sleepers it's not an issue for us. It's me that visits the chemical disposal point so I don't want it. I've also seen too many instances resulting from users lack of care in emptying cassettes. Yuk. A bit off the OP's point so I apologise and wish Smino0_1 all the best with addition to his fleet. I wonder if he has multi-van insurance cover?😂