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  1. Hi Ian. Similar story here as we head toward our 3rd year service in the Spring. No faults found after about 100 nights this year and it's been a delight. I do remain concerned about water pooling on the roof around the stargazer and behind the rear roof light but damp readings are less than 15% everywhere. When not in use I store the van nose up to promote drainage. I look forward to publishing my 3rd year report. We are off to show in October and are glad the ridiculous shelf has gone but so has the externally accessed cupboard under the island unit? This is a shame as I find it invaluable. So the only 'innovation' I'd like is the improved worktop surfaces. Not much to covet then. Cheers Graham.
  2. We have the same unit in Buccanner form and are delighted with it. As with most Elddis Van's the usual caveats apply which you can find in this forum, past and present. Chap across site had a Zephyr here this week and was very pleased with it. However he was trying to tow it with a 2WD X trail and got stuck on hill into site with spinning back wheels on wet tarmac. Had to be towed in by site 4WD. I'm sure you will have a much more appropriate tow car and I wish you well in your new van. Graham.
  3. Agreed Ian. Retrofitted the 2 centre Jack system to our Clipper using Conrad Anderson in Birmingham. Excellent job but then about £1500. The six jack system has been standard on the Caravel and Commodore we've had since and I wouldn't be without them. The system is most useful on TAs which are more of a pain to cross level manually. Another bonus is the rigidity provided by the centre Jack's which of course are straight to the ground. (This van ain't rockin') I do use the system manually on pitches where I want to determine the floor height so the awning fits optimally. I also put boards under the corner steadies so they don't buldoze the gravel on hard standings. As I can reverse I get more utility out of this system than I do the motor mover.😁 Graham.
  4. Hopefully you won't mangle it yourself . A good rip in a side panel might mean a total £8k loss. Might make a couple of hundred notes insurance look good in that case.
  5. Ha ha...selectivity Frank. I didn't not imply automatic superiority, merely good stability and of course undeniably better in a blow out situation. This sort of debate is always emotive and just to chuck another one in I recall that in quite a few recent tow car tests the Euro 6 diesel cars which return fabulous mpg solo, sink into the 20s when towing an average sized SA van, so little better than the 23mpg my gas guzzling, child killing D4 does pulling my 2000kg gin palace. Seriously though the BEV leisure towing "future", if we have one, is just a small sub set of the likely HGV requirement. As well as generation and distribution, imagine the real estate requirement at service stations when all the trucks need charging for at least half an hour before they can move on. I doubt if we vanners will get a look in.
  6. Yes Andy, but you can't design in required driver skill set.😀
  7. Always chipping at the TA's Frank. Can't you find it in your heart to accept folk have differing preferences? The TA's are about space and comfort for longer stays whilst being a safe and stable towing platform. And of course a simply super place to look down on all you mild ale drinkers..........Boom! Exactly Andy. I have not done the calculations but my wild guess would be several new nuclear power plants started immediately. I'm assuming the Universities have done studies with power generation projections. Surely Mrs May would not have declared no more IC motors after 2040 without reference to the numbers?
  8. Thats's it Griff. Elon Musk is installing mega-charging stations in the US apparently. They are so named because they are to be rated at 1Mw output; the "push" required to recharge his HGV Semi vehicle in 30 mins. So, can we project this into the UK HGV critical food chain? Let alone generation it'll be as much of a challenge for distribution and user points. GB.
  9. I remain yours truly quite relieved.😌 Graham.
  10. Agree with shipbroker. If you have the Stargazer roof as we have on our Buccaneer they are noted for roof sag and water pooling around them. It does on ours and for that reason I store the van nose up. We have not had damp penetration however. Interesting that the factory are having it back. I have not heard of that before and it will be important to know what they are proposing to do about it. If it's just take out and reseal the Stargazer then that's one thing but if this is to lead to other structural alterations then that would be important for owners to hear about. Please keep us posted. Good luck. Graham.
  11. Just a thought. Are you going to tow the Commodore with the 2008 Honda crv 2.2? Its quoted kerb weight is 1692kg and max braked towing weight is 2000kg. This would be a concern to me as the van is 1900 and could be plated to 2000 if they took the upgrade option as we have. With this car you will be at 118%. Also be aware noseweight with the T/A Buccaneers is between 100 and 150kg. Can the Honda stand it? I have a friend just bought a crv to tow a Lunar Venus and he finds the steering a bit floaty. Don't want to put you off but I thought you should know. Also payload on Commodore will be max at about 140kg so a lot of space needed in tow car. Graham.
  12. Hi Jerry. Welcome to the Commodore squadron. I hope you enjoy the van as much as we do ours. Just back from it this morning in prep for September away in Cornwall, so all fired up with enthusiasm. If you cultivate a good relationship with Pearman-Briggs, particularly Martyn in sales and Phil in service you won't go far wrong. If you are coming up this way then the 2 sites at Malvern are worth a visit as well for "proving trials." The 2017 should be "nicely settled" by now so hopefully any problems with panels or fit and finish, if they occurred, should be sorted. If you have read all of this thread you should be aware of what to look out for!😀 We look forward to you posting your experiences with the van. Graham.
  13. Agreed with this. But no matter what clip type, if the cable is looped round the tow bar then it will have to be clipped to itself, so that's a "legacy belief" issue I guess.
  14. Ooh! I thought that might generate a bit of heat. In order then: 1. I agree, the loopback assertion is nonsense and I don't use it. (The dealer is however 5* in all other respects) 2. I fitted the D ring as the breakaway clip is just too small to go on to the welded eye. As you say, as long as the brake actuates then all should be well. I can't see why this should not happen just because the wire comes up from below the drawbar. I agree about a chain retaining the van. Why don't we do that? 3. I'll have a look at using the holes next to the ball. No reason not to use I guess if not too much slack generated. But so do like my more agricultural set up. GB
  15. This is the LR safe configuration IMHO. Incidentally, dealer says breakaway cable should always be looped on to itself back rather than directly clipped as this is a "stronger" configuration. What does the team think? GB
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