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  1. +1 here Griff. Although I dispensed with the detachable in favour of a fixed Witter. I note the van was a Buccaneer. Sad day for all involved.
  2. So we washed and sorted it yesterday. Took 4hrs including thorough roof clean and Bobby Dazzler application. It looks great and ready for our first trip out next weekend to Cornwall. What could be more agreeable? Washing is the time when you get a really close look of course. The five small cracks emanating from the awning rail about half way up the N/S front were hardly noticeable to a casual glance. Well, we've had the van 4yrs and thought 3rd time lucky, we might be getting away with it. We had 2 new fronts on the Caravel and I am not a fan of such drastic interve
  3. Had a D3 for 2yrs. Faultless. Had this D4 for 9yrs (30,000 to 80,000): 1. One sticking turbo cross-feed actuator cured for free with some grease by my service specialist. 2. One fuel filter top unit 3. Suspension swivel joint and track arms through wear at about 60k miles. 4. Rear door lock we changed ourselves Other than this it has been fault free and is a fabulous all round vehicle and supreme tow-car. As well as striking lucky on purchase day the trick is not to stint on servicing. There, I'm a Green Oval fan, I admit it.
  4. You have told us so little about yourself you may as well prepare for a blizzard of questions. Welcome anyway (if you are new to caravanning) and safe travelling. As to the van, I can't comment on that model specifically but as an Elddis owner 4 times in a row, I can say I like the brand. Good luck. GB.
  5. Oh well that's it, done at £390 with Caravanguard which was £4 more than the Lifesure renewal quote. Their DEFAQTO 5 star rating (they were at the top pf the list) and the breadth of cover e.g. accidental damage whether towing, sited or stored swung it for me. As I said I was not looking for the lowest quote but the best underpinned cover I could find. There by the grace etc... Out of interest I quizzed him on C'Guard's premium rise this year which he said was minimal and that they had not seen an upsurge in total loss claims through theft or fire with the touring caravans they insure. (H
  6. Thanks Wildwood. I am just about to pick up the cudgels to tackle the Comp sites, I'll look for the DEFAQTO data you advise studying. GB.
  7. Agreed on both counts Mr P, I had started without comparison sites and got to where I had looking at companies I knew or had used. Auto-renewal is a no-no for me for all areas.
  8. Thanks both. CJ's experience has a familiar ring to it as I often go "back in" as if I was a new customer and then confront them with the result. This has resulted in the lower amount being honoured with car insurance in the past. Often (as with Lifesure) they are brokers though who claim not to be able to influence the insurers. I'll probably go through the nausea of Compare the Confused Supermarket tomorrow and see what bubbles up.
  9. Well, it is that time again. So advice welcome from those who have re-insured their vans this year please. (The press recently reported car insurance premiums are down and mine has duly fallen. £230 fully comprehensive for a Discovery 4 seems cheap enough to me (RAC).) So imagine my disappointment when our van policy renewal from Lifesure came through today at +30% on last year, up to £380 for £36k cover on our 2017 Buccaneer Commodore, New for Old. (We have all the security trinkets and it is in a CASSOA fortress.) I called them and was told yes, due to Covid there
  10. I noticed a letter in Practical Caravan today. The chap said he has a leisure battery topped up with a panel as we have. His interest was heating the van in winter using the above with a "black heat greenhouse heater". Given the available power budget I have measured during this Winter period from a flat mounted panel and even if a scheme was successful, the likely side effects of raising the van internal air temperature (and hence humidity) I reckon the subject is worth another thread. I'll not be writing it though!
  11. Well gentlemen your responses are cheering in these torrid times and could easily lead to a very long walk down memory lane but with due deference to the OP's original post I'll not ramble on too much. It was taking things to pieces that got me into electronics and lead me into a Royal Radar Establishment apprenticeship in 1969. It's a habit I have sustained all my life and as Mrs Chief often says "saves us a fortune in domestic and caravan repairs". (I also have a 4 unit data logger for temperature and humidity which I used to "profile" the van when we first got one in in 2011. Perh
  12. April might be a bit sporty Pauline but I wish you good luck. We very much agree with your comments; Robert, his family and staff are the best. Last July we did well with the social distancing as they had the new individual showers rooms in action. Managed to avoid using the Happy Bowl Toilet liners at least! I would hope if we can do what we did last year in safety then as we are now inoculated that we should be able to do it again. Fingers crossed. Graham.
  13. Last one for those who can't get enough data. It's a done deal now as the sun is hitting 30 degrees above the horizon. The trend line shows the increase in incident energy and the battery is following as a consequence. Practice matches theory. Hopefully we'll get to use the thing in a while! Cheers GB.
  14. Hondaman, Volvovanner is quite right and my experiences mirror his. The Heki problem is well known and fixed under warranty no problem in all the cases I know of. Yes, it's frustrating to have to resort to DiY if it's not your forte but a glue fix the like if which VV advocates can save a lot of damage. Storing the van nose up also helps with drainage preventing water pooling on the roof. Have a go.🙂
  15. Tregarton Park for half of may. Carnon Downs for all of September. These are our 2 standard every year bookings. Not doing any more at present. Both these sites have very good individual washrooms which worked well in C19 measures last year so we can be confident if we are allowed to go that we can keep the happy Bowl Toilet Liners in reserve! I did a quick check on Godrevy Park and Freshwater East yesterday. Both pretty much full from mid May till September. As noted above I think the home holidays are going to be the way this year and folks (particularly with kids) are ge
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