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  1. At this point it's quite easy to become over philosophical about the future and how "things might never be the same again". But maybe a reassessment of priorities national and personal might flow from this....or perhaps it'll all drift back to the previous status quo when our own situation improves. The next few weeks should bring things clearer....at least at home. The international picture, particularly the 3rd world situation might be the charging elephant we won't focus on soon enough as we, naturally enough, look to ourselves. To return to the OP's point, those if us who picked peas and beans as kids to earn pocket money in the school holidays (it's how my wife funded her own school iniform) might relish a stint in the fields....if our backs are still up to it.😖😁 GB.
  2. Is the screwed up face bloke just doing it on this and other threads because: A. He is genuinely confused or B. He thinks the screen is a mirror?
  3. Albert, knock it on the head will you please. If you stay at home you only have to mitigate the minimum. It's what we all should do. Then we can sit and carp at panic buying hoarders with true piety. I have to take the van for a service 20 miles down the road next month (within one day) and am concerned about being stoned en route. That's enough.
  4. Its a bit like the pubs situation, until the Govt closed them down it was not taken seriously. NB: The C&MHC are still claiming to be "there for us" so implying nationwide availability. Further ambiguity. We are booked into a Cornish site on 5th May at present but would not fancy being stoned by the locals on our way through St Austell en route. Looks like 2020 is going to be Cntrl-Alt-Del The sooner everyone realises that and knuckles down the better.
  5. I like your stoic and well reasoned attitude. Sending son up to the 'rose to get a good Côte de Rhone. I heard that the toilet roll lunacy was triggered by a social media post saying all paper products may be in short supply. Boom.
  6. Latest: Lifesure phoned up and we closed it out at £296, so another fiver knocked off. GB.
  7. Yes in a 2017 Commodore. A couple of screws at the bottom and panel hinges up. May have changed by the time it gets to yours though. Fairly simple to work it out hough I'd expect. We have our telly on the surface below as I would not use screws for a bracket. You are right to use bolts right through.
  8. Just returned from Lanzarote as Tenerife cases posted last Wednesday. We had the sandstorm just prior to leaving. Two superb quality dust masks purchased from local store for 11c each! Thinking of posting them on Ebay for £50 each or £125 for two. There is always a coin to be turned.
  9. Well it's only a tenner but better than the +£30 wanted for the car insurance renewal. We are with Lifesure and for a 2017 Buccaneer Commodore we are paying £301.24 for £35,200 new for old plus £2000 contents cover. Of course we have no claims experience to judge service by but we shall renew with them. Hope this adds to the general fund of knowledge. GB.
  10. They are but mesh open area will affect mass flow. I'm not worried....we once had yo abandon a static caravan holiday due to earwig infestation.
  11. Our storage area advised us all recently that they 'are no longer allowed' to bait rodent traps around the compound. I have not challenged this but have bought an ultrasonic alarm as they advised. We have not had any rodent ingress but did have a nest built above one of the wheels a year or so ago. Maybe this is because I had fitted Halfords aluminium car repair mesh over grill holes to prevent insect (earwig) ingress. It works. We should be aware in doing this that the mesh open area decreases which may have an impact on 'gas drop' performance.
  12. Yep. Sounds like game over if the structure is breaking up.
  13. Then Simon T could be saved.....well, initially €4800 at least. 🤞 GB.
  14. So, if the rear 'axle' assembly remains viable, could the O/P get his van home with the car in FWD only? That was my question.
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