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  1. +1 Had a D3 for 2yrs and now this D4 since 2012. No faults on either just servicing and wear and tear. Fabulous tow vehicles. I do begrudge the £540 VED though when I only do 6000 a year. My son works for JLR, is involved with the new Defender and says it is an impressive machine but readily admits the company have reliability issues to be addressed, mostly in the Range Rover packages. Oh dear, have I joined the interminable Green Oval debate.
  2. I hope the faults are minor and soon fixed. The relationship you will have with your dealer is crucial and well worth cultivating. You could start a 2019 Commodore thread if there is not one already going as it will attract like minded souls. Good luck with the fixes. GB.
  3. Thanks for the link Paul. An interesting thread. I have been considering buying the Truma in line filter but at £50 it ain't cheap. I see there is also a German made one by CER at about £30 + delivery. Graham.
  4. +1 Chris76 has not said if he is a dedicated tourer or long stayer. We did not buy a full sized awning as it's far larger than 2 of us would need for touring with one or two week stops. If we were on a semi-perm or had kids and dogs it might be a different story. There have been some S/H bargains in the full size department too with Isabella Commodore Seed types on EBay.
  5. Ours is also 1090. We had an Isabella 420 Universal Porch for 6 yrs. Fabulous but a fair bit of work to put up so finally flogged it. Bought an air awning......big mistake. Traded it back for an Isabella Magnum Flint. Back to fabulous again. I dunno if you tour or what but look on EBay and you'll see folk selling excellent Magnums for a few hundred quid. Choose carefully and get a Coal/Slate with Carbon X for half full price or less. GB. Totally agree with Mr Plod on full size issue.
  6. Yes Paul, this is what I read trawling through the old posts......also an equal number of rebuttals claiming that fitting stainless steel hoses was a waste of money.😳 Anyway, moving to Fred's point I would assume the gas in the Safefill tanker source might in fact be safer than that I have in this CalorLite bottle as another thread (if correct) asserted that the contamination was from a liquid used to pressure test the cylinders prior to filling and then not properly washed out. Clearly I'm late to the party on this and given the high initial cost of investing in a Safefill cylinder I will look at fitting a gas line filter and check the new Calor replacement carefully before fitting. So far I have not had any problems with oil getting as far as the cooker but of course my main concern is the Alde boiler which we occasionally use to boost heating on set up if its very cold. I'll feedback anything I discover. GB.
  7. Fair enough and by the way I'd say that I am not connecting the dust in the blocked grill jet with the oily drip I found on both ends of the pigtail. I was disconnecting the pigtail to check if it was crumbling inside; it was not but it was a few years old so I have changed it for a two year old one and intend to buy another tomorrow. Starting afresh and hoping that the reddish oil has not gotten into the auto-changeover valve which I presume is also a regulator. It was all working properly so I think not. I have 2 Calor Gas-lite cylinders and I checked the empty one at home by inverting and opening the valve. There was no residue in the output so I am assuming that the partially full one is the only one affected. We only use between one and two cylinders a year and always singly to keep noseweight down so the auto-changeover function is never exercised. I have looked on line and seen that this issue stretches back to 2010 and there were a lot of posts on this forum during 2013 concerning Truma v Calor. I see the layout issues being mentioned and the use of filters and I am wondering about fitting one as an additional safeguard. Any advice from those that have been through this issue is welcomed. Similarly I know nothing about Flowgas. Better look that up. Cheers, Graham. Or Safefill.
  8. Thanks Ian. I'll look into that too.
  9. Had a look at the gas tails and although the van is only 2yrs old I had transferred them from previous Bucs. One was 2011 and the one in use was 2016. Neither showed any signs of the red dust. However, I'll replace them both. So another issue reared it's head as pictured. A red oily liquid present at both ends of the working gas tail when released. Talking to on site Caravan service guy as we left he said Calor had had trouble with oil in cylinders and had been in court with Truma over it. Our Gas Lite cylinders are little used so I think they'll be a year or more old. I think I'll change them both too. I hope oil has not spread into gas changeover valve or further in to systems. Anybody else had this?
  10. She is just 2yrs old. I'll have a look at the rubber hose although I'd be surprised if it had gone. I'd suspect it was muck in the pipes left over from assembly which has made its was along. We are only on our 3rd or 4th gas bottle in all this time but I suppose it could also be contamination from the "Lites" which are now being withdrawn. TBH I just don't know. Cheers. GB. I could do with some of this too Ian. I occasionally re-iron the tape via a cotton cloth and it sticks for a while but then the edges lift again. As for the external mastic on arches and lockers, I see there is some separation round the wheel arches and I had one trim panel on the rear N/S corner replaced but it is cracking again. Cosmetic stuff but irritating. Graham.
  11. Could not decide where to put this but I think we have lamented the poor performance of the Thetford Aspire 2 grill before so I thought I'd post it here for potential fellow sufferers. Wet and windy day in Devon so I thought I'd sort it. Had to take cooker out to get to grill jet housing and found a lot of red-brown dust. Not sure if it was gas borne or in the pipes when assembled. Anyway its sorted and working perfectly. Yes I did bubble leak test the 2 pipes I had to disconnect.😊 Previously I paid local repair man £20 to fix it but he only did it from front with air line which of course solved nothing.
  12. Can of worms....ignition! I don't like the Barracuda layout and would therefore never buy one. We are on our 4th Buccaneer since 2011 (Corsair-Clipper-Caravel-Commodore) and to answer your question I'd say the later models are improving in build quality, reliability and durability. So its a ✔ from me as we have had this one 2yrs with no significant issues. I'm sure if you cruise the Swift CT area you'll find an equal number of negative comments on their products, so you pays your money and takes your choice. Good luck. GB.
  13. Correct. The orange coloured ball is of the nautical variety and serves to buffer against the wind moving the doors. Bits of string supplement this. A good effort but more a triumph of style over substance. Nice strap hinges!
  14. Spotted this custom door arrangement yesterday in Devon. Compass Cassita inside but A frame just a bit too long for the building. The folding doors were well made following the front profile nicely. Don't think it would deter a determined thief but nice job.
  15. Thor is a great chair and the footrest can also be used on the Isabella beach chairs which will go flat to be a sunbed if desired. We have both and are delighted with them.
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