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  1. We have a 2012 Unicorn Seville. When the double bed is made up we find that in the motning the "leg" on one of the pull outs is lying at an angle. Two of the screws which are used to attach the bracket to the wood have worked loose. These screws are very small and attach to the "leg" They can be tightened with my fingers. This happens just about every night. The van goes for its first service in a few weeks and I was wonedring if this is an isolated problem or have others experienced it. It would be good to know before the service and if there is any simple solution to this. Not k
  2. We have just bought a new Unicorn Seville which we are collecting on 12th June. Our current van has a 110amp battery. I have been advised that I cannot use this in a Bailey van, the maximum being 85 amp. Is this right ?
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