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  1. In another life i told everybody about showroom shine and was shot down for raving about it,They are still raving on about Fenwicks which i think is old hat these days,their cleaner is good at the start of the season to get off the muck but,showroom shine for the rest of the season cant be beat for a shine as it contains carnuba wax. One point id like to make is,its not meant to lift the dirt out gpr on the front of the van you need a gpr cleaner for that.
  2. Grease lightnings showroom stain remover is the best stuff ive ever used for any stain. We had white dinette chairs at one time with a curry stain on them,wife tried everything to get it out till she tried this,its amazing piece of kit. .
  3. Take it to someone who does car valeting they will get it out as long as the fluid has not "burned"the material.
  4. I do wish people when they ask for help would post all information . and its just not you mate.
  5. I would NOT use Tcut as suggest as the paint on the van is VERY thin.
  6. Might have been caused when some one tried to remove something eg a mark or sticker residue. . Clean off the area with a wax remover Mask round the area leaving about 13mm from the edge of damage. You will find it hard to get the proper laquer so use a clear car laquer,this is water based and will not burn the laquer thats on. Pour into a basin hot water,cool it just enough to let you put your hand in then,sit the can in. This will heat the laquer in the tin also putting the pressure up as you need for spraying. Spray in light coats,do not over build. Leave for a few hours to dry and remove masked off area.
  7. Have a wee looky here. ..http://www. static-caravan-spares. co. uk/ourshop/prod_1392436-Zoom-Wallpaper-130cm-.html
  8. One thing nobody has said is to hitch the van onto the car for safety,this will stop the van swinging round if some thing goes wrong. ....
  9. Ma van mate is well ventilated up at Witches Craig. This winter has been a right funny wan,a lot of bright days wae the sun shining but it has been damp. A widdnie expect the english tae understand oor weather up here as its different. Was up 3 weeks ago and the ceiling and furniture wis soakin,was up last week just checking and it wis bone dry. Just a thought mate,ye dinnie spray the van inside wae fabreeze? This is a known cause of black spots on the cushions and can cause mildew if there is no heat tae dry it off,i know,i had it wan year before i found out about it.
  10. Thank you Thingy. ..you can end up with the wheel fracturing across the hole to the axle. Their built to take loads and G forces on corners. ..
  11. I would not drill holes in the wheels as this may weaken them,If you drill 2 holes in the wheel covers,get a bolt to fit,screw on a flat nut to the top. .place this through the hole,then put on another flat nut. Tjghten the bolt down then. .use the first nut to lock it. I hope ive explaned this right lol. .
  12. If you can take a picture of the old one,take it to some one who does lettering and signs for vans etc.
  13. The RAC will pick up any van or,arrange to do so. People who have a mobility car have to get their own cover for the van,this saves working with 2 insurance companies in the event of a breakdown ie. .one for the car one for the van.
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