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  1. Yes and can get two showers easy out of one barrel now! http://www. ecocamel. com/
  2. Much better route, ignore me. ....
  3. Banned both ways Would probably be as quick to go via A171, A174 and A66 via A19. .. just a thought.
  4. Hmmm I was thinking the Midlands to Northumberland isn't that far, I go to southern France with just one overnighter and two other stops for fuel. ...
  5. Durham Caravan Club site just off the A1, very handy stop-over.
  6. I tow with two different tow cars and have always had a problem swapping number plates over but this works a treat! http://www. hgvdirect. co. uk/catalog/number-plate-holder-for-oblong-type-p-101268. html
  7. Wild Slack Farm near Lealholm, we go regularly. Lovely views from the site and Martin the owner is spot on. The top part is a 5 'van Caravan Club CL but the field below, although sloping is used aswell. All pitches have EHU, there's a couple of toilets and shower / washing machine. You can walk into Lealholm, (20mins steepish hill) and catch train to Whitby plus the pub serves great food (booking needed for evening and weekend lunches though) http://www. wildslackfarm. co. uk/
  8. I know this subject has probably been done to death but I was shocked by the amount of weights that had to be added to my caravan wheels to get them in balance. ... and what a difference at motorway speed! Thank you very much CT members for the great advice to get my wheels balanced, best £10 I've ever spent on my 'van
  9. Hi, unless something has changed recently, the only authorised repairer that can replace panels on Bailey Alu-tech is 'Panelworks' which is based at YC Leisure, just south of Doncaster at Bawtry. http://www. panelworks. co. uk/ I've had dealings with them and found them to be very good, helpful and professional. If it has to go back to the factory, you will have a long wait to get it in and then they will have it for about 12 weeks, so I'd try and use this company if I were you. (The only thing they can't replace is the roofs)
  10. I hope the damage gets sorted quickly but if it goes back to Bailey, they'll probably have it for about twelve weeks. My Olympus 464 was hit by hail stones in France at the beginning of August last year but by the time the claim got sorted and it came back from Bailey, it was the end of May and I'd missed easter away. I'd try to get it sorted as soon as you can, so it's at Bailey over winter.
  11. Great stuff, we loved our Bailey Ranger, great memories and apart from a couple of cracks that appeared on the GRPS ridges it served us well. These are easily repaired but you need to catch early to stop water ingress, so I'd check regularly.
  12. Had it on my Bailey Olympus 464, seals changed under warranty. Only occurred in heavy rain at speed, 50-60mph and dealer said he has changed a few on early Alu-tech models.
  13. Having stayed a couple of times in your excellent fenced pitches at the top of the site, I must say that the sight of you on your little tractor is such a relief when it comes to reversing up the slope.
  14. Watch for cracks in the ridges of the GRPS front and back ends, you might need step ladders. Common problem.
  15. I've bought tents and awning from this company before; http://www. awnings. co. uk/caravan-awnings/porch-awnings/ You pay for what you get but I've got a Sunncamp Swift for weekends away, easy and very quick to put up, lightweight but probably only going to last a few years of wear and tear. I've also used Bradcot and Ventura (part of Isabella group) awnings and can recommend both brands if you want a decent quality awning but Isabella are regarded as the best but most also most expensive. Check the Bradcot site; http://www. bradcot-awnings. co. uk/index. php/awning-shop/por
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