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  1. This isn't my van but it looks like the same model: http://www. shetlink. com/classifieds/images/ad51607_img1_large. jpg
  2. Hmmm not sure LHD and I don't keep the caravan at home so cant measure. Am I best looking for one shorter than the width of the straightest section of the rail? Thanks for your help :-)
  3. Hi all, Fancying an easy to erect porch awning and on a site this morning a chap was showing me his Kampa Rally 260 which I really liked. The thing is, his awning rail was straight at the middle section whereas the shape of our van dictates that the rail slopes towards the front. I can't see how an awning would go on it straight! Does anyone know if it would work? Many thanks.
  4. Haha! Thanks again, I'll have a check of all the things you mention next time were out (5th May) Much appreciated, Rob.
  5. Hi LHD, thanks for the reply. I have no idea of the make, Fanmaster rings a bell!? I'll check for what you said :-)
  6. Hi all, We have a 1998 Abbey GTS Vogue 417 - first van and only had it a month. We have noticed that the fan heating blows nice hot air but the bathroom only blows cold. It's still under warranty, should I take it and ask them to fix it or is this normal? Many thanks.
  7. Good point! Thanks everyone, gonna save myself some dosh and get the separate DVD player. Really appreciate the replies :-)
  8. Cheers both. Made my decision a bit harder though!
  9. Hi all, I'm posting this as I'm walking around Asda! We have a TV in the trolley with a built in DVD player for the van and it's £100 - I can get a DVD player for £20 and use our existing TV but it means using a double adapter as there is only a single plug behind where it sits. I'd have no problem doing this at home but is it safe in a caravan? Many thanks, Rob.
  10. Probably to scare us into checking them, it certainly worked! Can't remember the exact wording they used, maybe that they had a habit of working loose - either way I'm glad they mentioned it.
  11. Thanks Geoff. Just noticed a fishing section, it's been a looooonnnnnnggg day
  12. Oops, misread that!! After 20 miles sounds more reasonable
  13. I didn't know they needed to be set to zero for storage either - thanks for that! Every 20 miles? Wow, I never imagined it would be that frequent.
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