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  1. We have a new "smart " TV (not caravan specific) which works perfectly in the caravan when at home. We have tried it at 4 different sites and have been unable to pick up any signals. One of these pitches we have successfully used with the previous TV. This old TV was not "smart". Do modern smart TV's need stronger signals? Any suggestions are appreciated. Stuart
  2. Please can anydvise on how to modify our very noisy water pump. Many Thanks Stu
  3. After wintering my new swift challenger under cover, several items left in the van have signs of mould on them. Latest spring service didn't reveal any damp problems. Any ideas please? Also front sealed roof window has condensation inside in patches. How do I get rid of this? Thanks for your inputs.
  4. Our 2016 caravan is now due for its 1st annual service. Our regular mobile service guy thinks a Swift Dealer should carry out the service so as not to complicate the van's warrantee. The van was purchased from a dealer 100 miles away. Will our local Swift Dealer welcome our custom?
  5. I have a Swift challenger touring van just one year old. The overhead lockers are sticking badly and two I cannot open at all. Has anyone any advice please? Do you think a spray of WD40 would do the trick? Pat Murray
  6. Thanks to everyone for their inputs. Our van is in a barn under cover so the solar panel probably doesn't have a chance to top up the battery. Thanks
  7. Thanks Simon for your quick reply! I'm off now to check it out ( manual left in the van).
  8. Our new Challenger 530 has now been in storage for the last 4 weeks. Today I switched the power on and it shows a bleeping red light on at 10volts. As far as I'm aware nothing has been left on to drain the battery but I am assuming that by switching the mains power button off above the door this switches EVERYTHING off. Am I correct or do I need to switch power off at the main control box under the seats? I'd appreciate any thoughts. .. Thanks Stu
  9. Thanks to everyone for their inputs. Interesting to hear how some view it as a plus and others as a minus Cheers
  10. Have just picked up a new Challenger 530 and the rooflight in the bathroom is not fitted with a blind. Is this Swift penny pinching? Surely the aim is to keep daylight out of the van especially when the sun rises so early during the summer months. What can I do?
  11. Am about to order a new Challenger 530 (2016) but can find no reference in the spec. to it having a spare wheel. Is there one and if so where is it located? Thanks Stu
  12. We are about to replace our van for a new Swift. As an extractor fan is an option, I am wondering if folk think they are worth the extra (I think about £200) to have one fitted. Thanks Stuart
  13. Many thanks to all who contributed, very interesting and the garage has come up with what most of you thought! New alternator being fitted at the moment. I'm currently driving around in a "curtesy" T reg saxo and feel like a boy racer!
  14. Have just returned from the Lakes this morning (about 75 miles) most of which was through alot of spray and rain. When we were within about 5 miles of home all the car electric went haywire with lights coming on and speed indicators not registering. Once we had unhitched we had a job to start the car and the battery is now under charge and shows all the signs of being almost totally discharged. Car/battery is Honda CRV 5 years old and Caravan/Lunar/battery is 4 yrs old. Towed alot but this is the 1st problem Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks Stu
  15. Is it worth changing my standard jockey wheel to a pneumatic one? What are the + and - of each? Thanks for any advice. Stu
  16. We've narrowed down the choice of caravan to buy as our first one The current favourite is the Quasar. Can anyone pass on their opinion of this model and whether its worth waiting for the NEC Show for a bargain as we don't need it till next year. Many Thanks Pat & Stu
  17. Am looking around for a 2 berth towing van suitable for a citroen picasso 2. 0 HDI. Any advice appreciated. Thanks Stuart M
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