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  1. You have made the right choice! Good luck with the search. It took me a good six months to find mine, but It had to be a 242 R-Line in Grey! Enjoy 👍
  2. I have the 240bhp Touareg and test drove both this model and the 200bhp. The difference was VERY noticeable. Go for the 240 or later 260bhp you won’t be disappointed.
  3. I was 22 my now wife 19 at the time All our friends thought we were ‘sad’ to buy a caravan. Most if not all followed suit and now have caravans themselves.
  4. Voobu

    NEC Show

    Well the temptation was just too much ! Order placed for a Swift Wrenbury EBW from our local dealer Leisure Sales. Can not wait for it to arrive.
  5. Voobu

    NEC Show

    We are there on Friday .....hoping all the 8ft wide transverse bed layouts have sold out by then ....but so tempted 😂
  6. Wasn’t that bad compared to what young drivers pay now. I was paying around £600 a year Here she is
  7. 1988 grey Escort RS Turbo. Wow what a car Wish I still had it worth good money now
  8. I know any car could potentially be stolen. Just wondered if the Touareg (R-line being keyless) was a magnet to car thieves. I will be purchasing a steering wheel lock just in case. Thanks for the reply’s
  9. Just about to purchase a Touareg R line! Should I be worried about it going missing??
  10. Thanks guys. The caravan was sold sooner than we thought so storage wasn’t needed, Very kind offer weekend traveller really appreciate that thanks 👍
  11. Long shot I know but does anyone know anywhere or can help in storing a small 2 berth caravan in the Stoke-On-Trent area? It will only need storage for 2-3 weeks max. Thanks in advance for any replies.
  12. Senator S6 was released in September 2007. Like Woodie says last of the quality Bailey caravans. Fantastic van, sometimes wish we still had ours!
  13. Just called them- fully booked. Looks like it went pretty quick
  14. Please dont take any advice from someone that drives a Ford galaxy 🙄
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