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  1. Hi All The thread about driving on narrow lanes prompts me to raise an issue about being overtaken on single or dual carriageways. In our 20 years of caravanning, the three ‘near misses’ we have experienced all involved cars cutting in front too sharply after overtaking our car and caravan combination. On the first occasion on a single carriageway part of the A5 near Shrewsbury the overtaking car removed our extension mirror as he cut in. The latest incident was on a dual carriageway section of the A1 just recently. Picking up speed from a roundabout (and approaching the local 50mph limit), I was aware of a car passing me with very little speed differential. She then cut back into the nearside lane (with left indicator flashing!) immediately after she passed the caravan, but not the car. Only very heavy braking prevented a serious accident. I have become convinced that the increased number of campervans and motor-homes on the roads compared with towed caravans has led many drivers to assume they are just passing a motor-home rather than a car and caravan combination. I am aware that we have triangles on the back of the caravan showing that it is a towed vehicle, but I don’t think this symbol is widely recognised. I would like to see a sticker with a picture of a car and caravan that could be displayed on the rear of the caravan. I couldn’t find anything like this on Ebay. Any ideas? Cheers Paul R T
  2. Hi, I also always turn off the water pump when leaving the caravan on site, even for a short time. Our Coachman has an on-board pump with a pressure switch. The pump would probably not burn out if a leak developed in the system, but I would rather not return to the van to find 40 litres of water slopping around. I normally also unplug the TV and kettle from the 240v socket and turn off the Alde heating (except in the depth of winter!) . Leaving the 12v supply switched on retains the clock setting etc on the Alde sytem. Cheers Paul R T
  3. Hi Nicola, Did you have water in the sink itself? On our Pastiche 460 (2017) I recently found a small amount of water in the plastic box which lives under the sink. I traced it to a leak around the sink drain. It has been cured by removing the waste unit and using a sealant to rebed the unit to the sink. (At the same time I put a Jubilee Clip around the outlet hose connection to the drain unit to prevent this ever coming detached - as it once did on a previous caravan). Best of luck. Cheers Paul R T
  4. Hi again Alan, I have been thinking further about your issue, as I have the same set-up in my Coachman Pastiche 460 (2017). If you are sure that the water inlet is well below the water level in the aquaroll (see my previous post), then I agree with Rodders that this has to be an air leak on the inlet side of the pump. The most likely (and easiest to solve) reason is that the Truma inlet connection is not fully engaged. I often find that mine can be quite stiff to fit when it has not been used for a while - a bit of vaseline on the O rings normally solves this. The other posibility is that one or both of the O rings on the connection are broken, allowing the connection to leak. If not there, then looking inside the van and raising the offside seat bench you can see the inside of the inlet connection, which is just behind back end of the Alde heater box. Are there any signs of a leak there? You can then trace the inlet pipe to the inboard pump. Again, check for any signs of any leaks at the connection to the pump itself. Best of luck. Cheers Paul R T
  5. Hi, Our 2017 Coachman 460 has an inboard pump and a Truma connection leading outside to the Aquaroll. It is not uncommon for the tube to become 'coiled' inside the aquaroll so that the inlet is not submerged. Worth checking for this. Please let us know the outcome/solution. Cheers Paul R T
  6. Hi, We are on our second Coachman, a 2017 Pastiche 460, which we have had since new. Previously we had a 2011 Pastiche 460/2, which replaced a Swift Challenger 480. Towing wise, behind our Skoda Suberb Estate, the Coachmans have been entirely stable, even in some challenging cross winds. My immediate impression on changing to the Coachman was that it was better 'put together' than the Swift. We did have some issues with the 2011 Pastiche, including leaks around the windows, but they were all sorted efficiently under warranty. So far, the latest Pastiche has been trouble free, except for recently needing a new BCA power unit. We normally tow around 5k miles a year, both in the UK and France - but not this or last year! Cheers Paul R T
  7. Hi Anthony, I agree with others that it could well be the BCA power unit which is at fault. They are by no means bullet proof. I have just had to replace mine on my 2017 Pastiche. It was working intermittently - provided you hit it correctly! However you do need a multimeter to really check if this is the case. I suggest the following sequence: Having fully charged your battery with your 'garage' charger, disconnect the charger and let the battery stand for a few hours. The battery voltage should then be about 12.7 volts. Install the battery in the caravan with everything in the van switched off. Recheck the voltage across the battery terminals - should still be 12.7 volts. If it is less than this, then you have something switched on, of which you were not aware (which might be the cause of your problem) If all OK, now connect the mains input so that the BCA power unit should be charging your battery. The voltage across the battery terminals should now be 13.6 - 13.8 volts. If it is still at 12.7, then your power unit is not working. Best of luck. Do let us know the outcome. Cheers Paul R T
  8. Hi Trevor, I have a 2017 Coachman Pastiche (460), which I expect has the same electrics as yours. The 240v sockets are connected directly to the incoming 240v supply (via the RCD bank). Thus I agree with others that, if you have checked the RCDs, then the problem is not within the van. I don't see how this would affect the charger unit in anyway. The fact that you don't think this is charging the battery adds to the evidence that you simply do not have any power going to the van. I would check for any RCD that might have tripped within the house supply. You could also run an extension lead from a house socket that you know is working. Best of luck. Do let us know the outcome. Cheers Paul R T
  9. Hi All, Just to update. The police have let me know they are taking no action on the alleged incident, which prompted me to start this thread. To quote: “This investigation originated from an allegation that a driver failed to stop and exchange details following a road traffic collision. Our enquiries have not produced sufficient evidence to support a prosecution against any person involved and there will not be any further action by the police.” As other have commented, it really does show the value of having a dash-cam, although it is the first time I have had to use it ‘in anger’ in the 5 years it has been installed. I will continue to be wary of any attempt by whoever is the ‘third party’ to claim against me, if the police have given him/her my name and address. Thanks for the responses and various advice. Also interesting information on use of dash-cams (or not) in Europe. Cheers Paul R T
  10. Hi All, Not much more to report, except that the police asked for the dash cam footage of my entering and leaving the car park, and later acknowledged receipt. I have neither informed my insurers nor given the police any insurance details, as I am aware that anything can be recorded as an 'incident'. I am also reluctant to shell out for any legal advice or intervention at this stage. Awaiting any further developments. BTW my mother always told me that the fairies were at the bottom of the garden (not in the hospital car park). Cheers Paul R T
  11. Hi All Many thanks for all the responses. Nothing much more to report at this stage. I emailed the police asking for any evidence and had a response, which said they do not release any details while a case is live. I have now been able to download to my tablet dash-cam footage of the journey and my entering and leaving the hospital car park. I have today sent an account of this to the police. It entirely confirmed my recollection of the day, entering the car park at low speed, reversing gently into a space and later leaving at low speed with no incident whatsoever. Thus, at this stage I remain puzzled about it, but have a growing suspicion that a third party is trying to blame me for damage to their vehicle caused otherwise. I await any further developments. Cheers Paul R T
  12. Hi All Thanks again for your responses. The Skoda has all round parking sensors, which scream at me if I am near anything in any direction. Thus I am very confident I did not inadvertently touch any other vehicle. The car had been valeted a few days previously after a service. I checked the car as soon as I received the letter and there were no signs of any damage. I do have a forwaerd looking dash cam, but this is switched off when the vehicle is parked. Cheers Paul R T
  13. Hi All Many thanks for the responses. I am satisfied that the letter from the 'Camera, Tickets and Collision Unit' of the police is genuine and I have responded to the formal request as to who was the driver (although not giving my insurance details) and attached a letter My puzzlement is why, or for what purpose it was originated. The police unit does not respond to phone or email enquiries. Cheers Paul R T
  14. Hi All This is not really a towing issue, but I was using my tow-car (Skoda Superb Estate) at the time, so please bear with me. Last week I had a perfectly normal, incident free, trip to our local community hospital for an out-patients appointment. Drove there, parked in the hospital car park, and then drove back without any incidents whatsoever. However, yesterday I received from the police a notice of intention to prosecute for driving without due care and attention, failing to stop after an accident, and failing to report an accident. All supposed to have taken place in the hospital car park within a time period, which overlapped with my visit. I wonder if this is some sort of attempted insurance scam seeking to claim against me for, perhaps, existing damage to another vehicle. However, it is not a scam I have heard of previously. Has anyone else come across a similar example? Thanks for your help. Cheers Paul R T
  15. Hi Pattajones We have been caravanning for nearly 20 years, both around the UK and in France and Spain, usually towing about 5k miles per annum (but not this year!). We currently tow a Coachman Pastiche 460 (MPTLM 1350kg) with a 16 plate Superb III SLE Estate 190 manual. For the previous 5 years I had a 2010 Superb II estate 170. They have both been excellent tow-cars. There is plenty of power and torque when you need it and it is extremely stable even in some vigorous side winds. There can be some confusion about ‘kerbweights’ with Skodas. The brochure quotes a ‘kerbweight’ without a driver, whereas the owners manual quotes an ‘operating weight’, which includes 75 kg for the driver. (The two do tally). The latter operating weight including a driver should be used as the ‘kerbweight’ for matching purposes. With the 170 we towed a Coachman Pastiche 460/2, which had a MPTLM of 1420kg, which was a 92% match. I never had any indication of instability (and I tend to tow fairly briskly). I believe that the Superbs are particularly stable towcars, which has contributed to them winning towcar awards on several occasions. You will have absolutely no problem towing a 1345kg caravan. Go for it and enjoy it. Cheers Paul RT .
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