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  1. Exploding air beams . .. At what pressure ?
  2. when i did mine i chopped the awning rail insert level with the channel and caoted the ply with some breathable fence presevative. Paul
  3. If it does no damage to wheel bolt when checking (how ever often you chose to do it) my take is that i might as well as not. ... cause if there tight all you have lost is a few mins. ... but if there found to be loose all you lose is a wheel Paul
  4. this isnt in the back corner by any chance ?.... if it is check the awning rail infill is not fastened to the floor because if it is the water runs down in and soaks the floor underneath. Paul
  5. because we have two dogs i usually get plonked on a bench with a cup of tea while she does the shops. so i get my relaxing chill time while she gets her shopping fix. Get to meet lots of people too as the dogs usually attract a fair bit of attention. paul
  6. Thanks for the many replies, the reason I want to make one is that i use menelco ramps at the mo but fancied giving one of these a go. I am faily sure I can over come the lifting force required issue and i can tailor the fit to suit my wheels. if it all works out brill. if it dont all iv lost is a bit of my time. Im hoping to do what the japs are good at . . taking some one elses idea and improving on it. paul
  7. Thanks for all the input. .. Not thought to much about the thread yet but have facilities to cut any including multi start. The weight I'm prepared to trade against convenience. Paul
  8. That's just the job. ... Many thanks for that il post a pic up when iv done. Just thought of one last thing what's the diameter of the tubing Paul
  9. mainly the distance between the centre of the plates which contact the wheel yes I would like to make one. its the challenge of it lol
  10. If so could you get me some dimensions off it please. ... im gonna make one Paul
  11. so where is eveyones fitted? above the door sounds handy. Paul
  12. The instuctions that come with it say 3 metre from cooker etc, not really practical in a caravan. Just had a look around the van and nowhere really shouts " fit me here" Head height all round the van is almost all lockers only place that looks a possibilty is on the righthand side of the wardrobe. opposite shower door. Paul
  13. As the title . ... where do i put it? i have a fixed bed layout and have searche high and low on here and cannot find an answer, so where do you put yours? Thanks paul
  14. I check my nose weight every time before i hitch the van to the car . ... the reason i do this is the same as why i check car and van tyre pressures, and caravan wheel nut tightness every time as well and that is because there is enough things to go wrong on a journey that i have no control over so why leave out safety checks that are quick and easy to do, Paul
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