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  1. I don't use them now but when I did I never took them of for the winter, they stayed on the cars till I sold them..
  2. Why buy a static, why not put your tourer on a seasonal site then you can move on if you get fed up where you are. .
  3. If your not a chancer don't take a chance. .
  4. Are you sure that the site you are going to allows an awning to be left up all the time because some don't. .
  5. Hi, Surely it's a bit late now it already wrote off. .
  6. Have you thought about a Galaxy they have a massive boot and like the Mondeo a good tow car. .
  7. Dont sound to good but personally I wouldn't sleep in it, I would sit at the window all night phone in hand, be safe. .
  8. Jet wash it then seal it with driveway sealant, I put 3 coats on mine, job done. .
  9. I would take it back, also I have used socket covers for 20 + years and never had a problem. .
  10. Iv'e got a Ford Galaxy and put petrol in the diesel tank, costly mistake. .
  11. Sorry i'm confused, you have nothing good to say about it, you wouldn't recommend it but you would stay there again, have I missed something. .
  12. Thanks for that Gordon, some really good tips on that. .
  13. If your worried about getting it stolen before you get it I wouldn't bother buying one you wont sleep at night. .
  14. It's certainly not vanity in my case i had no option as on my galaxy the fixed ball was picked up by the sensors, so it had to be detachable. .
  15. What made you fit a new mover to it knowing that it is in a sorry state and you only want another year out of it. .
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