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  1. No we had lots of over night stops 😵🤡
  2. Weren’t we all taught all those years ago to check the caravan wheel bolts before each trip . This has been known about since caravaning started. And has been ad vised by the CC and the CCC for many years. your fault if you don’t follow advice. . maurice
  3. Volvo S60 sadly has been sold via a garage. And the garage owner is now transferred it into his name and using it as his personal car. .... i did get my plates of and retained the number — cost £80 though 😩😭
  4. We have been towing for +45 years and at the start of the season decided to stop. So I sold my beautiful Volvo S60 and we have thought of getting a smaller car we have been looking at the Vauxall Crostland Elite Nav. 2017 enhanced spec. All the “words” seem ok but has anyone got one and tried it. as you see I am not convinced to stop 😒🙏🏻 Maurice
  5. What we have found since first using them, is that we purchased some plastic boxes from Pound Land, with single press down lids. When we vac the bags down we start by putting them in the box then when down put the lid on. Yes they do eventually leak in but as they are in the box they can be stacked neat and tidy, without flopping around all over the place. Maurice
  6. I have my van professionally cleaned after the end of the season by Touroshine . He washes it three times with different stuffs,. Then he hand dries all over completely from roof to draw bar. next he gets his special polish (top secret industrial stuff) and polishes all by hand. The complete roof with the skylights open. he has it down to a fine art and he takes roughly 2 1/2 hours. it look like it has come out of the factory. as he said the secret is in the washing!! It then gets cover with a light weight tailored all over cover from coverSystems of Rushden
  7. Just brought my van back to the UK after a 4 year sojurn in France. During this period we had the solid tyre, and it was getting noticeably more decrepit, the rubber tyre was very thin and breaking up and shredding off the rim. I maneuvered the van around on my gravel drive and it was painfully awkward, so I found the pneumatic one from the back of the garage, flat tyre, but blew it up and put it on, in side of the "A" frame. The difference of maneuverability was immediately noticeable. Smooth turnings and no bumping of the JW along the ground. I will, in the future, try to kee
  8. Cleaning the van after holiday I noticed that the inside skin of the clear dome was cracked, or rather crazed over about a 3" square area. No idea of how this could have happened, the wife said that it looked as if it had been hit. Can't think how but it was up fully yesterday whilst I was cleaning inside. At some stage this will have to be replaced with a new plastic dome. Any ideas of how much they cost, if you can get just the dome. Went on line and all I could find were complete units. The prices ranging from £1245 down to £400. All I want - at some stage - is the dome. At
  9. Still working next day! Maurice
  10. hot water warming up---- no gas just electric ---- so that worked Thanks to all Will see in the morning if we are STILL on hot electric water!! Maurice
  11. one thing I forgot to do was disconect the water inlet -- the water keeps coming. . and flowing to drain. ...So now water turned OFF and system drained down. .
  12. turned the gas and electricity off to the water heater, just opened the yellow tap and the water is draining down--- it seems to take ages to drain. . opened the kitchen and bathroom taps. We will see what happens now. get back in 1/2 hour or so. . Maurice
  13. I think that is what I will have to do -- when we get back to the UK. I will give emptying the heater and re filling it a go, whilst here though - I can't remember if the electric was on or off whilst the water was filling. I know it was empty because I turned the yellow tap from upright to sideways. We will give it a go!! Maurice
  14. yep all else in van on 240v works ok. Will have to get it checked when we get back to the uk yep all else in van on 240v works ok. Will have to get it checked when we get back to the uk
  15. just got to my van and connected all up -- water electrcs and turned on gas etc. Turned on the electric water heater expecting it to work - the mains switch light was on. After about 10 - 15mins tried the water -cold! Swtched over to gas - removing the out side flue cover -and after 5 mins water was noticeably warm. Looked for any fuses etc to have gone but all in order. What's the next step? At the moment we are ok on gas but when we get home what needs to be checked. Maurice
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