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  1. After 30 odd years of caravanning we have sold the caravan and have decided to stop. we were never great ones for holidaying in England, so it was Europe, mostly in Italy, as we are in our 70s we found towing was not as easy as it use to be, putting up and taking down a large awning in the heat could be a bit stressful, our son has bought an apartment in Spain so it looks like we will be wintering in Spain, I would to thank you all for the help you have given me over the years, I think I have driven my other half mad as he would go to do something and I would pipe up with,(on my caravan forum they say you should do it this way), well thanks again, Will keep an eye on the forum to see how you are all doing. Carol.
  2. I went through Eeco they put me on to the supplier that I am now dealing with I must have had at least 6 emails back and forwards in the end they wanted the measurements of the inside of the window so we sent the measurements rubber to rubber on the inside of the windows now waiting for them to get back to me. If we were not selling we would have stuck the window with super glue.
  3. We are selling our Swift Challenger510 2006, but we have a broken kitchen window We have looked at probably all the second hand windows on the internet we have found a firm that can get new windows from the makers of the windows and they are being very helpful, we have given the year, the chassis number measurements of the window and the make and year of the caravan, surely I would have thought just giving the chassis number would be all that they needed and it would be quite simple, has anyone else had any problems trying to get a new window.
  4. I have tried to book via CC and it would not come up and have been trying for a week or so.
  5. We always use Dover Dunkerque and the last 3 or 4 years we have had the caravan checked they go inside check the loo under the beds, once when we were coming back from Italy the custom officer asked us if we had a good time in Italy, so with credit cards and other things that we use they seem to keep an eye on what we are doing. I have no problem with that. We are going to Spain at the end of the month no caravan but it will be the first time we have gone through Calais for years.
  6. We are driving down to Spain in January,We are not taking the caravan but wondered if we went down through France via Biarritz and on to Pamplona would there be snow and would we need snow chain if so we would go via Toulouse Carcassonne or Lyon to Montpellier. We don't want to go on toll roads all the way down so the Biarritz route looks like we could do a lot of the journey off the toll roads. I know there are people who go down to Sunny climes in the winter. So if you can help I would appreciate it thank you.
  7. We have a Swift Challenger 510 2006 2 single beds but a small middle shower room how long do you spend in the wash room, we love it as we always use the campsite showers. We bought it 18 months ago it was 7500 so if you can get one they must be a lot cheaper, so you can spend more on your car, we have a Ford Mondeo 2 ltr and did 3000 miles this year TOH says it is one of the best towers we have ha.
  8. We have a sky box in the lounge and a free view tv in the kitchen. if we take the TV from the kitchen plus the sky box and a 800mil dish would we be able to get sky on the tv. we can not take the tv from the lounge as it is on the wall. Or can we get free view that far down. Thank you.
  9. I am not sure if it is the same in France we were stopped in Italy this year either for overtaking with a caravan, or speeding we are not sure which, We were asked for all our paper works also for proof of ownership of the caravan, I had everything except the bill of sale for the caravan, who would have thought that you needed that, as it happened I gave him the Insurance papers for the car and caravan and it was OK,
  10. We had the same problem when we first moved, we only wanted to leave it there until we found a some where to store it but as the builder was no longer trading it was ok.
  11. We have ours at a storage with about 20 other vans locked gate camera's, we are so lucky as we pay £150 a year and can go any time we want.
  12. As said you either love Malta or hate it, we loved it that was 35 years ago, but not enough to go back, you can do all the churches in 3 days and the other places in a few days, it is not a pretty place but we found the people where wonderful so helpful, friendly,and kind, the other half hired golf clubs where we meet a couple who said they where on a golfing holiday, there was only 1 golf course and it was a case of hunt the bit of grass to put the ball on, it might different now, but as said I would not take a large MH over there and I think a month there would be to long,but that's just my opinion.
  13. We usually have 8 week holiday we spend about 4 week in France or touring Italy then down to Lake Garda for about 3 to 4 week's we meet the same Dutch and German friend's every year, we also pack a small case and go off for a few day's in the car, we usually do about 2500 or 3000 miles.
  14. We were at Lake Garda for a month July, August, when we first got there the temperature was up in the low 40s my freezer in the top of the fridge kept the food frozen but the fridge was useless, we always take a small table top fridge which was good, ,we took the thinges off to let the air in and had a fan blowing on the back of the fridge in the awning, we did not have it turned on to the highest mark,,as we came home and the air got cooler it was working, but it seemed that mine was the only one that was not working properly at Garda. so will get it looked at.
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