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  1. Took a close look at the window this morning and as I suspected I can't just peel back the window rubber to get access to the inside. The the whole frame has to come out. I think I will go with my original plan and bond a patch to the outside covering the hole and crack and try to disguise it with some kind of decal to hide the fact that it's a bit of a bodge.
  2. I would've patched on the inside but I thought it might be a difficult job to do. I believe that the first repair was some kind of bonding/patching from the inside as the technician said he removed and resealed the window frame to do it. If its as simple as removing the rubber window seal to get to the inside then I might have a go at doing this. Will probably see the previous repair and have to clear that out first.
  3. Googling sikaflex, there seems to be several products: 221, 11fc, 291i, 292i, 252 and finally 512 caravan sealant and adhesive. I guess the latter is the one to use?
  4. I was thinking of some sort of decal too. Does silkaflex dry hard or is there a bit of "give" in it?
  5. Had my Elddis Super Sirocco for 5 years or so and at 2 years I noticed the dreaded crack in the aluminium skin on the nearside window bottom coner. This problem has been well documented in the past and a proper fix involves replacing the entire skin and costs in the region of £3000 to £4000. My local service agent offered a quick cheap fix that he said he has had quite alot of success with. I had this done and it lasted a couple of years but now the crack has reappeared and has started to grow again. I recently took matters into my own hands and drilled an 8mm hole at the end of the crack
  6. Hi folks I'm considering trading in my 05 Sorento for the newer model (with the 7 year warranty) but I have heard that they are not as good a tow car. My van is a 1900 kg Elddis crusader twin axle. I would like to knoww if anyone else tows a heavy van with the newer Sorento and what thier opinions are. Thanks
  7. At the end of last season I noticed water weeping in at the bottom of one of the front windows. As a temporary measure I covered the whole front window area with a polythene sheet for the winter. Today I decided to try to find where the water was comming in. The polythene sheet had done its job and kept the area dry. On opening the offending window, I noticed that the screws holding the hinge plate at the top had come lose allowing the plate to come away from the body. The mastic had disintegrated completely. This must have happend some time ago as the resulting gap had allowed water int
  8. My plan in a few years time, when I've retired is to spend the worst of the winter months somewhere warm and tow the van to Spain for example. Does anyone here do this. What are the pro's and con's. House back home left empty for the duration, cost of getting there and cost of pitch for two or three months. Would love to hear your experiences.
  9. Personally we found using sheets a blanket and a thickish decorative cover to be the best solution. Wife tends to get hotter than me at night so I can keep any number of covers on me while she can peel them back to suit.
  10. Which bit sounds like a living hell: the muddy field, which will wash off with water or getting together with a friendly, like minded group of people? I suppose it takes all sorts
  11. Went on a rally this weekend so ran the fridge on gas. The instructions said to set the temperature control knob to maximum coolness. However this caused a few product in the fridge to ice up and the tub of coleslaw froze completely (wife was not impressed, she likes her coleslaw soft not hard). Is it ok to turn the temperature control knob to an intermediate setting on gas? I did this and noticed that the auto igniter would spark up occasionally. I guess that the fridge is cycling the gas control on and off to keep the temperature at a slightly warmer value. Sorry put this post in the
  12. Hi All Went on our first rally to Biggin-by-Hartington last weekend with the Derbyshire center. Was made most welcome by all and had a really nice social event Saturday evening in the village hall: Motown and Soul disco, bought back a few memories for the wife and I. The weather could have been better, it was so muddy that we had to be towed off the field on Sunday. I like to say a big thank you to all the strong blokes who helped us in our time of need. Will definitely be going on more rallies, we loved it and recommend them to anyone thinking of giving them a go. Just keeping ou
  13. A word of caution. You get what you pay for with this type of meter. It should be ok for extra low voltage i. e. 12 to 24 volts. But do not use it on mains voltages. I cant be certain but I don't think it has an internal fuse which is quite dangerous and the leads should ideally have fuses in also. Like I say if you restrict the use to 12 volts and continuity checks you should be ok.
  14. Thanks for all the replies gentlemen.
  15. I guess any kind of lubricant that will not cause damage to the rubber O ring would be ok. It would also have to be none toxic.
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