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  1. Stevan, as I post we'd used to tow with a V70 which was manual, and apart from hill starts with 5 up and fully laden did the job ok. You may have answered the question re the auto and petrol combination. At least I would have tought you shouldn't have that refined scent of burning clutch!! Hi Tom, where I work has a possibility to come into a congestion charge in 2020. I currently average about 24 mpg in the Volvo doing my average drive. Today more modern petrol engine vehicles, I believe would give me a better return. Combined with £550 VED PA plus the ever rising fuel prices I do think there are saving to be had along the line.
  2. Hi John, my dad used to tow with a Swift Danette and Ace Vicroy 1750 Maxi and the an Austin 1800, both manuals, but engines, caravan weights were different back then and so was the amount of traffic and perhaps the stop start driving. Exactly the issue, if I had 50k to spend I wouldn't being asking these questions. Beautiful cars but at a premium, and not yet old enough to be affordable for me at the moment. (One day perhaps!)
  3. Hi all, haven't posted on here in some time, but I'm looking for any experience that people have with towing using a petrol engine with an auto gearbox. We have an XC90 D5 at present, who is an old lady and will be due for an update next year. Due to the current 'lets hit diesel drivers' with pump prices, tax for entering cities etc, which I can only see getting worse over the coming years, is there really an alternative that works. I have towed in the past with a 2. 0 V70 manual when we first started out, and don't really want to go there again due to the lack of low down torque. So I was wondering if anyone uses a petrol engine, possibly 4x4 auto to tow with. Would like to know about fuel consumption, strain if any pulling away on inclines and general driving while towing. I haven't ruled out Hybrid, but with a required tow capacity of around 1550 kg, this rules out many of them! Look forward to hearing any views Dave. ..
  4. Not a happy bunny. Collected my Compass Camino 550 from its 1st service on Friday to be informed that the Alde boiler was leaking and would have to be sent for inspetion. Over the winter period I had noticed a drop in the resavoir level and called the service center for advice on topping it up. After topping it up with the correct fluid, after about 2-3 weeks I again noticed that the level had dropped, so topped it up. Taking the van in last Wednesday for service the resavoir was again empty. My problem is that were are going away for 2 weeks at the start of May and obviously need the van. After speaking with the service centre they have to send the boiler to Alde for inspection, but before they can do that they need an warranty claim go ahead from Elddis. Does anyone know or have any experience of how long these things take? It's not what I really expect to have a major componant fail in under 12 months.
  5. Totally understood, but please move back out of the outside lane ASAP. If it's queuing why not just join the back of the queue, and be patient. The traffic is always queued back towards J16 in L1 at peak times, simply due to the 2 motorways joining. If your going on holiday with you caravan in tow, what does a few minutes matter.
  6. Having looked at all of these 3 cars over the last month I would choose the XC60 AWD D5 auto. I understand that the others may have better fuel consumption, lower VED etc. But when stepping out of the others and back into the 60's cabin, to me you just get a better feel of comfort and quality. All of the vehicles that John lists will easily tow his caravan, and sometimes I think it's better to stick to what you know. If his XC70 has been troublesome, then maybe it's time for a change. The Santa Fe is a very nice motor and capable tug with good spec. The Sorento I looked at was not the latest facelift model and had was a 15 plated KX4 demo. The interior just felt cheap compared to that of the Volvo. I will comment that the latest Sorrento compares equally with the Santa Fe, but both just don't seem to have the feel of the 60. Just my opinion and hope this doesn't offend.
  7. Sorry if I'm wrong on this but 2wd XC60 come with the D4 or less, 4WD XC60 have the D5. At least thats what I was lead to understand by my local dealership. As quoted, they are the same engine just different mapping with the D5 now pushing out about 220bhp, compared to 190bhp of the D4 2wd.
  8. You've hit the nail on the head on this one. If you are in L1 coming off the M40N to M42N you automatically join in LBS3. ( 2nd running lane if that link is not open, L3 if the link is open). The idea is to get get over into LBS1/2 as soon as it is safe to do so, pending on if the link is open or not. As to why you would be in L2, when towing, on the N/B approach to the intersection is a question to be asked? Unless you are overtaking a much slower moving vehicle, bearing in mind that 60 MPH is the speed when towing a trailer.
  9. Guide to Motorways: Outside Lane Restrictions The Offence It is an offence to drive a vehicle in the outside lane of a motorway which is: towing a trailer; or a goods vehicle with a maximum laden weight exceeding 7. 5 tonnes; or a goods vehicle between 3. 5 and 7. 5 tonnes without a speedlimiter being fitted; or a passenger vehicle which can carry 8 or more passengers with a maximum laden weight exceeding 7. 5 tonnes; or a passenger vehicle which can carry 8 or more passengers with a maximum laden weight between 3. 5 and 7. 5 tonnes without a speedlimiter being fitted. Just lifted the above from a website. I can only think that this applies to 3 lane motorways, managed motorway and ALR. In the case of the M50, for example, which is 2 lanes all the way I assume that the same regs apply as on a duel c/way. The above does clearly state OUTSIDE LANE, rather than L3/4.
  10. Totally agree with everything that you say. But in my original post to the thread I just wanted to make people aware that using L3 on a 3 laned section is illegal for vehicles towing trailers. Also that the camera mentioned would pick up vehicles exceeding the mandatory 50 / 40 mph speed that is set over a distance. I also said that the lane 3 abuse would not be detected by these cameras. Why idiots would want to use L3 towing a trailer in narrow lanes and exceeding the speed limit is beyond me and put other road users lives in danger. I'm sure all for the sake of just for gaining 10 minutes at the end of their journey.
  11. Black Grouse, there are mandatory 50 mph speed limits through road works, this is why the cameras are used. They calculate any vehicles that have exceeded that speed between A and B points. Hence the large 50 MPH signs on the side of the motorway and camera in use signs showing.
  12. Chrisbee, thanks for that. I'm not embarressed by the job I do. The job we do is to try to get people from A to B safely, with as less disruption as possible. We wouldn't have to set signals to close lanes, or lower speeds if accidents, debris, fuel spills and animals etc were not a danger to other users on the motorway. And yes I do take some flack from my colleagues for towing a caravan!!
  13. It is against the law for any articulated trailer, caravan or HGV to travel in the outside lane on a 3 lane section of motorway. Legally also they should not exceed 60 mph. If this was taken on the M5 J4a down to J6, or the same North bound, there are ANPR cameras that will detect time over distance travelled and issue automatic fines. As for the lane 3 abuse this would not be picked up. As for the reason why they were out there, the only answer I can think of is stupidity! I work in the Motorway control room and daily see RTC's caused by vehicles wondering across narrow lanes and speeding. I personally do not use this section if I'm travelling southbound. I use the A449 and get on at J6, to bypass the works. I think people forget that there is NO FAST LANE on a motorway, all lanes are allowed to travel at 70 mph unless advised differently. Lane 2 is purely for overtaking vehicles in L1 and L3 the same. Lanes 2/3 are not for travelling along in oblivious to anything else around.
  14. Dav1e

    Tow Car Opinions

    bluebird, thanks for this reply. The fuel figures are certainly better than my XC90, and also the road fund licence will be less as my 90 falls into the £485-00 a year bracket (or something like that). The boot space is the one thing when we tested the 60 that we did notice. The other was that the car we tested had a charcoal coloured roof lining, with the dark tints on the rear windows it made the vehicle very dark in the back. The last point may be something we could get used to.
  15. Dav1e

    Tow Car Opinions

    I'm not applying any limitations to the selection of vehicles. We have looked around and driven quite a few large tugs and have come down to the ' not so short list'. I appreciate that Land Rover are excellent tugs, but I have issues about their fuel economy and reliability. If I wanted to climb a mountain, they would be the 1st vehicle that I would look to. I have owned a VW in the past (Touran 2. 0 tdi 180bhp) and had nothing but trouble with it when towing. VW after many times returning it back to dealership claimed there was nothing wrong with it. Try telling my wife that when your in lane 2 on the M6 overtaking a HGV outside Keele services and it decides to, for no reason go into safe mode! For that reason i would never venture back to VW. The Santa Fe is on the list, as we also previously owned a Sorrento, which was probably the best tow car I have used to date. We are just not that keen on the interiors of the model that replaced the original one. Where the Hyundia, to me has a better feel inside the cabin. What I'm looking for you you guys is just genuine comments on your findings, good or bad about the vehicles on the list. I have to seat what is basically 5 adults and a dog in the back and tow 1500kg. I currently return about 23mpg towing, and general driving about 27mpg out of my XC90. So any improvement on this would be a huge bonus.
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