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  1. The section in question was between Gildersome (J27) and Chain Bar (J26), which is a `smart motorway` section, with the hard shoulder being used as a running lane. That make 4 lanes. Trust me, I know the rules about when you can and can`t use the outside lane (only last week a skip lorry was doing the same on a 4 lane section of the M60, but as there is no police about....). The clown in question wasn`t one of our `traveller` friends, but a grey-haired gent in probably his sixties with a finger so far up his nostril it was possibly affecting his vision. He wasn`t speeding, just doing a steady sixty, but I can`t decide if that was good (for stability) or bad (as he was causing a potentially hazardous tailback for the couple of miles it took him to overtake). Either way, the fool is a hazard we can manage without..
  2. The weather`s hot, the idiots have crawled out from under their stones, sadly. To the clown in the Kia Sorrento dragging a twin-axled Crusader around Leeds on the M62 this morning - it is NOT OK to tow your caravan at 60mph in the outside lane of four when there are no lane closures. If you`re reading this (and it`s unlikely), concentrate on your driving and spend less time indulging in nasal excavations thereby not causing a tailback because of your stupidity.
  3. Thanks, GMC, will give it a try. You`re never to old to learn, only sometimes too stupid to think you are!
  4. After a week (not hooked up to the mains), the battery showed 0.00 volts. If the battery was that shot, it wouldn`t hold any sort of charge, certainly not enough to move a one-and-half tonne van 40-50 uphill and onto the road, it would be dead as soon as disconnected from the charger, which isn`t the case. The fridge was switched onto `mains`, I`m thinking it shouldn`t default to 12V (or draw any power) if the mains is disconnected?
  5. I`m going to take the battery out tomorrow and bench charge it. If it was `knackered` it wouldn`t move a relatively heavy `van as far as it does (uphill) with the motor mover. At three years old, I doubt that would be classed as an `older caravan`, having a pretty much state of the art (in caravan terms) charger and a 80watt solar panel? The battery cost over £90.00 (can`t remember the make), so not a budget purchase. I`ll see what voltage drop (if any) there is over a few days. I have a spare 90 amp/hour battery in the garage so will do a swap, but still think there is something wrong elsewhere.
  6. I have a 2016 Swift Challenger 565, fitted with a new battery when purchased in May 2016. The van is kept on the drive, and soon after getting back from the first trip out the battery was as dead as a dodo after being parked on the drive for a few days. Thinking the battery was duff, I took it back to the dealer who charged it and kept if for a week and declared it fine. Anyway, fast forward 3 years and today I came to clean the van (which is always hooked up to the mains at home, and always on site), and went to use the motormover but there was no joy. I had disconnected the van from the mains last weekend as I am re-furbing things in the garage, and fully expected to be able to move the van as there was nothing left on, and anyway the solar panel should keep the battery charged. But -NOTHING! I got my multi-meter out and checked the voltage across the battery terminals and NOTHING! ZERO, ZILCH, showing 0.00 volts. Never, ever seen a battery register that, even when left for years....Hooked it back up to the mains, showing 12.3 V after three hours, now 14.3 V. Any ideas???
  7. Very true! TBH, we found the CMC site at Pembrey little better, must be something about the area that attracts a certain type of person.... We arrived at the site and picked one of three pitches in a row, all in a nice position, all empty. The warden told me I couldn`t pitch there as they were `out of use`. A few hours later three motorhomes were pitched there, and all were having a great time - along with the warden and his wife. He had `reserved` the pitches for his mates...... We found an alternative pitch, and all was well until the Friday evening when whilst eating out tea we had a knock on the door. A pretty rude guy was informing us we would have to move because we were on `his` pitch! He came most weekends and always pitched there as his mates pitched adjacent. My reply was along the general lines of "no", if you get my drift. I like Wales, but this little corner held little attraction for us. The walking in the woods was good with the dog, but the surrounding area was a dump, there was nothing much to do without getting in the car and travelling (which at least gave you respite from some of the people on site), and the locals were ignorant and rude with huge chips on both shoulders. Never again. If I had to go to there I would sell the van first. Horrible place, horrible people.
  8. Yep, had a 1995 one with the pre-HDI engine, and the power drain (especially when towing) was apparent. Bear in mind we were talking about 92BHP/134lb/ft which seemed a far bit in those days, but when dragging a lightweight 4 berth Lunar switching off the aircon on long uphill drags like Shap and Beattock made a difference (usually one gear). Life has changed somewhat......
  9. Have heard that peanut butter (smooth, without the bits) does the job. Never had to try it, but did see it on a car programme on telly and it worked, but don`t know for how long.
  10. They don`t touch the rear suspension. It comes as standard with self-levelling air suspension which compensates for the addition loading. I`ve never needed any addition engine cooling (pulling 1535kgs and awning, fridge, inflatable boat and cycles in/on the car), but would recommend making sure the cars is fitted with the correct BMW harness as this activates the trailer stability system when towing. As for cars needing all this extra work after 50K (Paul1957), maybe 30 years ago. Mine is now 6 years old, has 140K on the clock, has had two sets of brake pads on the front, 1 set of discs on the front, 1 set of pads on the rear and two rear airbags (done under warranty). Still on the original clutch and has never used any oil. Other than routine servicing every 18K at an independent garage, thats it. Can`t speak for other makes (although I`ve had 4 Fords as company cars and they were without exception utter garbage), but there aren`t that many `bad` cars being produced nowadays.
  11. Perhaps they have changed their attitude as well as their name. The local vets will only treat animals insured with the other company on a strictly cash-upon-treatment basis because of `difficulties`, and they also have a shocking history with horsebox and caravan claims. Leopard, spots etc?
  12. Just done an online search for caravan insurance, and on Confused. com there were competitive rates offered by The Insurance Emporium. Never heard of them, so looked a little deeper, seems they are based in York, coincidentally at the same address as E & L insurance, and with the same people in charge. You have been warned!
  13. Had a detachable bar with full electrics (BMW harness) for less than 400 quid (OK, Nearly six years ago) with a lifetime warranty (as long as I keep the car) on the bar and electrics. Powers all the lights, fridge, battery stability system etc. Can`t believe how much people are happy to pay............
  14. This was our pitch on the CL, in the `meadow`. Just about big enough(!), the only pitch in this section, and no road noise. The other sides of the field are just hedges. Would go back tomorrow.
  15. Not stayed at the site in question, but had a good look around and was pretty unimpressed. Looked busy and frankly a little scruffy. We stopped at the CMC CL next door, which was excellent. If you NEED a cafe and shop on site you can use it anyway as it`s only a matter of yards from the CL toilets
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