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  1. Have heard that peanut butter (smooth, without the bits) does the job. Never had to try it, but did see it on a car programme on telly and it worked, but don`t know for how long.
  2. They don`t touch the rear suspension. It comes as standard with self-levelling air suspension which compensates for the addition loading. I`ve never needed any addition engine cooling (pulling 1535kgs and awning, fridge, inflatable boat and cycles in/on the car), but would recommend making sure the cars is fitted with the correct BMW harness as this activates the trailer stability system when towing. As for cars needing all this extra work after 50K (Paul1957), maybe 30 years ago. Mine is now 6 years old, has 140K on the clock, has had two sets of brake pads on the front, 1 set of discs on the front, 1 set of pads on the rear and two rear airbags (done under warranty). Still on the original clutch and has never used any oil. Other than routine servicing every 18K at an independent garage, thats it. Can`t speak for other makes (although I`ve had 4 Fords as company cars and they were without exception utter garbage), but there aren`t that many `bad` cars being produced nowadays.
  3. Perhaps they have changed their attitude as well as their name. The local vets will only treat animals insured with the other company on a strictly cash-upon-treatment basis because of `difficulties`, and they also have a shocking history with horsebox and caravan claims. Leopard, spots etc?
  4. Just done an online search for caravan insurance, and on Confused. com there were competitive rates offered by The Insurance Emporium. Never heard of them, so looked a little deeper, seems they are based in York, coincidentally at the same address as E & L insurance, and with the same people in charge. You have been warned!
  5. Had a detachable bar with full electrics (BMW harness) for less than 400 quid (OK, Nearly six years ago) with a lifetime warranty (as long as I keep the car) on the bar and electrics. Powers all the lights, fridge, battery stability system etc. Can`t believe how much people are happy to pay............
  6. This was our pitch on the CL, in the `meadow`. Just about big enough(!), the only pitch in this section, and no road noise. The other sides of the field are just hedges. Would go back tomorrow.
  7. Not stayed at the site in question, but had a good look around and was pretty unimpressed. Looked busy and frankly a little scruffy. We stopped at the CMC CL next door, which was excellent. If you NEED a cafe and shop on site you can use it anyway as it`s only a matter of yards from the CL toilets
  8. No, it`s the correct link..... I have had a senior moment, and my bike does have a Shimano Steps crank motor... DOH! I did try a couple of bikes with hub motors but couldn`t get on with them (didn`t feel `right`, and the front wheel drive ones felt extremely odd) Thanks for pointing out my mistake, it makes a change from my wife doing it. If anyone is interested I got mine from Cycle Gear in Halifax, they will let you have one to try for a day by arrangement which is useful when you`re spending over a grand.
  9. Wife bought me one last year, brilliant bit of kit. After much research, settled on this :-https://whyte.bike/products/coniston Motor in hub so it rides like a normal bike, really well designed and put together with quality components and loads of range. Whip the battery off and it`s light enough to lift onto roof bars (had bikes in the vans before and it was a pain to get them in and out without damage, and used up the loading margin). I managed to get `last years model`, which was brand new, identical except for a little flash of colour, and £700 off list price.
  10. If it doesn`t show a profile (175/60 14 etc), it is an 80% profile.
  11. Anyone used `Wet and Forget` on their van roof? I`ve used it on pebbles, tarmac, PVCu window frames and fascias/soffits and it has always produced a better result than I expected. Just thinking a quick blast on the roof will remove any crud and algae so making the post-winter wash much easier.
  12. The tester was doing his job, following procedural guidelines. You can`t blame him for failing a car which shouldn`t be on the road! The car may have passed the emissions test if it had been given a good hammering to clear out all the crud from gentle running prior to going for its test, but even a more modern car with fewer miles will struggle to pass the test if it only does short, light journeys.
  13. I used a dehumidifier on an Award Transtar I had years ago. The van was bone dry and I wanted to keep it like that, but it was such a pain blocking all the ventilation holes, drop out holes, sealing up the holes in the roof vents, making sure the plug holes were in place etc, that I stopped it after a couple of years. If I hadn`t completely sealed the van I would have, in effect, been trying to dehumidify the entire Northern hemisphere. This would have been pointless, stupid, and more than a little expensive.
  14. Amarok and Ranger are identical apart from the body. And chassis. And engines, axles, brakes, gearboxes, interiors. Actually, there are no major common components between the two. Maybe a fuse, or a nut, but thats it. So, actually, they aren`t even similar
  15. This is probably more common than we think it is, just that the dealer was honest enough to tell it like it is. I had a similar problem with a Peugeot I got as a company car years ago. From brand new it was deafening at motorway speeds, so at its first service I took it back to the supplying dealer and asked them to sort it. When I picked the car up I asked them if they had found the problem, and they replied they couldn`t find one. I challenged them as I had checked the mileage when I dropped it off, and the car hadn`t been driven. When pressed they admitted "Peugeot pay us for rectification, not for the time in finding the faults"! Tell them how to fix it and they will, otherwise they don`t care until you need another one. This should be a case of `name and shame` as dealers like the OP is dealing with don`t deserve our custom. Sadly, dodgy dealers take precedence of posters on here.
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