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  1. angus

    roof washing

    Anyone used `Wet and Forget` on their van roof? I`ve used it on pebbles, tarmac, PVCu window frames and fascias/soffits and it has always produced a better result than I expected. Just thinking a quick blast on the roof will remove any crud and algae so making the post-winter wash much easier.
  2. angus

    New Smoke regs for MOT killed my car :(

    The tester was doing his job, following procedural guidelines. You can`t blame him for failing a car which shouldn`t be on the road! The car may have passed the emissions test if it had been given a good hammering to clear out all the crud from gentle running prior to going for its test, but even a more modern car with fewer miles will struggle to pass the test if it only does short, light journeys.
  3. angus

    Damp and dehumidifiers

    I used a dehumidifier on an Award Transtar I had years ago. The van was bone dry and I wanted to keep it like that, but it was such a pain blocking all the ventilation holes, drop out holes, sealing up the holes in the roof vents, making sure the plug holes were in place etc, that I stopped it after a couple of years. If I hadn`t completely sealed the van I would have, in effect, been trying to dehumidify the entire Northern hemisphere. This would have been pointless, stupid, and more than a little expensive.
  4. angus

    New Shogun Sport

    Amarok and Ranger are identical apart from the body. And chassis. And engines, axles, brakes, gearboxes, interiors. Actually, there are no major common components between the two. Maybe a fuse, or a nut, but thats it. So, actually, they aren`t even similar
  5. angus

    Pay for Warranty faults?

    This is probably more common than we think it is, just that the dealer was honest enough to tell it like it is. I had a similar problem with a Peugeot I got as a company car years ago. From brand new it was deafening at motorway speeds, so at its first service I took it back to the supplying dealer and asked them to sort it. When I picked the car up I asked them if they had found the problem, and they replied they couldn`t find one. I challenged them as I had checked the mileage when I dropped it off, and the car hadn`t been driven. When pressed they admitted "Peugeot pay us for rectification, not for the time in finding the faults"! Tell them how to fix it and they will, otherwise they don`t care until you need another one. This should be a case of `name and shame` as dealers like the OP is dealing with don`t deserve our custom. Sadly, dodgy dealers take precedence of posters on here.
  6. angus

    New Shogun Sport

    The Shogun Sport is an L200 with an integrated rear end so it looks like an estate (like the old Shogun Sport). Drives and rides like an L200 (OK for a pick up, not nice for a `car`). The one I saw was advertised at a few pennies under £40K which seems optimistic in the extreme! Many, many better ways of blowing £40K IMO, be interesting to see how many we see on the road.
  7. angus

    Cracked Windscreen

    We had our Passat broken in to in Aigues Morte in 2001. Bastille night, they did a few cars as the alarms couldn`t be heard because of the fireworks. Was the front passenger window, and as we faced a 660 mile run back to the ferry (then another 240 miles in the UK) contacted the insurance company to get it replaced. We were due to travel back the following day, but managed to postpone the ferry for 24 hours. The car was only 3 weeks old, and we were told there wasn`t a replacement window anywhere in France. Best they could sort for us was a plexiglass replacement. Anyway, we got the address of the company who could help, but we had to go to Montpellier to get it fitted. So we set off, and in Montpellier got promptly lost, ended up on a small, pretty rough industrial area and down a dead-end. We stumbled across a little auto screen replacement firm in a glorified shed, and thinking he would know where the competition was located, I stopped and tried to make him understand what I wanted. I failed. Dismally. Instead, the guy went to a rack and produced a piece of glass - which just happened to be for my Passat. Correct window, correct tint, and a genuine VW item (marked glass) to boot! I never made the chap understand what I was after, but he had it fitted in 45 minutes and only charged me 60 euros. I was gobsmacked. So much for `none in France`!
  8. angus

    Re-Mapping your TDI engine,

    None of the `inane` answers are as `inane` as the original post, I`m afraid. I did look at having my previous 5-series re-mapped, and the local, very experienced, re-mapping company were happy to it. They also told me not to bother, as in their (extensive) experience `you don`t get owt for nowt`. Their biggest market was people more concerned with numbers than how their car drove, how economical it was, or how reliable it was. Car manufacturers don`t simply fit different maps for the sake of it. My old Passat TDI sport had 130bhp and 229 lb/ft of torque, the SE model had 130bhp and 216 lb/ft of torque. Why? The SE used a 5-speed gearbox that was nearing its maximum torque handling figure, the newer six-speed had a far greater torque capacity. No doubt some SE owners have had their cars re-mapped (or chipped) without knowing (or caring/realising/understanding) what potential damage they are doing. Of course this will have been pointed out by the re-mapping/chipping companies. Ignorance is bliss, and there are lots of blissful people about.
  9. angus

    Elddis Caravan from around 2005 - buy or avoid?

    For every good report I`m sure you will get a bad one. We had a 2006 Elddis Avante which was pretty good. We did have one problem which was the furniture in the centre of the van coming away from the walls. This was fixed under warranty with no problems (It was a `524` layout, quite a few of this design had the problem and the manufacturer had a fix for it), and we kept the van for 10 years and the issue never arose again. We had the van serviced every year, and sold it very quickly and for good money, as we had all the service sheets which showed no damp. We never had any cracking of panels, and nothing stopped working at any time (heating, water heating, cooking etc) during the 10 years we had it. It is possible that we were `lucky`, but looking after our succession of cars and vans and ensuring they are meticulously maintained seems to have helped with our `luck`.
  10. angus

    Review: Pembrey country park

    I was referring to the C&MC site. The others are worse? Wow!
  11. angus

    Review: Pembrey country park

    We stayed at Pembrey some years ago, and it was exactly as the OP has reported. On arrival there were four really nice pitches in a row which were vacant and we told the warden we would like one of those, only to be told they were out of commission, so we pitched elsewhere. Later that evening all four pitches had motorhomes on them, holding a barbecue for the incumbents of the four motorhomes - and the warden and his wife. So much for not being able to reserve pitches. We had arrived on a Sunday, and Friday evening it began to fill up with the weekend regulars. Sitting down to our evening meal we had a knock on the door. Turns out one of the regulars wanted us to pack up and move as we were on`his` pitch! Needless to say his request was met with a short but negative response. ..... In a way it would have been preferable to have moved, as football, cricket and cycling among the vans became the norm. Once visited, never again. The site itself was OK, the country park nice and the beach clean and expansive, but combined they could never compensate for the `regulars` on there. If you are considering going there - just don`t. Seriously.
  12. angus

    New here. Pros and Cons of Caravanning?

    Best things? Getting to stop in places we wouldn`t normally stop and seeing areas away from the `tourist traps`. The ability to get up when i want, eat when I want, drink when I want. Just simple things really. Worst things? Cost. Other road users who alter their driving because they dislike caravanners. (Some) other caravanners! British weather? On balance the positives outweigh the negatives for now, but the balance is changing sadly.
  13. angus

    Caravan and Motorhome mag

    If someone needs a sticker to `remind them` of what the speed limit is, wouldn`t it make sense for them to stick it their dashboard rather than 30-odd feet away on the back of their caravan where they can`t see it anyway?
  14. angus

    Caravan snaking over 50MPH

    Caravan tyres and pressures?
  15. angus

    Welsh coast sites?

    In that area I`d see if there is any space at the CL listed as Llainfran in New Quay, which was superb but has changed hands since we were there a couple of years ago. Shawsmead is a typical CAMC site, clean and tidy but thats about it. Don`t be the last one on as we were as you will probably end up with pitch 13 (pretty sure it was) which is tiny, stuck in a corner and you share it with a little electricity sub-station. It really shouldn`t qualify as a pitch, but obviously money is more important that customer satisfaction. First went to Woodlands in Llanon almost 40 years ago, then had our honeymoon there 38 years ago and used to go most years up to the point when Ian Lampert decided to sell a while back. The place seems to have gone downhill since and on our last visit could adequately have been described as `dowdy`, although busier than it had been on many of the occasions we visited (usually several times a year). We found the new owners far from friendly, but occupancy appears high and so I`m sure they aren`t missing us.