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  1. Yes bunks in ours are perfect for them, I would prefer a narrower bunk and more room at the back I guess. My son likes to sleep in the top bunk (he's 6) whilst my 8 year old daughter prefers to sleep in the dinette when made into a bed (v. spacious). On ours the bottom bunk folds up to create a huge storage space if needed (good for bikes etc.) Good luck
  2. Hi there if you check out the van in my signature we have and still do find it a great layout although I'm unsure on how much they currently sell for. Kids especially love the fact that they have the end dinette (hate that word) all to themselves!!
  3. Zog

    Poor Water Pressure

    Visited the van today and checked the filters on the taps (thanks for the heads-up on this - I never realised they were there!) and they are really blocked with stuff. ....taken them home for a good clean! What is the best way to de-scale the system?
  4. Zog

    Poor Water Pressure

    Cheers guys. .....will investigate and report back with what I find!!
  5. Zog

    Poor Water Pressure

    I don't have an inline carbon filter fitted anywhere (Sorry John I should have said). Wozerp, that makes a lot of sense, I didn't realise the taps had filters!! I guess the filters just unscrew? If it isn't the filters what else could it be? Where else could it be blocked? Would it be worthwhile me blasting out the system in the usual way I do at winter time by building up pressure then opening the taps? I would have tried this whilst away buy I didn't have a big pump. Thanks guys
  6. Hi guys, just returned from Sandy Balls. Problem is we had an issue with our water pressure at the taps, it was just dribbling out but the shower seemed ok. We are using an outboard Truma water pump, it almost seems like something is blocked somewhere. ..? Running off electric. Any ideas? Thank you!!!
  7. I check mine if I have moved the inside van configuration. Worth checking, it will make for a far better tow if you can get it right.
  8. Just sold mine 6 months ago exactly the same car, a very capable tow car, I clocked up 60,000 miles in it in 2 years with no problems whatsoever. I only sold it because I fancied a change. Auto gearbox not as smooth as the 8 speed BMW though.
  9. Sorry for seeming dim but how would that bend any wheels?
  10. Anyone use this bad-boy? http://www. ebay. co. uk/itm/Camping-Metal-Steel-Tent-Peg-Hook-Remove-Remover-Extractor-Pull-Puller-/361051708888?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item54105bddd8
  11. I'd buy the Easy Lever. .....where to buy?
  12. Didn't the bike station attach to the hitch?
  13. Just looking for a bit of advice/inspiration/ideas really. We currently own a 4 metre Kampa porch awning for our caravan. I am finding though that we rarely sit in the awning as it is too cramped with the bikes/bbq/chairs etc, the inside space isnt that big and the more I think about it the more I think that a rollaway type could be more suited to us it would be more open too. Im looking for something that is very easy to erect and have sides that can be attached so that it helps keep the bikes etc out of prying eyes. Id maybe only want to attach 2 sides. I want something that rolls away and lives on the side of the caravan. We only take UK trips. If anyone has any suggestions Id be very grateful as I dont know where to begin! Thank you Paul
  14. I did see a thread about the double type a long time ago so I know it's been discussed but no idea where that thread is now!
  15. I take it the Alko does not have an inner tube as standard? I'm guessing I could order one on ebay and fit it myself?
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